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Phoenix mosque subjected to anti-Islam protest opens door to community, says “love is stronger than hate”

Invitation from mosque to visit on Monday June 1st, 6.30pm and bring a flower as a symbol of love and care. The Islamic Community Centre of Phoenix Arizona which was the focus of an anti-Islam protest organized by ex-marine Jon Ritzheimer … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Defence of Human Rights protest march and statement for International Week of the Disappeared

  DHR Press Report regarding missing persons protest march for International Week of the Disappeared 30th May 2015 ‪#‎InternatioanlWeekofDisappeared‬ “It would be a great folly and a sign of ignorance of human nature If any one thinks that efforts to silence … Continue reading

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Pakistan: News of “suicide bomber” near Gaddafi stadium delayed after falsely claimed as electricity transformer

Police inspect the site of a blast that occurred during the cricket match between Pakistan and Zimbabwe, near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan (Reuters) I found out about a suicide blast in the vicinity of Gaddafi Stadium, Pakistan yesterday not … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Bus passengers slaughtered in Mastung region, relatives stage sit-in outside Governor House

Relatives of murdered passengers stage sit-in at Governor House (image Express Tribune) Bus passengers on their way to Karachi, Pakistan could not have imagined how their journey would end. Around 15 armed assailants succeeded in stopping 2 buses in the … Continue reading

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Arizona: Anti-Islam protesters rip up Quran in “freedom of speech” rally outside mosque

Anti-Islam protester Phoenix Arizona (image via Matthew Keys)  In a modern day scene from a region once known as the “wild west” anti-Islam protesters gathered near an Islamic community centre in Phoenix Arizona exercising their “right to bear arms”. The … Continue reading

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Arizona: Ex-marine likely to incite tensions with cartoon portraying tattooed Prophet naked on prayer rug with Obama

Ex marine Jon Ritzheimer believes “true Islam is terrorism” Possibly the most controversial event to hit Arizona this year, it starts with a Islam T shirt and progresses to a Draw Mohammad contest (images of the Prophet Muhammad are … Continue reading

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Saudia Arabia: Islamic State claim responsibility for Dammam mosque attack

  Mosque in Damaam, Saudi Arabia attacked during Friday prayers Islamic State have allegedly claimed responsibility for targeting the Al Anood mosque in the eastern city of Dammam in Aaudi Arabia on Friday according to Reuters news agency. Four people … Continue reading

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