Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning launch of TAPI project in Afghanistan

Post via Islamic Emirate February 23rd 2018

The TAPI Project – an important regional economic project which was originally initiated during the reign of the Islamic Emirate – is among the industrial and economic projects that have faced delays due to the American occupation of Afghanistan.

As the authorship privilege of this project is earned by the Islamic Emirate and since the documents and agreements signed between the Islamic Emirate and other sides involved in the TAPI project are still present and because most of the TAPI implementation area is under the control of Islamic Emirate, therefore the Islamic Emirate declares its policy towards the said project in the following lines:

1 – The Islamic Emirate views the project as a vital foundational economic element for the country and considers its proper implementation as good news for the Afghan people.

2 – The Islamic Emirate declares its support for the implementation of the said project passing through areas under our control and calls all sides involved to be mindful of the principled policy of the Islamic Emirate.

3 – Since Kabul regime holds international record in corruption and during their rule, no important project has ever been undertaken without financial corruption, embezzlement and theft, hence it will also orchestrate extensive corruption in this project. Therefore if the Islamic Emirate – during the implementation of the project – gets hold of resources proving embezzlement and corruption by officials of the regime and squandering of rights of the people, the Islamic Emirate will act to stop such actions. It also hopes that the involved sides will be vigilant in this regard so that this national project does not face complications and delays.

4 – Since this project is purely industrial and economic and the American invaders do not have any economic or military interests in it, therefore it is entirely possible that the Americans – for their vested interests – will create indirect problems for the project like how they created issues for the Mes Ainak project. The contract for extraction work was signed with the Chinese (MCC) company in 2008 however the project has yet to begin any practical work.

The TAPI project is the second most important foundational project after Mes Aynak which can positively impact the economic growth of the Afghans. The Americans can never tolerate any such project and program which is in the interest of the Afghans. Therefore the Islamic Emirate proposes to all sides – excluding the Kabul regime – involved in the TAPI project to take a pact of security and non-jeopardization from America through the United Nations or some other respected organization before beginning any work otherwise it is not far that the said project will face similar delays as the Mes Aynak project due to American meddling.

5 – The Islamic Emirate deems it its responsibility to revive foundational economic and reconstruction work in the country and asks international constructional companies to help the Afghans in this regard. The Islamic Emirate will in return not withhold any support for them.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

07/06/1439 Hijri Lunar

04/12/1396 Hijri Solar                    23/02/2018 Gregorian


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Islamic Emirate: What message does the enemy send by destroying Mosques and Madrassas?

Post via Islamic Emirate February 16th 2018

The latest news is this that during a joint operation the occupying American and puppet forces raided a Madrassa in the Marki Khel area of Nangarhar’s Sherzad district. Students of knowledge and teachers were harassed. They were made the target of violence while more than half part of the Madrassa was blown up with bombs and demolished

It ought to be clear that this is not the first incident. Prior to this several such tragic incidents have come to occurr. To harass students during raids on Deeni (religious) Madrassas, to inflict violence on them, to spread fear and to martyr innocent students of knowledge has become a routine on behalf of the occupying and puppet forces. Some time ago in the Tatang area of Nangarhar’s Khogyano district, a Deeni Madrassa was demolished. Three students of knowledge were martyred and several students were wounded. Moreover approximately two months ago the occupying and puppet forces raided a Madrassa in the Nerkh district of the Maidan Wardag province. Sixteen teenage students of knowledge were mercilessly martyred while tragic incidents like this continue to come about in various areas here and there.

Apart from barbaric air strikes from the enemy on the homes and villages of citizens in every corner of Afghanistan and the irreparable damage to the life and wealth of defenseless citizens, to raid Mosques and Deeni Madrassas and carry out bombardment has become the occupying enemy’s routine and pastime. The invaders and their puppets are faced with the worst defeat in the battlefield. They have lost the ability to confront the complicated and dangerous military strategy of the Mujahidin. In Kabul, the recent consecutive attacks have unveiled the enemy’s face of helplessness, confusion and indiscipline before the world.

For this very reason, in order to take revenge from the defenseless and oppressed citizens, the merciless and cowardly enemy is conducting brutal attacks on them, is making villages and shops a target day and night. Besides this, in order to make apparent the filth of Kufr (disbelief) hidden within and enmity with Islam, the occupying enemy is particularly targeting Madrassas and Mosques. Outwardly it asserts that their battle against the Mujahideen is not because of Islam and Islamic Aqaid (beliefs) and views, that they are not against Islam and students of the Islamic sciences and the worshipers however in reality, this assertion of theirs is based on a lie; in the practical field they have proven this assertion of theirs as false. Now this reality is gradually becoming clear. To make Madrassas and Mosques a target and demolish them sends a clear message that they harbor perpetual enmity with Islam and Islam’s sincere followers, they are the perpetual enemy of the religious Muslims who read prayer in the Mosques and students of knowledge who obtain Islamic education in Deeni Madrassas.

