Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 98th Anniversary of Independence from the British

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28th of Zmarai is marked as a day of joy and a date of triumph and honor for the valiant Afghan nation. On this day, the Afghans under the leadership of scholars and Mujahid mystics paired with immeasurable and selfless sacrifices beat back three invasions of the era’s English Idol and handed a shameful defeat to the British Imperialists. And in the end the valiant Afghans forced the British Empire to accept and internationally recognize their sovereignty on the 28th of Zmarai of the year 1297 Hijri Solar.

We congratulate our Mujahid nation on the arrival of this momentous day and show our appreciation for the heroics and sacrifices of our valiant predecessors.

But unfortunately, the 98th Anniversary of Independence from English Imperialists has arrived upon us at a time as our beloved homeland is in the claws of occupation and invasion of American transgressors including Britain. Thousands of their soldiers are leading a war against the Afghan nation and have usurped our national sovereignty and political freedom for the past 16 years.

We wish to remind America and colonizers of this age that you should have taken heed from the three invasions of your forefathers who used their entire arsenal of power, strategies and tactics and tried their utmost to pacify this valiant nation and impose their Empire upon their homeland but the result was only regret and shame as they were disgracefully forced out of Afghanistan and officially recognized it as a sovereign state.

That you utilized a hundred and fifty thousand soldiers of your own and four hundred thousand hireling troops alongside your war machine while squandering 2 trillion dollars in a failed attempt to secure Kabul let alone Afghanistan and rule it to your desire, then understand that you have truly lost any chance of success. The best recommendation and path forward for you is to forgo Afghanistan and let the Afghans live in peace and prosperity similar to the other nations of the world.

To end – as we celebrate the glories of 28th Zmarai and consider it a historic day of deliverance – we wish infamy, disgrace and unmasking upon the perpetrators of occupation and their puppets and we firmly believe in Divine assistance of the moments being very close where our beloved homeland shall once again hear the glad tidings of freedom and emancipation from the American Idol and shall annually celebrate that day similar to the 28th of Zmarai, Allah willing.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

26/11/1438 Hijri Lunar

27/05/1396 Hijri Solar                    18/08/2017 Gregorian


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad . She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Pakistan: TTP release new Independence Day audio on the “deception of freedom”

Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain (R) hoists national flag during a ceremony to mark the Independence Day in Islamabad on August 14, 2017. PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan Tehreek -e-Taliban (TTP) released an audio message entitled “Azadi Ka Fareb” on Independence Day, 14th August 2017. The production features Dr Hamood and Commander Musa who are guests on a talk show on Umar Radio. The main theme of the discussion is the “deception of freedom” according to a top Taliban commander who did not want to give his name. The freedom that many see linked to India’s independence from British rule and the creation of Pakistan in 1947 is seen as an illusion by TTP. In the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) the people still live under colonial black law introduced decades ago and are fighting to change this legislation which impacts negatively on many areas of their lives (see Links section).

The link to the audio posted on social media sites shows a photo of Adnan Rasheed, a militant commander of TTP and chief of Ansar Al-Aseer, a unit tasked to free militant prisoners. Rasheed, a former Pakistan Air Force junior technician was convicted of an attack on then President and General Pervez Musharraf in 2003 and given the death sentence. He was later freed from prison along with 400 other inmates when militants stormed Bannu prison in 2012. He was also the mastermind of the 2013 Dera Ismail Khan jailbreak in which over 170 prisoners escaped. Rasheed became known to the west after penning a letter to schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai shot by the Taliban whilst he was incarcerated in jail. Rasheed survived military operation Zarb-e-Asb launched in 2014 and Radd-ul-Fasaad to clear the Tribal Areas of insurgents and surfaces from time to time with a new video or audio message.

Partition 1947

Seventy years ago in August 1947 India was partitioned into 2 independent countries, India and Pakistan by the British. Punjab became the border area between Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority and was divided into two parts.  East and West Pakistan, predominately Muslim were created and were separated by more than 1,500 kms of Indian territory. In the turmoil that followed 1 million people lost their lives when fighting broke out and 15 million were displaced. Hindus and Sikhs fled for India and Muslims to Pakistan.

See following article for background,

Indian Independence Day: All you need to know about Partition between India and Pakistan seventy years on


Pakistan: Furore grows over outdated colonial law, people of FATA say “Go FCR Go”

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.



