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Doctors and Drones 2014: Interview with Tomasz Pierscionek on the updated Medact Report

       Dr Tomasz Pierscionek co author of Medact report Drones: The Physical and Psychological implications of a Global Theatre of War. 1) Can you introduce yourself and give the reader a little of your background? My name is Tomasz … Continue reading

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Censored article: Time for a complete withdrawal in Afghanistan, we should never have invaded in the first place

     Anti-war protestors in the west and below my anti-war article which was banned in Afghanistan for being “too inflammatory”… my answer, “war is inflammatory”! Ask ten different people on the street “why are we in Afghanistan” and you … Continue reading

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2014, Activists and Afghan Taliban slate Guantanamo and did US attempt to drone Bowe Bergdahl?

       “If they (US officials) fail to take timely action then we warn them about its harsh retaliatory consequences” (Islamic Emirate)  Back in 2013 a number of human rights activists including myself joined a solidarity hunger strike with … Continue reading

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