The puppet rulers say, why do the students of Deeni Madrassas not obtain education inside the country? Why do they go outside of the country for the obtainment of the religious sciences? Inside the country the character of the puppet government is before the public. Under the supervision of the occupying colonial powers, the workers of the puppet forces target innocent students of knowledge in Deeni Madrassas in the darkness of the night or open day under the name of Mujahideen. They inflict violence on them, they take them into custody. Blowing up the walls of Madrassas with bombs, they demolish them.

It is proven from such shameless steps that the operations of the occupying enemy and puppet forces are ongoing to erase the Mujahid Afghan public’s Aqaaid (belief), religion and culture apart from maintaining occupation of Afghanistan.


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning the partial civilian casualty report by UNAMA

Post via Islamic Emirate February 16th 2018

The United Nations office in Kabul (UNAMA) published a report about civilian casualties during the past year.

This report – which was clearly one sided – declared that the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate were responsible for 42% of civilian casualties in the country.

It attributed 13% to the Kabul regime and American occupying forces were held responsible for mere 2% civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate strongly rejects this partial report by UNAMA. The report openly sides with the American occupying forces in Afghanistan and tries to cover their crimes.

The entire world is aware that following the declaring of new a strategy by the American president Trump, bombings and raids on civilian homes, public buildings, mosques, Islamic seminaries, populated areas and even bazaars have increased which has daily and repeatedly left civilians martyred and injured as well as their homes and property destroyed.

The world and Afghans are witnesses and the American forces themselves admit that the American invaders have dropped over 4300 bombs on Afghanistan over the past year and have carried out hundreds of raids. And every sound-minded person understands that so many bombings undoubtedly destroy homes and cause civilian casualties.

Moreover the army, police and especially the Arbaki militia of the Kabul regime target civilian homes with mortars and other heavy weaponry in villages and hamlets, martyr civilians including women and children and have jailed thousands of innocent people.

Despite such open crimes and barbarity, only attributing 2% civilians casualties to American and 13% to internal forces throughout the entire year reveals that UNAMA is trying to throw sand into eyes of people and openly sides with the American invaders and their hirelings.

Such reports seek to provide propaganda material against the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate and acquit the invaders – the real source of Afghan tragedy who have been using explosives against our country and have been martyring people for full 17 years – of any wrongdoing.

Unfortunately such reports have been prepared using statistics provided by intelligence circles and enemies of the Afghan people and have completely abstained from looking at the unbiased and fact based end of year report published by the civilian casualty department of the Islamic Emirate.

The Islamic Emirate considers it very unfortunate that the highly sensitive humanitarian issue of civilian casualties is being used as propaganda and pressure tool and such unjust substance is being published under the name of United Nations.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi

29/05/1439 Hijri Lunar

26/11/1396 Hijri Solar                    16/02/2018 Gregorian


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Islamic Emirate: Afghanistan in the month of January 2018

Post via Islamic Emirate January 14th 2018

The year 2018 began while Mujahidin were much more enthusiastic and determined to defeat and expel the savage foreign occupying forces from their beloved homeland by accelerating their Jihadi struggle. Though it was quite hard to operate in the chilly winter season, but still Mujahidin successfully managed to keep themselves active and warm by carrying out deadly attacks on the joint enemy forces, in which numerous of their personnel were killed and crippled.

On the other hand, heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on our miserable and vulnerable masses due to a significant change in the foreign enemy’s strategy by increasing their reliance on brutal and indiscriminate bombardment throughout the country. In the following lines, some incidents are elaborated for our esteemed readers for a better and profound understanding of the prevailing realities inside Afghanistan.

Casualties of the foreign occupying forces:

According to authentic and verified reports several foreign occupying soldiers were killed and wounded in January 2018. But the wicked enemy who is neither committed to any legal, moral or international norms, has always tried to pervert all facts and figures without feeling any shame and humiliation. According to this policy, they admitted that only one of their occupying soldier was killed during the whole month of January in this well-known graveyard for foreign invading imperial powers.

On Wednesday 3rd January, as reported by media, the savage foreign occupying forces confirmed that one of their soldier was killed in ‘Achin’ district of Nangarhar province. The report added that four other foreign soldiers were also wounded in this incident.

On Tuesday 9th January, a number of Romanian occupying soldiers were killed in a huge blast which took place in ‘Damaan’ district of Kandahar province.

On Thursday 11th January, in a deadly incident, sixteen foreign occupying soldiers were killed while several others were injured by two Mujahidin infiltrated among the mercenary army in ‘Spin-Ghar’ district of Nangarhar province. Eventually these two loyal sons of their beloved homeland were also martyred in retaliatory fire of the enemy.

On Saturday 20th January, the gathering center of the foreign crusade masters and their internal leading slaves (the Continental Hotel in Kabul) was brought under attack by the self-sacrificing and heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, when the foreign masters, their internal mercenaries and other leading supporters were holding different meetings. In this meticulous attack, numerous foreign invaders were killed and injured after separating them from the local civilian people who were either working or staying in the hotel.