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Open letter of Islamic Emirate to the American President Donald Trump

Post via Islamic Emirate

To Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America

Peace be upon those who follow the guidance!

Your forces have spent 16 years in our country Afghanistan and have used every means to win this war. Despite the fact that the former administration officials created a large coalition to attack our country, your 16 year military presence in Afghanistan has resulted in Afghanistan becoming the most unstable country security wise, the most corrupt administrative wise and the poorest country economically.

The reason behind all this is because foreign invasion is being used to subdue the will of our proud Afghan nation, our national integrity is stripped and keys to power have been handed to individuals who are the most repulsive, wretched and hated faces in the Afghan society due to their servitude to foreigners.

President Trump!

It is entirely possible that you are being provided rosy pictures about Afghanistan by the stooges you have installed and they are showering you will titles ‘allies of the Afghans’ in their ceremonial addresses but understand that the Afghans possess sound intellect . They judge you by the results of your 16 year presence in Afghanistan and not by the slogans of the lying corrupt rulers under your control.

You must realize that these repulsive sellouts neither care about your interests nor that of their own nation, rather the only thing they hold dear is retaining their seat of power and securing their personal interests.

They are not solely subservient to you either but will eagerly be the puppet of any foreign backer to retain their illegitimate grip on power. Even in the current government that you have built, they maintain illicit contacts with tens of other foreign powers.

President of America!

The government which you tried to establish over the past 16 years by spending billions of dollars, sacrificing thousands of soldiers and losing tens of thousands to injuries and mental illness is in a condition where its leader cannot accept his own deputy. You are witnessing that at this very moment the First Vice President – the war criminal and warlord – General Dostum is creating an opposition coalition outside the country against Ashraf Ghani, provincial governors have begun rising against him and Members of Parliament are demanding his resignation.

President Trump!

If you glance over history you will come to know that the Afghans have done you the biggest favor internationally. They rescued you and the entire world from the Red Communist Plague with their immeasurable sacrifices. Do you wish to repay this historical favor of the valiant Afghan nation by forcing upon them such incompetent, corrupt, immoral and criminal officials?

A sound mind and healthy conscience dictates that the monumental actions and international favor of this persecuted nation should be repaid by dealing and interacting with them generously and not through invasions, throwing them into the fire of imposed wars, trampling upon their religious and national values and installing the most corrupt officials as custodians of their affairs.

President of America!

Your previous officials decided to invade Afghanistan without weighing its consequences. They occupied Afghanistan under irrational arguments which had nothing to do with the Afghans. The Afghans who rose against your forces in defense of their land, creed and people did so as a legitimate struggle that is why the fully armed forces of 48 nations under your leadership were unable to pacify and eliminate them.

The Afghans have no ill-intention towards the Americans or any other nation around the world but if anyone violates their sanctums then they are mighty proficient at beating and defeating the transgressors.

The religious and national struggle of our people is not some illegitimate or proxy war rather it takes root from a pure spiritual and national fervor. Your intelligence agencies admit that our Mujahideen are not being supported by any country and neither can they produce any proof in the contrary. After repeated invasions, our nation understands well how to wage long wars with invaders and force them out of their homeland with their traditional weapons and equipment paired with towering resolve and zeal.

Mr. President!

American youth are not born to be killed in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan in order to establish the writ of thieves and corrupt officials and neither would their parents approve of them killing civilians in Afghanistan. Rather you and American officials have the grave responsibility of protecting the lives of American youth which is your indispensable human resource. It seems to be a historical mistake on part of the previous administrations to have dispatched American youth for the slaughter of Afghans however as a responsible American President, you need to study the mistakes of your predecessors and prevent death and injury to American forces in Afghanistan.

Generals are concealing the real statistics of your dead and crippled however the Afghans can easily count the coffins being sent your way on a daily basis

President Trump!

We have noticed that you have understood the errors of your predecessors and have resolved to thoroughly rethinking your new strategy in Afghanistan. A number of warmongering congressmen and Generals in Afghanistan are pressing you to protract the war in Afghanistan because they seek to preserve their military privileges but instead you must act responsibly as the fate of many Americans and Afghans alike is tied to this issue and as is often said ‘War is imperative politics which cannot be left alone to the whims of fighters’. You must also not handover the Afghan issue to warmongering Generals but must make a decision where history shall remember you as an advocate of peace.

