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Pakistan Taliban statement on propaganda of media

Propaganda of Media (released 30th April, 2014) In the name of Allah, the most Merciful Dear Brothers !  Honourful Sisters & Mothers From the Past few days, Indeed, Muslims are worried and their hearts are very upset about the news … Continue reading

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Pakistan Taliban issue statement “provoked” by the state’s mistreatment of families of missing persons

Mohmand Taliban state treatment of families of missing persons “not a good sign for peace in the region” The issue of “missing persons” in Pakistan and role of intelligence agencies is causing anger among the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) and could threaten … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Tear gassed, baton charged and detained for peaceful protest on missing persons

  Police rough handling of peaceful protesters for missing persons The day started out with hope as ever with Amina Masood Janjua, Defence of Human Rights (DHR) rallying the relatives of “missing persons” in Pakistan. Amina’s own husband was “disappeared” … Continue reading

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Salman Zafar founder of The Word Theatre on the Jewish community in Pakistan

“The Israel-Palestine conflict has played a major role in developing a very anti-Judaism sentiment in Pakistan” … Salman Zafar Recently, I received an invitation along with a number of other writers on Twitter to submit a one off blog for … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s shame: Missing persons at epidemic proportions, campaigners call for urgent action

Amina Masood Janjua campaigns from a wheelchair, the stress of missing loved ones is taking its toll on the families Amina Masood Janjua at Defence of Human Rights (DHR) Pakistan expressed her disillusionment once again at the failure of the … Continue reading

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Censorship double standards: State terrorism websites v insurgent websites

  Should CIA website be banned? This organization promotes drone strikes which radicalize youth, and is alleged to be implicated in torture and thousands of killings worldwide . I am not someone that ever wishes to promote violence however I do believe in reporting … Continue reading

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Drones: Yemeni families launch National Organization for Drone Victims (NODV)

       Families of drone victims launch NODV to the international press On April 1st 2014, bereaved families who lost relatives to US drone strikes in Yemen launched the National Organization for Drone Victims (NODV) with the aim of supporting … Continue reading

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Recruiting for a martyr (guest blog)

  Join us…  I once encountered some people who tried to recruit me for terrorism. They told me that I need to go and fight against ‘our’ enemies and those that support them. I said that I do not want to … Continue reading

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