Losses and casualties of the internal mercenaries:

On Monday 1st January, a notorious Arbaki commander including five of his armed unrestrained armed militiamen were killed in a blast in ‘Mohammad Agha’ district of Logar province.

One day later, the security chief of ‘Pusht-i-Raud’ district in Farah province was killed in an armed confrontation with Mujahidin.

On Sunday 21st January, security director of the central security headquarters of Farah province was killed in the military posts of ‘Pusht-i-Raud’ district in Farah province.

Similarly, several high ranking stooge officials of the puppet regime were killed in the above mentioned attack on Continental Hotel in Kabul.

The above digits do not include those countless incidents in which hundreds of unrestrained Arbaki militiamen, policemen and other mercenary forces were killed and wounded in confrontation with the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in various parts of the country.

Civilian losses and casualties by the enemy:

On Monday 1st January, the regional office for human rights reported about increased civilian losses and casualties in Helmand province. According to this report, 1895 civilian people of this province were martyred during the previous year. The amount of civilian losses and casualties rocketed when, according to the new American strategy, all those civilian places should be indiscriminately and brutally bombarded where Mujahidin’s presence is suspected.

On Friday 5th January, ten civilian people were martyred while four others were wounded in the blind and brutal bombing of the savage foreign invaders in ‘Darzaab’ district of Jozejan province.

On Monday 22nd January, media reported that forty six villages were completely devastated in the indiscriminate bombing of the foreign occupying forces in ‘Chahar Dara’ district of Kunduz province. These villages were brought under air attack when the foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries lost the battle against the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.  Then they resorted to their brutal air bombardment to destroy the whole area.

Mansoori Jihadi operations:

During the whole month of January, in the ongoing process of Mansoori Jihadi operations, tens of minor and major attacks were carried out by Mujahidin against the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries. In the following lines, some of these operations will be elaborated as a handful out of a heap.

On Tuesday 2nd January, heavy casualties and losses were inflicted on the mercenary policemen of the puppet regime in a huge blast in ‘Paghman’ district of Kabul province.

On Wednesday 3rd January, media reported that the savage foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenaries were badly defeated and pushed back in ‘Marja’ district in Helmand province. It is worth reminding that these joint forces had entered ‘Marja’ district for search operations complete eleven days ago. Though they were fully supported by their brutal air forces, but still they could not resist against the tough retaliation of our valiant Mujahidin and eventually retreated and took to their heels.

On Thursday 4th January, at least thirty mercenary forces were killed and wounded in a fatal attack of Mujahidin in ‘Macroriyan’ area in the center of Kabul.

On Tuesday 9th January, the foreign occupying forces were the witness of a fatal and huge attack of Mujahidin in ‘Damaan’ district of Kandahar province, in which, a number of Romanian soldiers were killed and wounded.

On Monday 15th January, several mercenary policemen were killed and injured when their frontline was attacked by Mujahidin in the center of Farah province.

On Saturday 20th January, the continental hotel of Kabul was brought under a huge attack by Mujahidin when the savage foreign invaders and their internal leading mercenaries were engaged in various meetings. In this well-planned attack, first the civilian Afghan people were separated from the foreign invaders and their mercenaries, and then, numerous foreign occupiers were killed and wounded.

On Saturday 27th January, a huge attack was carried out on a police center of the puppet regime in ‘Naad Ali’ district of Helmand province, in which several mercenary policemen were killed and wounded.

On the same day, the old interior ministry building inside Kabul was attacked by Mujahidin, in which hundreds of policemen and officials of the said ministry were killed and injured.

On Monday 29th January, a military academy in the western part of Kabul and 111 brigade of the mercenary army were attacked by Mujahidin, in which several forces of the enemy were killed and wounded.

The deployment of additional foreign troops:

On Saturday 13th January, the savage American invaders announced that additional 700 troops will be deployed in the near future inside Afghanistan. And at home, the dependent and stooge admin warmly hailed this news; but on the other side, the Islamic Emirate connected the deployment of these fresh American occupying forces with the prolongation of the ongoing futile wars in our country.

The Senate of the puppet regime also expressed its concern regarding the increase of foreign occupying forces in the sense of ignoring the already dim peace process in this war stricken country. ‘The Maseer’, an independent newspaper in Kabul wrote in an article just one day after the above announcement that it would definitely increase the ongoing brutalities by increasing the suffering of civilian people.

The deployment of additional forces is in progress whereas the losses and casualties of American occupying troops have already escalated with their increased confrontation and fighting with Taliban in various parts of the country.

Acknowledgement of Taliban’s increasing strength:

On Tuesday 9th January, the so called newly appointed governor for Ghazni province admitted that Mujahidin are enjoying maximum support of civilian masses in this province.

On Sunday 14th January, the so called governor for Logar province told that the local educational curriculum has been enriched and improved due the reforms and additions done by Taliban (i.e. the Educational Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan).