The war situation in Afghanistan is far worse than you realize! You are witnessing that Mujahideen are wresting control of several districts from the corrupt regime in a one week span and are seizing so much equipment that they can continue fighting for a long time. They can easily take control of all major highways of the country and if it were not for fear of civilian casualties, they would conquer many provincial capitals currently under sieges.

Here every Afghan views your soldiers as invaders and transgressors and even the soldiers who you spend a lot of treasure upon frequently open fire on your troops with the same weapon you have provided. Here every parent teaches his offspring about emancipating his country from invaders. In a land where every child is raised with a spirit of vengeance and holds the historic honor of defeating three Empires before you, how will you achieve a stable condition for permanent presence?

President of America!

Everyone now understands that the main driver of war in Afghanistan is foreign occupation. The fire of war has been lit due to foreign occupation and everyone is utilizing these war conditions for their self-interests. If there was no war here, a responsible assertive government could have prevented anarchy and lawlessness. You have understood through your experience in the Middle East that kindling the fire of war is not in the interest of any country around the world.

Previous experiences have shown that sending more troops to Afghanistan will not result in anything other than further destruction of American military and economical might therefore it would be wise if you adopt the strategy of a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan instead of a troops increase. On the one hand, this strategy will truly deliver American troops from harm’s way and on the other, it will bring to an end an inherited war by rectifying the mistakes of former American officials.

Final Words

President of the United States! The uprising of the people of Afghanistan under the leadership of Islamic Emirate is an organized and accountable national, political and regional military force which has prevented many calamities from taking root. If it were not for the responsible policies and organized movement of the Islamic Emirate, such disorder would arise that its flames shall reach the neighbors, region and the entire world. If someone were to understand this reality, they would truly consider the Islamic Emirate as mercy for Afghanistan, region and the world because the Islamic Emirate does not have any intention or policy of causing harm to anyone and neither will it allow others to use the Afghan soil against anyone. It would be a grave mistake on your part to force the Afghan Muslim nation – who have so far fought you with their meager tools – to reach out to your foes in order to gain their independence and free themselves from your oppression. Therefore it would be better for you to understand the realities as a responsible President of the United States and then make decisions based upon them. And understand this with an open heart that if you failed to win the Afghan war with professional US and NATO troops, advanced technology, experienced military Generals, consecutive strategies and mighty economy, you shall never be able to win it with mercenaries, notorious contractor firms and immoral stooges.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

23/11/1438 Hijri Lunar

24/05/1396 Hijri Solar               15/08/2017 Gregorian


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.


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Islamic Emirate: If America Seeks a Real Solution, There is a Way

Post via Islamic Emirate

August 9th 2017

The Wall Street Journal published a report last week, quoting an official of the Trump Administration that the White House was also considering complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Though later on, contradictory reports appeared indicating that the strategy was still unclear but if America really wants complete withdrawal of her troops from Afghanistan and announces as such, the Islamic Emirate readily hails this position and would like to discuss all negotiable issues with them.

The Afghan war is the longest war of American history. They have spent 780 billion dollars so far but notwithstanding that, America has established a government in Afghanistan which is the most corrupt at world’s level. Oppression, injustice, production and trafficking of drugs, religious and ethnic differences, kidnapping and robberies have become order of the day under the very title of democracy.

The war in Afghanistan can be likened to a quagmire. Even if America spends that much amount of money and time already spent and passed, they would ultimately come to conclusion that this was a meaningless and back-breaking war. It has no military solution because America is not facing a group in the country but an entire nation.

At present, more than half of the population of Afghanistan are living under the administration of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan but still the Islamic Emirate has never resorted to creating internal problems for any country in the world including the invading countries. This is because interference in the internal affairs of other countries is not policy of the Islamic Emirate. We have practically proven this over the past one and a half decade. What we want is but independence of our country and a system based on our beliefs. This is our legitimate right. We are continuing our peaceful political and jihadic efforts for obtainment of the aforementioned objectives.

American generals are giving unrealistic hope to the American people and the US president that they will succeed in Afghanistan, if authorized to send more troops or American militias of Black water. Granted, even if this military strategy is carried out, it will only prolong the war but will not bring it to an end. Afghans are neither desperate nor fatigued in their efforts for obtainment of freedom of their country.

The Islamic Emirate wants a real solution of the Afghan issue. If America really wants to end the war and explore a realistic solution then should consider withdrawal of troops.


