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Islamic State claim Bardo museum attack and Saana “two temples” assault in latest Dabiq publication

Islamic State (IS) has published its latest magazine Dabiq no 8 (March 2015). There is further verification that Islamic State were likely responsible for the attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunisia and the attack on “two temples” in Saana, … Continue reading

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John Cantlie: Paradigm shift (written from Islamic State, Dabiq publication)

After all the gnashing of teeth in September, there appears now a grudging acceptance by many Western politicians that the Islamic State is different to anything they’ve seen before. Their response, by necessity, has to be different too. Firstly, a … Continue reading

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Pakistan government shames itself over Israeli drone connection… no friend to Gazans

“Abraham Karem (trained at Israeli Aircraft Industries) built his Albatross drone in the early 1980s. From that modest creation would evolve today’s Predator drone.” (Earth Imaging Journal) Last year July 2014, Mansoor Jaffar a  senior journalist for Al Arabiya wrote a … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Remarks of spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding the destruction of around 1500 homes by enemy in Sangin

After suffering heavy casualties and humiliating defeats in the fierce counter attacks of Mujahideen during the ongoing futile ‘Zulfiqar’ operation in Helmand province’s Sangin district, the enemy troops began systematically targeting civilians in retaliation. During the destructive operations over past … Continue reading

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Syria, Idlib: Flags destroyed and Assad defaced as rebel groups take control of the city

  Ba’ath party building in newly liberated Idlib (Via HadiAlaballah) The city of Idlib in north-western Syria has allegedly been liberated from government forces according to monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Rebel groups have been fighting for … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning US announcement of maintaining troops

  The American president Obama announced yesterday that he shall maintain all of his invading troops inside Afghanistan throughout the year 2015 to protect his stooges, to kill and oppress the Afghans and to prolong the occupation of this country. This … Continue reading

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Penrose Inquiry: “Contaminated Blood”, biological terrorism and cover-up under a failed western democracy

Enraged protesters burn the Penrose Report The Penrose Inquiry, the public inquiry into the circumstances in which patients treated by the NHS in Scotland became infected with Hepatitis C, HIV, or both, through the use of blood or blood products … Continue reading

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