On Tuesday 16th January, General Nicholson, the commander of the foreign occupying forces and Ashraf Ghani, the stooge head of the puppet regime, discussed the failure and defeat of their joint forces in a special interview with the BBC. Nicholson admitted that presently Kabul is under severe attacks of Taliban; while on the other hand, Ashraf Ghani also acknowledged that they were in a besieged position, and if the foreign occupying forces are withdrawn, their stooge government might not sustain for more than six months.

On Wednesday 17th January, The daily Washington Post wrote that hundreds of air attacks were carried out by the American forces inside Afghanistan during the previous one month, but the outcome is a complete failure for America as these air raids have brought no change in the ongoing military scenario.

On Thursday 25th January, James Hacker, another commander of the foreign occupying forces, told about a plan to even further increase the ongoing indiscriminate air attacks inside Afghanistan.

On Tuesday 30th January, the BBC announced that the stooge admin in Kabul controls only 30% territory of Afghanistan, while the remaining 70% land is under Taliban’s control (i.e. under the control of the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate).

A powerless stooge setup:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been insisting for the last sixteen years that the stooge admin in Kabul has no authority of deciding anything significant or insignificant, therefore any meeting or negotiations with this admin is only the waste of time. All kinds of talks and discussions should be held directly with American side, being the independent other side of the Afghan issue.

On Tuesday 30th January, our stance was confirmed when the American president Donald Trump unanimously announced, without consulting or even informing his Afghan mercenaries, to close down any future negotiations with Taliban.

In its response, the Islamic Emirate announced that it was proved that the stooge admin in Kabul has no authority or capability of holding or denying peace talks, which definitely proves the sound and consistent stance of the Islamic Emirate that, if needed, talks should only be held between the decisive sides of the ongoing dilemma.

The series of revolts:

It has been more than a complete month that the so called governor of Balk province had been sacked, but the stooge and ineffective admin in Kabul has still not be able to implement its decision on the sacked governor by sending a new governor to that province.

On Tuesday 2nd January, General Abdul Raziq, the so called security chief of Kandahar province also announced that his removal is outside the jurisdiction of Kabul regime, by vowing that the stooge admin can never sack him from his present post.

Daish (ISIL) flags on the stooge admin’s tanks:

On Saturday 6th January, a convoy of military tanks of the mercenary army was passing through Jalalabad city, the center of Nangarhar province, while the flags of Daish was explicitly hoisted over them. It definitely proves that Daish (ISIL) phenomenon is an American orchestrated drama sustained and promoted by their local Afghan mercenaries.

Prior to this, numerous evidences were obtained and shown by the Islamic Emirate in which the wicked American foreign occupying forces and the admin and defense organs of the puppet Afghan regime were directly involved in arming, financing and supporting Daish fighters in various parts of the country.

In this connection, on Thursday 11th January, once again Mujahidin’s frontlines were severely bombarded in ‘Khogyani’ district of Nangarhar province to ensure the easy advance of Daish fighters in the area.

Endowments of western Democracy:

On Tuesday 23rd January, SIGAR (the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) published the news of child sex abuses by the mercenary forces of the stooge admin in Kabul. According to this report, from 2010 till today, seventy five incidents of killing children and their sex abuse by the mercenary soldiers and policemen have been registered by this organ.

In another report published on Wednesday 24th January, high ranking American officials admitted that only in the last six years, one thousand incidents have taken place in which basic human rights were violated by the mercenary army.

Since SIGAR was occasionally bringing out some bitter realities which somehow undermined the interests of the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries, therefore, on Wednesday 30th January, this organ was forbidden by American officials from publishing any further information about Afghanistan.

False claims of serving the people:

Numerous cases were registered previously in which the mercenary soldiers, policemen and the unrestrained Arbaki militiamen were found involved in looting, kidnapping and extra-judicial killing of innocent people.

On Tuesday 2nd January, media reported that six policemen of the stooge admin were arrested due to their involvement in looting in ‘Qara Bagh’ district of Ghazni province.

On Wednesday 17th January, the interior ministry of puppet regime admitted that some officials and policemen related to this ministry were found involved in various criminal activities.

A child’s play:

When the stooge admin in Kabul completely failed in its drama disguised as peace talks, then it resorted to some other deceitful tactics by inviting and collecting some shopkeepers in Turkey under the disguise of Taliban. This game was then broadcasted as holding peace talks with Taliban. But it was straightaway rejected by the Islamic Emirate, and later, it was soon revealed to all that it was only a child’s play orchestrated by the stooge admin under the supervision of their foreign masters for deceiving the vigilant masses of Afghanistan as well as the world community!!!


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Letter of the Islamic Emirate to the American people!

Post via Islamic Emirate Feb 14th 2018

The American people, officials of independent non-governmental organizations and the peace loving Congressmen!

With the hope that you will read this letter prudently and will evaluate the future of American forces and your profit and loss inside Afghanistan in light of the prevailing realities alluded to in the following lines!