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Pakistan: New Taliban (TTP) women’s magazine gives insight into the active role of educated women in jihad

Photo of new Taliban TTP women’s magazine Sunnat-e-Khaula

The commonly used expression that the Taliban are “terrified of a woman with a book” is clearly not the case as this author has argued for some time as Pakistan Tehreek-i-Taliban (TTP) launch their first magazine for women.

The 45 page publication in Urdu and English entitled Sunnat -e-Khaula (The Way of Khaula) is written by women, with Taliban wives carrying out interviews and demonstrates their combined role of motherhood and militancy, assisting the men in the role of jihad. This backs up interviews with insurgents in recent years that have expressed a desire to marry educated females sometimes looking beyond traditional boundaries as they highlight the importance of education for women highlighted in the Quran. Where the conflict often lies is in the type of education and rejection of western style curriculum and teaching.

The name of the magazine appears to refer to Khawlah bint al-Azar, a prominent woman during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who fought in battles against the Byzantine army and whose family were among the first to revert to Islam. We are also reminded that,

 “First martyr in Islam was a woman; Sumayya, First sacrifice for sake of Allah was given by a woman, Hazrat Khadija, First to comfort Nabi sws was a woman; his wife Hazrat Khadija; First to spend for deen of Allah was a woman; Hazrat Khadija, First to whom Quran was recited was a woman as well; Hazrat Khadija.”

The following introduction to the magazine gives a taster of what is to follow,

“It is ignorance on behalf of the public that they are unaware of Islamic system of Khilafah and hence they find peace and prosperity in democracy. It is need of the hour that public should be made aware of the blessings of Khilafah. Public should be introduced to the magnificent Islamic past. Muslim public should be made aware of the tremendous sacrifices and struggles of mujahideen and mujahidaat of Islam. We are hopeful to see a very prosperous future of Islam just like its past. Magazine Sunnat e Khaula is a practical effort in this direction. Ansar and Muhajir sisters of Khurasan have put together this magazine with great effort so that their voice can be heard all around the world.

We aim to raise the flag of La ila ha illallah .

We aim to raise the flag of Jihad.

We want to provoke women of Islam to come forward and

join the ranks of mujahideen e Islam and follow footsteps

of Hazrat Khaula r.a.”

Western media has often incorrectly reported that schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was “shot for going to school” (a reason denied by the Taliban) and an attack which was strongly condemned by international human rights organizations. The women appearing in Sunnat-e-Khaula are not illiterate and down- trodden as often portrayed in the media when discussing wives of militants but educated females with experience of both western educational establishments and traditional Islamic teaching facilities. Taliban Commander Adnan Rasheed gave a different explanation for the shooting of Malala in his well -publicised letter to her lamenting the attack which occurred whilst he was in prison. He invited her to return to an Islamic education in Pakistan and stated, “the Taliban believe you were intentionally writing against them and running a smear campaign to malign their effort to establish an Islamic system in (the) Swat Valley and your writings were provocative.”

The subjects covered in the magazine gave an indication of the subject material considered appropriate for the women of TTP and are as follows,


Woman in traditional burkha seen in Pakistan, Afghanistan (image RFE)

In “My Journey from Ignorance to Guidance” by Dr Khaula Bint Abdul Aziz, the reader is invited to follow a young doctor as she goes through a personal transformation from working in a hospital overseas to returning to Pakistan to do hijra and becoming part of the Taliban. Hijra refers to the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib (later renamed by him to Medina) in 622 CE.

She writes,

“After I finished M.B.B.S from Lahore (Pakistan) I went overseas for further studies. Like many others I was also impressed by the pomp and glitter of western civilization and that’s why I all alone took a long trip from one corner of the world to the other corner. My ambition was clear; to get highest education so that I can earn maximum worldly benefits and also to serve Pakistani people and especially Pakistan Army to the best of my abilities. To understand why I thought like this? You have to take a glance in to my past. I was born and brought up in an army household. My father was an officer in Pakistan Army.

Most of the families of Pakistan army are leading an un-lslamic and western way of life and why not when their education syllabus is based on Islam enmity and friendship of taghoot. (The word means to “cross the limits, overstep boundaries,” or “to rebel.” In Islamic theology, the word refers to idolatry or to the worship of anything except Allah.) Since I was a child I thought of prayer, fasting, hajj as the only deen (system of life). When I noticed injustice, oppression, and class system in the society I was restless and my eyes looked for a system of life that can take humanity out of this plight and give a respectful way of life.”

