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Pakistan: Human rights campaigners protest Protection of Pakistan Ordinance, “a black law”

    Amina Masood Janjua protests the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance legislation Earlier this week I noted a message from Amina Masood Janjua (Defence of Human Rights, DHR) whose husband Masood is one of the many cases of “enforced disappearances” … Continue reading

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Pakistan, terrorism and torture: How I was radicalized by the state

              Mohammad Yahiya shares his personal experience of state terrorism and torture in this article Introduction, state terrorism and torture  If Pakistan is to address terrorism on its soil, the government must first look at … Continue reading

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The Afghan child “suicide” bomber and 8 year old Yemeni drone “spy”: Whose “truth” and whose “propaganda”?

    Spozhmay (alleged child “suicide” bomber) and Barq (alleged child drone “spy”) Last week the Daily Mail ran a story about a child being recruited as a “suicide bomber” entitled “eight year old captured as she attempted to detonate suicide … Continue reading

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Afghan Taliban share “Zabareen’s” thought provoking piece “A dangerous prisoner” …

Posted on Jan 11th 2014, a day where protesters worldwide mark the 12th anniversary of the inhumane Guantanamo detention centre calling for closure and we remember those abused at Bagram jail, Afghanistan The prisoner, who was hand cuffed and leg … Continue reading

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Grayson on Guantanamo: Free Shaker, Tariq and Emad, protests, links and 12th anniversary video

    Shaker Aamer held for 12 years, never been tried, never been convicted and Tariq Ba Odah, in his 13th year at Guantanamo without charge, cleared in 2009, hunger striking for freedom London Protest MEDIA RELEASE: London Activists (London … Continue reading

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Waziristan: Tribal people caught between drones, Pakistan army and insurgency

Guest post by Pakistani journalist Gohar Mehsud     Drone strikes from the US and assaults on civilians from the military Due to the endless fight amongst foreign, local militants, Pakistan Army and U.S. predator drones, every aspect of life … Continue reading

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Human rights activist in Yemen receives death threat for investigating drone attack

Reprieve Press release 10th January 2014 Baraa Shiban, an investigator in Yemen for human rights charity Reprieve, received an anonymous death threat yesterday (Thursday) relating to his investigation of a US drone strike which killed 12 wedding guests and injured … Continue reading

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The schoolboy and the cop: Pakistan needs an injection of honesty to address violence

    Schoolboy Aitziz Hasan (age 15) and Karachi cop Chaudhry Aslam Khan Try to write honestly about violence in Pakistan and the accusations of being some “foreign agent” come flying. This is somewhat hilarious given that two of my family … Continue reading

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PTSD: From pain to purpose, US veterans Hart and Ethan speak out

    The music of Hart, “The last day” I don’t claim to be any expert on rap music but seeing a photo of Snoop Dog in a smart jacket at the White House in the company of Obama was … Continue reading

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Drones: US investigates wedding drone strike in response to Reprieve evidence

Press release from Reprieve Wednesday Jan 8th 2014 In response to evidence uncovered by human rights charity Reprieve, the US government will investigate a 2013 drone strike on a Yemeni wedding party that killed 12 civilians and injured 14. The … Continue reading

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