The American people!

You realize that your political leadership launched a military invasion of our country 17 years ago. This invasion was not only contrary to the legal and national norms of our own sovereign country but also a violation of all international rules and regulations, but still the following three main points were put forward by your authorities to justify this illegitimate invasion:

  1. Establishing security by eliminating the so called terrorists inside Afghanistan.
  2. Restoring law and order by establishing a legal government.
  3. Eradicating narcotics.


However let us analyze how successful your war-monger leaders were in achieving the above three slogans in this illegitimate war?


Increased insecurity and fighting:

In 2001 when your ex-president George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan, his justification for that felonious act was the elimination the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) and Al-Qaeda.

But despite continuing this bloody war for seventeen years and accepting huge casualties and financial losses, your current president Donald Trump – to continue the illegal 17 year old war in Afghanistan – acknowledged increased insecurity and emergence of multiple groups instead of the single unified Islamic Emirate (Taliban).

This was stated by Trump while declaring his new war strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia on 23rdAugust 2017 and seventeen years later, again ordered the perpetuation of the same illegitimate occupation and war against the Afghan people. Since your authorities admit the presence of multiple warring factions inside Afghanistan, it verifies our claim that by invading Afghanistan and overthrowing a unified responsible government of Taliban, the Americans have merely paved the way for anarchy in the country.

No matter what title or justification is presented by your undiscerning authorities for the war in Afghanistan, the reality is that tens of thousands of helpless Afghans including women and children were martyred by your forces, hundreds of thousands were injured and thousands more were incarcerated in Guantanamo, Bagram and various other secret jails and treated in such a humiliating way that has not only brought shame upon humanity but is also a violation of all claims of American culture and civilization.

In this lopsided war and as confirmed by your own military authorities, 3546 American and foreign soldiers have been killed, more than 20,000 American forces injured and tens of thousands more are suffering mentally but in reality the amount of your casualties is several times higher and is deliberately being concealed by your leaders. Similarly this war has cost you trillions of dollars thus making it one of the bloodiest, longest and costliest war in the contemporary history of your country.


Chaos and the most corrupt regime:

Even though it is not the duty of America to draft laws and suggest systems for other countries but nevertheless, the second excuse of George W. Bush for the invasion of Afghanistan was to establish a supposed legitimate government. But despite seventeen years of war costing thousands of American and coalition lives and billions of dollars, such a system has taken root in Afghanistan which has achieved the following administrative, legal, military and political records:

Number one internationally in administrative and financial corruption.

Number one internationally in violating human rights.

Number one internationally in usurping of land and embezzling international aid.

Number one internationally in violence against women, etc. etc.

The latest example of the corrupt regime formed in the wake of American invasion is the presence of a two-headed system which is unparalleled in the established laws of forming a government throughout the world.


Production and expansion of narcotics:

The third justification of George W. Bush to invade Afghanistan was the prevention and eradication of narcotics. Let us examine the amount and levels of production and expansion of the narcotic trade in Afghanistan after seventeen year war effort?

According to the data provided by UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes) – prior to the American invasion – poppy was cultivated only on 185 hectors land of Afghanistan and only in areas controlled by anti-Taliban forces whereas the level of heroin addiction among Afghans was next to nil. But following the American invasion of Afghanistan, poppy cultivation skyrocketed from 185 hectors to 328,000 hectors while under the shadow of seventeen year occupation, the number of drug addicts has reached 3 million people.

On 21st December 2017, the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes) reported that drug production increased by 87% and poppy cultivation increased by 63% during the year 2017, thus mounting the total production of narcotics to 9000 metric tons.


The American people!

You proclaim to be a developed and civilized nation of the world. Since the imposed government in Afghanistan is established by you therefore we leave it to your judgment to decide – according to your logic and conscience – whether the present system and its pertinent changes, insecurity, chaos and 87% increase in narcotics are reforms or crimes against humanity?

Your authorities proclaim that tens of billions of dollars have been spent on various reconstruction projects in Afghanistan. Of course this is the same money which is collected from you as taxes and revenues, but here it has been distributed among thieves and murderers.

Do you agree that the hard earned money of your labor should be wasted on such a corrupt system where in only one criminal case, $900 million were stolen from Kabul Bank by corrupt officials?

Do you consider it the rule of law in American culture and lexicon where the first deputy of a government is a person involved in the felonious act of sexual assault on a 70-year-old man besides hundreds of other crimes against humanity?

Is this the civilization, modernity and rule of law proclaimed by you in the world?

Were your 3546 forces killed in Afghanistan to establish and empower such a system?

Can your scholars, intellectuals and unbiased analysts produce an answer to our questions?