There is much discussion of the role of the Pakistan army and working to serve the agenda of western governments. She continues,

“Due to my extraordinary performance I was given P.H.D scholarship in which I was meant to do research on heart and its cells. The world was in my hand, wealth, respect, fame you name it I had it all. The mission I left Pakistan for seemed to be accomplished better than I expected. But still there was some other thirst left to be quenched. I felt empty from inside. There was something missing, day by day the darkness inside my heart was getting more and more.”

The young woman goes on to describe how after becoming ill both mentally and physically she embarks on an Islamic education. Her criticism of the western lifestyle grows and the doctor describes feelings of alienation, conflict within herself and experiences prejudice as a Muslim woman… She writes,

 “In western society woman has become only a money earning machine, a sexual object, and a product to be sold in the market. For a quite long time I kept on praising western society thinking that it has taken a woman to some high status but soon I realized that “freedom of women” in reality is “enslavement of woman”. All this is done to make woman an active part of the society who can bring in maximum capitalism. I while working in that money driven society felt that I was forced to work like men, there was no gender respect. Woman has become like a football kicked in and out by men, or society, she has lost her natural personality and is trying to fit in a mould as designed by the society.”

She goes on to say,

“As a result she has lost all her pride and dignity and why not so, if she is trying to please the society at the cost of displeasing Allah, then this is her miserable fate; losing this world and the after world. Although in western society I was part of their elite class but still I never got real respect. Eyes full of greed and lust kept on following me. Alhamdulillah only a niqab (face cover for muslim woman) gave me respect in the eyes of muslims and kuffar (derogatory word for non-Muslims, unbelievers).  On one side I saw the shallow baseless western culture and on the other side soon after I started doing niqab I saw hate in the eyes of kuffar for me. Their treatment with me was derogative. In shopping centres I was openly given titles like “sister of Osama”, or “terrorist”, or “bloody muslim”…. Once a white old man shouted at me in the middle of grocery store, “you bitch, go back to your country”. People around me heard it but remained indifferent. I would like to give this message to my muslim sisters and brothers residing in kuffar countries that they should stop day dreaming. If they are under the false impression that they are practising Islam and kuffar are still very pleased with them and they can bring kuffar to Islam by their kind treatment, then they are absolutely wrong. Because Allah says in quran to Hazrat Muhammed sws that kuffar will never be pleased with you unless you give up your deen and follow what they follow.”

Comments on Sunnat -e-Khaula

Voice of America reports,

”Qibla Ayaz, former dean of the faculty of Islamic and Oriental Studies at the University of Peshawar, called the TTP magazine launch a dangerous development for the youth of the region, ‘since the new generation is all there on social media. (The Islamic State) militant outfit has adopted the same social media strategy for its recruitment, and it seems to be a problem here, too.”

The Guardian quoted Michael Kugelman, a south Asia specialist at the Woodrow Wilson Center in the US, who said it made sense for the Pakistani Taliban to launch a women’s magazine.

“This is a struggling organisation that is trying to re-establish networks and membership after being hit hard on the battlefield in recent years,” he said. “Women are a strategic demographic because they have the ability to exert influence over their sons. If women are converted to the militant cause, they can encourage their sons – or daughters for that matter – to join it as well.”

Believing Women section of the magazine features historical tales of women who have suffered for their faith often enduring torture such as the story of the Pharoah and Asia,

“the soldiers of Pharaoh used to punish Asia every day by making her lie down on burning sand and placing a huge rock on her chest. It continued for 2 months. Imagine the burning sand, a weak woman on her bare back lied down with a huge rock on chest; a big test. But glory to Allah, she remained steadfast. She said I do not accept anyone’s law, I only accept Allah’s law on Allah’s earth.”

Mullah Fazlullah, leader of TTP helped with the household chores

Another feature in Sunnat -e-Khaula is an interview with the first wife of Mullah Fazlullah Khorasani who married her husband aged 14. She appears to support her early marriage saying, “I ask you why now everywhere there is a hue and cry about underage marriage… We have to understand that mature boys and girls if left unmarried for too long can become a source of moral destruction for society.”

This woman is the daughter of Sufi Muhamamad, the imprisoned chief of the banned Tehreek Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Muhammad (TNSM) described in the Guardian as “a radical cleric considered to be the political godfather of Taliban groups in the Swat region of Pakistan.”