You must understand that our people are living, watching and closely analyzing all these calamities and that is why the regime working under the shadow of your military support and the corrupt elements assembled therein are not looked upon as a legitimate government rather they are considered a band of usurpers, looters, mafia warlords and drug-dealers while at the same time, the resistance against them is considered their legal, moral and national obligation. The people working alongside you to impose this system are committing treason against our nation and national interests. On the other hand, the people who waging armed resistance against your corrupt regime are the defenders of their homeland, national interests, sovereignty as well as their dignity and they are revered by the Afghan masses as their heroes. That the American media is propagating against the Afghan resistance and labelling them as foreign terrorists instead of Afghan freedom fighters, all of this is baseless propaganda aimed at concealing their own humiliating defeat. To repudiate this propaganda, we only want to say that had there been any chance of success in Afghanistan with foreign support, the American invaders and their coalition forces would definitely have succeeded due to enjoying the political and military support of a powerful country like the United States of America as well as the support of a well-equipped military alliance like NATO.


The People of America!

We would like to summarize our message to you in the following words:

The Afghans who are fighting your forces and any other invader today, this is their legal, religious and national obligation. However mighty and well-equipped your forces might be, even if supported by the entire world, this resistance will be sustained by the Afghan people due to their religious, legal and national obligation. This resistance is considered by Afghan masses as a sacred responsibility of defending their creed and country. To relinquish this sacred obligation is considered by them as abandoning Islam and all human values and this disgrace is never acceptable for any valiant Muslim Afghan individual.

Afghans have continued to burn for the last four decades in the fire of imposed wars. They are longing for peace and a just system but they will never tire from their just cause of defending their creed, country and nation against the invading forces of your war-mongering government because they have rendered all the previous and present historic sacrifices to safeguard their religious values and national sovereignty. If they make a deal on their sovereignty now, it would be unforgettable infidelity with their proud history and ancestors.

Afghanistan is a country which has maintained its independence throughout its several thousand year history. Even in the 19th and 20th century when most Muslim countries were occupied by the then European imperial powers, Afghanistan was the only country in the region to preserve its independence and despite an eighty year imperialistic endeavor, the British failed make them accept occupation. It is the same inherent zeal and historic succession in the hearts and minds of Afghan masses which presently inspires this empty-handed nation to continue protracted resistance against your occupying forces. This is not exaggeration rather irrefutable reality that today the valiant Afghan self-sacrificial attackers are competing among themselves to carry out martyrdom seeking attacks against your invading forces.

This national religious resistance of the Afghans is not a futile war, rather it is progressing everyday as various parts of the country are liberated. At this moment the head of SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) acknowledged that sixty percent of Afghan territory is under the control of Taliban (Islamic Emirate).

In 2001 during the American invasion of Afghanistan, a number of world countries came under the influence of misleading propaganda by your officials and supported the warring strategy of the then president George W. Bush. But today we see that your government has lost that international support as a number of your coalition partners have withdrawn their forces from our country by discerning the prevailing realities and they are currently seeking a political solution. The international community at large is now backing our justified resistance against the illegitimate American occupation. If your government is still insisting on perpetuating the war in Afghanistan by conjuring excuses, it will further undermine American prestige in the world.

The People of America!

In the American society where the main source of power is the masses and the authorities are elected by public votes, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – as representatives of the will of Afghan nation – asks the American people and the peace loving Congressmen to put pressure on your authorities and demand an end to the occupation of Afghanistan because stubbornly seeking the protraction of this war and existence of a corrupt and ineffective regime here in Kabul will have dreadful consequences for the region and particularly for the stability of America herself.

The Afghan masses feel pity for the whole American nation because they are being sacrificed and are losing respect through the world with each passing day solely due the war-mongering policies of a few war-mongering officials.

Your intellectuals, peace loving Congressmen and independent chiefs of civil organizations should question your authorities as to why the American people are so insecure and detested at home and abroad despite their international prestige?

For how long will your modern country and your children continue to be sacrificed for the war-mongering policies of a few war-mongering officials?

And what eventual benefit will these warring policies bring for your country?

The American People!

Your president and his military and political officials following his war policies still speak the language of war in Afghanistan. They intentionally release fake statistics for the sake of their vested interests and misguide you and the world by throwing dust in your eyes. The reality is that in contemporary world, the use of force and arms has been replaced by peaceful dialogue and wars cannot be won with lies.

Only in past September – in accordance with Trump’s new strategy – American forces used all their new powers and carried out 751 air strikes. You should ask your Generals that despite using such force, have you retaken even a single inch of land from the Taliban or have they become even more powerful.

If you do not understand the inexperienced policies of president Trump and his war-monger advisors, then look no further than his irrational decision of shifting the American embassy to from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which brought America in opposition with 128 countries of the world.

Truly it is humiliating for a civilized people like you to be confronted with such a decisive international majority. It was only due of the pursuit of policies of force which pitted majority of the world countries against America, and your authorities are still insistent upon that ridiculous policy!!

The Islamic Emirate had asked America from the very beginning to solve her issues with the Islamic Emirate through talk and dialogue. The use of force has adverse consequences, and you might have now discerned the bitter consequences of American aggression against Afghanistan. If the policy of using force is exercised for a hundred more years and a hundred new strategies are adopted, the outcome of all of these will be the same as you have observed over the last six months following the initiation of Trump’s new strategy.

According we still believe that it is not too late for the American people to understand that the Islamic Emirate – as representative of its people – can solve its problems with every side through healthy politics and dialogue. Needless use of force only complicates the issues by creating new dimensions which gradually move out of the realm of control. The Islamic Emirate is a regional power with deep roots which cannot be subdued by sheer force. The chances of dialogue however are not exhausted. The American people must understand that the Islamic Emirate understands its responsibility and can play a constructive role in finding a peaceful solution for issues but this can never mean that we are exhausted or our will has been sapped. It is our policy that logic should be given a chance before the use of force. Whatever can be achieved by logic, should not be relinquished due to the use of force. It is the moral obligation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to inform you, the American masses, about these realities.

We must state that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan undertakes legitimate efforts for the independence of our homeland. Having a sovereign country free from any foreign occupation is our natural and human right. Seeking freedom of our homeland and establishing an Islamic system conforming to the creed of our people can never be called terrorism by any law of the world. It is worth mentioning that we have no agenda of playing any destructive role in any other country and we have practically proven over the past seventeen years that we have not interfered in any other country. Likewise we will not allow anyone else to use Afghan territory against any other country. War is imposed on us, it is not our choice. Our preference is to solve the Afghan issue through peaceful dialogues. America must end her occupation and must accept all our legitimate rights including the right to form a government consistent with the beliefs of our people. After gaining independence, we would like to have positive and constructive relations with all countries of the world including our neighboring countries. We welcome their assistance and support in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of our country. We want to play a beneficial role in regional and world peace and stability, provide high standard education and employment opportunities for our people and guarantee all human and legal rights of every child, woman and man, secure our youth from drugs and all other moral indecencies, provided job opportunities to every individual such that they not leave their homeland or seek refuge abroad.

In brief, insisting on prolonging the war in Afghanistan and maintaining American troop presence is neither beneficial for America nor for anyone else, rather it endangers the stability of the entire world. This is irrefutable reality which is only rejected by your arrogant authorities. If you want peaceful dialogue with the Afghans specifically and with the world generally, then make your president and the war-mongering congressmen and Pentagon officials understand this reality and compel them to adopt a rational policy towards Afghanistan!

This will be the most constructive step for the stability of your people, the Afghans as well as the whole world.

Our only obligation is to convey (the message) to you!

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

28/05/1439 Hijri Lunar

25/11/1396 Hijri Solar                    14/02/2018 Gregorian


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Islamic Emirate: Earth shaking beneath the feet of America

Post via Islamic Emirate February 10th 2018

The American media propagandists exert every effort to try and show the military commitment to Afghanistan as success however if we were to look at the ground realities, the picture is actually quite the opposite and if we look at some of the indicators, we can understand that the earth is shaking beneath their feet and sooner or later, they will withdraw all their forces.

Some of the indicators are as follow:

– Whenever any side engaged in fighting splits regarding correct course of strategy, recognize the war has taken its toll. Tough talk about hammering an enemy and asking for negotiations the next day indicates that the war has dazed and confused that side just as US president Trump rebuffed any possibility of talks with the Taliban and the next day his deputy secretary of state – John Sullivan – called on the Taliban to come to the negotiation table and even asked Pakistan for help.

Afghan affairs analyst, Waheed Muzhda, says that the former Soviet Union was in the exact same predicament during the end years of its occupation as America finds herself today. They would also intensify the war one day and the very next, they would propagate negotiations and reaching an understanding. Lost in a labyrinth, they were unsure about which policy to pursue and such, this was considered an indicator of their impending defeat and withdrawal which can be applied to the American state of affairs today.


– Any side fighting a war that quietly continues forging ahead and abstains from empty show of power or boasting about crippling his opposition, then recognize that they are making progress and have closed in on their objectives. Any side that is practically exhausted and feels there are shortcomings in its work will simply begin playing the cards of show, exaggerations and threats in order to mask its failure.

A few years ago no American president talked about US might, nuclear capabilities or parades to show off force simply because everyone grasped the extent of their strength and there was no need for displaying power. Today however America has lost their awe inspiring status due to repeated failures in every engagement and Trump is trying his best to redeem their lost standing with threats and chest puffing. A couple of days ago Trump demanded his military organize a parade after decades while the sold-out media has intensified propaganda about airstrikes and superior American technology to spread fear. Such moves only give credence to the argument that America is no longer capable and seeks to hide its failures with show and empty threats.


– If you want to understand where a government stands regards to success and failure, then don’t try to gauge their state of affairs through their formal officials because it is the paid duty of active officials to talk about success even during failures and show everything as orderly. The standard for measuring the true state of a strategy is through the mouths of impartial and low-ranking officials.