We also gain insight that in her relationship with Fazlullah and learn there is some flexibility in gender roles with the TTP leader not averse to helping out with household chores though he takes a firm stance on religious matters. She states,

“At the time of marriage my age was fourteen years only. Soon after marriage we moved to a small house near my father’s madrassa. I had no cooking experience before and did not know how to manage house chores. Also my father requested Ameer sahib to make sure that I finish my religious education. Ameer sahib never got angry at me for not cooking or properly cleaning the house, on the other hand he tried his best to do house chores, he used to do cooking, washing and cleaning and never burdened me with his demands. Ameer sahib never tolerated any laziness when it comes to matters of deen, for instance if my prayers without any reason ever got late he used to be very angry at me. He was my religious teacher as well and made me work hard.”

Sufi Muhammad the imprisoned chief of the banned Tehreek Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Muhammad (TNSM) image via Express Tribune

On the subject of her father she is asked “It is so sad that such a preacher is behind bars for so many years. What is his sin?” and replies,

“So true! This is nothing else more than the disregard of a pious preacher, a brother of Hazrat Muhammed sws, a man who cares for his ummah and wants best system for his people and that is the system of Khilafah. He never lifted up a gun, never organised an istashhadi operation. But just continued the movement of implementation of system of Khilafah through preaching. Then what was my respected father’s crime that he has been behind bars for more than fifteen long years? Well his crime is that he calls for “implementation of sharia law” and this call annoys the generals and politicians of Pakistan.”

The wife of Fazlullah is asked, “What was Ameer sahib’s attitude towards women? She replies,

“In Swat valley due to Ameer sahib’s efforts there were huge number of women who repented and came back to practising Islam. There were women from every walk of life. There were doctors, nurses, engineers, school teachers, businesswomen. Educated women especially used to understand Ameer sahib’s dawah and gave good response. They in turn went and spread the message of Islam in their work places and homes. Most of them were working without observing proper parda. They Alhamdulillah gave up life of sin and Allah gave them respect and all the blessings of this world. Moreover, most of them did hijra and jihad for sake of Allah.”

She also discusses a women’s madrassa in Swat and the imprisonment and death of her mother -in-law allegedly at the hands of the Pakistan army.

Come let’s do jihad with little Omar Mujahid covers the story of a 6 year old boy studying at a madrassa and TTP training area. There is a narrative about his brother’s death in a martyrdom operation,

“Baba, I will inshAllah one day make a big gun by which I will gun down drones and inshAllah one day like brother Osama I will become a martyr. Baba and mum felt very happy and hugged me and made dua for me. So you see my friends! What a great mujahid was my brother Osama. You all should also work hard in school and madrassa. Do regular exercise so you can become strong and fight kuffar to make this world a peaceful place to live.”

The reality is that many young children do see their fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbours killed in military operations and grow up learning to live with loss, radicalized in their thinking by their experience and trained from an early age to become the next generation of fighters. A cycle which seems to have no end.

Sunnat -e-Khaula also provides guidance on women that are unable to do hijra, as follows…

If it seems impossible for you sisters to do hijra then do not worry it is from the plans of Allah Almighty. For a believer there is good in everything from Allah. Sister, you can perform following tasks:


1- Help to publish and distribute jihadi



2- Jihad by pen. Write essays support-

ing cause of jihad.


3- Organize religious gatherings at

home. Try to preach right aqeeda/ belief

, true meaning of tauheed, emphasise



on the necessity of leading life as per

dictated by Quran and Sunnah. Invite

them to ponder on Quran and Sunnah

and preach the necessity of struggling

to implement law of sharia in Pakistan

and all around the world.


4- Organize secret gatherings at home

and invite like-minded jihadi sisters. Dis-

tribute literature reflecting on the obliga-

tion of jihad, arrange physical training

classes for sisters. Learn how to oper-

ate simple weapons. Learn the use of



5- Very cautiously preach your fam-

ily members the obligation, the duty on

every muslim to struggle to implement

law of sharia. Explain them what is ji-

had and its obligation. Enlighten on the

aqeeda of Al wala wal bara, tell them

who is taghoot, why it is obligatory on

every muslim to fight taghoot.


6- Create public awareness about the

oppression of political rulers and gener-

als. Support mujahideen to fight off op-



7- Help the cause of jihad with money.

Provoke like-minded people to support

jihad by money.