A few examples about the condition of American war strategy in Afghanistan can be summarized in the following lines:

During an interview with Defense News, the former US secretary of defense – Chuck Hagel – said that America has failed in ending the war in Afghanistan and that it is in the worse situation it has ever been as they are heading for a defeat despite spending billions of dollars over the past 17 years.

A few days earlier the current US secretary of defense – James Mattis – was grilled during the House Armed Services Committee by Republican Senator Waltor Jones who said that Afghanistan is the graveyard of Empires and we have to accept that.

He further added that the retired Marine Corps Commander Gen. Chuck Krulak wrote him an email stating “No one has ever conquered Afghanistan and many have tried. We would join the list of nations that have tried and failed.”

All this rattling only points towards one conclusion that America has lost her way in Afghanistan and the ground has begun shaking beneath her feet. If the Taliban manage hold out a bit longer, they shall earn the honor of defeating an empire of the 21st century just as the Afghan nation earned the glorious medal of the 20th century by defeating the Soviet Union, Allah willing.


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.


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Islamic Emirate: Mujahidin conquests throughout the country

Post via Islamic Emirate February 1oth 2018

Massive and fatal attacks of the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate are incessant against the wicked foreign invaders as well their internal mercenaries throughout the country, in which wide-spread areas have been liberated from the enemy; huge amount of light and heavy weapons and ammunition have been confiscated, and the enemy is given a crushing blow on all fronts.

Usually in winter season the Jihadi fronts remain comparatively cold or less active, but it was quite different this time, as Mujahidin had kept warmer their trenches of defending their creed and country by their Jihadi activities throughout the winter season. In the following lines some incidents are elaborated:

Recently, a huge assault was carried out on a strategic military base of the mercenary enemy in ‘Qala Zaagh’ area near ‘Chura’ district in Uruzgan province. In this successful attack, the military base was completely conquered; three mercenary soldiers were killed inside, two were injured, while the remaining took to their heels. In this military base, huge amount of weapons were also seized by Mujahidin.

Another meticulous attack was carried out on a key military post of Sanguri Arbaki militiamen in ‘Zabar’ area of ‘Marja’ district in Helmand province. After a trivial resistance, the post was captured by Mujahidin, while all six notorious Arbaki militiamen were killed in this raid. A significant amount of weapons and their ammunition were seized by Mujahidin in this operation.

Heavy fighting erupted between mercenary forces of puppet regime and the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Sulaiman Zai’ area in ‘Deh-i-Yak’ district of Ghazni province. This confrontation took place when the enemy forces entered the area for military operations. One of the enemy’s tanks was hit by a rocket launcher while another was destroyed by a landmine. In this confrontation, seven stooge soldiers were killed while eight others were injured. After the battle, the wicked enemy resorted to indiscriminate bombing of the area, in which one civilian was martyred while several others were injured. After this felony, the wicked enemy fled away from the area without accomplishing anything.

Two other military posts of Sanguri Arbaki militiamen were attacked by Mujahidin in ‘Nawa’ district in Helmand province. In this assault, both light and heavy weapons were used by Mujahidin. Eventually both the military posts were captured by Mujahidin, while twelve Arbaki militiamen were killed inside the posts as the remaining ones took to their heels. All light and heavy weapons left by the notorious militiamen were seized by Mujahidin.

In the north of the country, a successful assault was carried out by our courageous Mujahidin on a key center of General Malik in ‘Faiz Abad’ area of ‘Tagab’ district in Faryab province. In this assault, the center was brought under control and the stooge militiamen absconded the area after suffering heavy losses and casualties. In this operation, huge amount of light and heavy weapons were confiscated by our Mujahidin. Previously too, this center was attacked by Mujahidin, in which seven stooge soldiers were killed including their commander named ‘Nimat’.

In the south east of the country, mercenary forces of the enemy were attacked in ‘Khurbin’ area near ‘Yousuf Khail’ district in Paktika province. The enemy forces had come for military operations in the area when they were confronted by Mujahidin. According to the information received from the battle field, one military tank and one ranger type vehicle of the enemy were destroyed; three of their soldiers were killed while three more were injured. This battle ended in a humiliating defeat for the enemy.

Another convoy of the stooge enemy forces was attacked by Mujahidin in the suburbs of ‘Qala-i-Nao’ city, the center of Badghis province. In this battle which lasted just for one hour, light and heavy weapons were used by Mujahidin. Eventually, three of the enemy soldiers were badly injured while the remaining ones fled from the battle field. By the grace of Almighty Allah, no significant losses or casualties were suffered by our heroic Mujahidin.

Though the enemy has increased their brutal raids and indiscriminate aerial bombing, but instead of making any significant progress, they have lost control of vast areas by suffering incessant defeats. They have stepped up their poisonous but baseless propaganda against Mujahidin to conceal their humiliating defeats and thus encourage their demoralized forces, but all these efforts are in vain, as the mercenary forces are incessantly chased by our courageous Mujahidin by consecutively liberating vast areas from their malicious control.


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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