8- Support mujahideen in their secret

hide outs away from cities. Take food

for them, help to transport weapons, fi-

dayee jackets and other requirements.

Arrange to keep weapons, money, oth-

er devices at a safe place and when

needed be able to transport them to the



9- In case of danger of attack by army




or police on a specific jihadi centre im-

mediately inform mujahideen.


10- To plan martyrdom operations, help

mujahideen. Provide them with the secu-

rity information of army and government

institutions, hide their weapons, provide

them with money. Also, point out to them

the possible men, women and institutions

to be attacked.


More than anything, sisters I ask you to

prepare yourself practically for jihad fol-

lowing the footsteps of Hazrat Khaula,

Hazrat Ummay Ammara. Train yourself

in weapon handling, self-defence. Make

sure you keep a pistol and grenade in



The Telegraph reports, “the magazine represents an attempt by Taliban to ‘grab attention’ again says Imtiaz Gul of the Centre Research and Security Studies, after a draining series of defeats on the battlefield…… The Pakistani military has driven the Taliban out of many of its strongholds in northwestern tribal areas, as part of a ferocious campaign that followed the jihadists’2014 attack on an army school in Peshawar which killed 144 children and teachers.” The attack was shocking, brutal and horrified people around the world. Alongside this, many more children have been killed through western wars (the War on Terror) bombings in Iraq and Syria, famine such as in Yemen, and drone strikes globally including in Pakistan, Afghanistan… the number seems immeasurable?

The publication although seen by many as a propaganda tool gives insight into the lives and thinking of the women within TTP. It shows educated women with choices in life not in a passive role but determining the course of their own lives. Online radicalization has a part to play in recruiting females to insurgent groups but there is a danger in over simplistic explanations and this does not necessarily examine the elements of western life that turn women away from the so called “freedoms” granted by democracy which may not be perceived as freedoms at all.

This will no doubt chill governments and anti-terrorism organizations whose job is made easier through promoting a narrative of oppressed women totally under the thumbs of men that have no say in their future. Media is swamped with the story of one young woman, Malala, the narrative suits western governments, some make a living out of Malala stories, books, documentaries but we are often not permitted to learn about the lives of other women that have chosen a very different path whose stories are carefully censored. Denial of these voices equates to a refusal to address the factors which help drive young women away from a life of relative comfort and material gain to a life of often physical hardship living in areas of conflict but a perceived spiritual freedom and an active not passive role in jihad.


Pakistan Taliban TTP Dr Umme-e-Muhammad joins the polio debate and my response to her concerns

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Islamic Emirate: Statement of Islamic Emirate Regarding Assertions of the Deputy Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Kabul

Post via Islamic Emirate

7th August 2017

Saudi Arabia is our brotherly Islamic country and is considered center of the Islamic world for having Islamic Holy sites. They had good relations with us during the reign of the Islamic Emirate, and was one of the countries which had recognized the Islamic Emirate.
Currently, as the foreign forces led by America have occupied Afghanistan and the Afghan Muslim people under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate are struggling for independence of the country and establishment of a system based on Islamic beliefs, therefore, we expect Saudi Arabia to play a positive role in ending the occupation and resolution of the Afghan issue in this critical phase of the history of our country.
The aim of the very presence of Political Office of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar is to explore political solution for the Afghan issue. The leadership of the Islamic Emirate has assigned the Office with the said purpose which in itself shows commitment of the Islamic Emirate for a peaceful solution. The Political Office has made its effort for this same purpose and will specifically continue to do so.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

15/11/1438 Hijri Lunar

16/05/1396 Hijri Solar                    07/08/2017 Gregorian

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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Islamic Emirate: War crimes of brutal foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces (July 2017)

Post via Islamic Emirate

August 5th 2017

On Monday 4th July, a civilian countryman was martyred and another one was wounded in the indiscriminate firing of internal amateurish soldiers in ‘Dadu Kala’ area of ‘Qara Bagh’ district in ‘Ghazni’ province.

On Monday 10th July, seven civilian men and four women were martyred while their houses were demolished in the blind bombing of savage foreign occupying forces in the outskirts of ‘Tarin Kot’ city, the center of ‘Uruzgan’ province.

On Tuesday 11th July, media reported that eight innocent civilians were ruthlessly martyred and thirteen others were injured by the stooge internal soldiers in ‘Batu’ village of ‘Darzaab’ district in ‘Jowzjan’ province. According to the local people, the mercenary soldiers opened indiscriminate fire on women, children and whosoever come across them.

On Tuesday 11th July, two civilian countrymen were martyred and six others were injured in the random mortar shelling of internal amateurish forces in ‘Michi’ and ‘Sarbi’ areas of ‘Sabari’ district in ‘Khost’ province.

On Wednesday 12th July, media reported that four women were martyred while another one was badly wounded when a civilian house was hit in the indiscriminate bombing of brutal foreign invaders in ‘Mehr Abad’ area of ‘Tarin Kot’ city, the center of ‘Uruzgan’ province.

On Thursday 13th July, nine innocent countrymen were relentlessly martyred while twenty five others were wounded in a brutal night raid of savage foreign invaders in collaboration with their internal mercenary forces in ‘Loar Darvaishan’ area in the outskirts of ‘Tarin Kot’ city, the capital of ‘Uruzgan’ province.

On Friday 14th July, three persons of one family were martyred and two children were injured by the local mercenary forces in ‘Barogi’ village of ‘Sarkano’ district in ‘Kunar’ province. In a separate incident, an ordinary women, named ‘Kashmala’ and two of her children were wounded by the stooge soldiers in the same area.

On Saturday 15th July, a local school was demolished in the indiscriminate bombing of savage foreign invaders near ‘Pamir Hotel’ in the center of ‘Kunduz’ province. Similarly, in another incident, houses of civilian people were targeted and bombed in ‘Urtablaqi’ and ‘Doblola’ areas of this city, in which, heavy financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the local people.

On Sunday 16th July, an innocent man was martyred while a woman was injured in the random mortar shelling of local amateurish forces in ‘Khoga Khail’ area of ‘Ajristan’ district in ‘Daikundi’ province.

On Monday 17th July, two civilian countrymen were martyred while five others were injured in the random artillery shelling of local mercenary forces in ‘Khoja’ area of ‘Badghis’ province.

On Monday 17th July, three women were martyred in the indiscriminate mortar shelling of local stooge forces in ‘Muta Khan’ area of ‘Giru’ district in ‘Ghazni’ province.

On Sunday 23rd July, eight innocent villagers were ruthlessly martyred by the savage foreign occupying forces during a night raid in ‘Shahabuddin Abdara’ area of ‘Narkh’ district in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province.

On Monday 24th July, forty innocent countrymen were martyred and wounded when a praying ceremony for a dead was indiscriminately bombed by the brutal foreign occupying forces in ‘Haska Maina’ area of ‘Nangarhar’ province.

On Tuesday 25th July, an innocent civilian was tied behind a military tank, dragged and thus ruthlessly martyred by the savage local forces in ‘Kohseen’ area of ‘Said Karam’ district in ‘Paktia’ province.

On Tuesday 25th July, six civilian countrymen were martyred and wounded in the blind bombing and artillery shelling of internal mercenary forces in the outskirts of ‘Khan Abad’ district in ‘Kunduz’ province.

On Tuesday 25th July, an ordinary villager, while irrigating his fields, was relentlessly martyred and another was wounded by the local stooge forces in ‘Zimini’ area of ‘Jalraize’ district in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province.

On Wednesday 26th July, a civilian countryman was martyred and a woman was injured in the random heavy-weapon firing of local amateurish forces in ‘Sarband’ and ‘Band-i-Barq’ areas of ‘Grishk’ district in ‘Helmand’ province.

On Thursday 27th July, an innocent villager was martyred and a student was injured by the local stooge forces in the suburbs of ‘Said Karam’ district in ‘Paktia’ province.

On Friday 28th July, six civilian people were martyred and wounded in the random artillery shelling of local amateurish forces in ‘Ghoremach’ district of ‘Badghis’ province.

On Saturday 29th July, three innocent civilian countrymen were martyred while three others were wounded by the local mercenary forces in ‘Farah Road’ district of ‘Farah’ province.

In July, the London based ‘Mail Online’ and ‘Sunday Mail’ newspapers published a report while quoting a former officer of the British Royal Forces that after killing the civilian people in different parts of Afghanistan, the foreign occupying forces usually claimed them as Taliban fighters after putting their weapons on their chests.

Sources: (BBC, Radio Liberty, The Afghan Islamic News Agency; Pajhwok, Khabaryal, Larawbar, Nunn.Asia and Benawa websites.)


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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