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Masood my loving husband, “disappeared” in Pakistan (9th anniversary appeal for justice)

  ( My hearts voice on the 9th abduction anniversary of Masood Ahmed Janjua –an innocent victim of the war on terror- an illegal secret detainee in Pakistan ) Masood Ahmad Janjua , a famous businessman and educator of Rawalpindi … Continue reading

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“Holocaust” not exclusively Jewish… we must remember haemophilia holocaust and others

         Gaza, a modern day holocaust? It has long been a concern of mine that the word “holocaust” is viewed by many as a term that can only be used in association with the terrible atrocities perpetrated … Continue reading

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Eid: Little to celebrate today…… 3 voices on Gaza, poignancy and poetry

  Eid Message  The Eid came to the Muslims around the world; it came to make people happy and draw a smile on children’s faces. The Eid went in the streets of Gaza, one after another, the children have disappeared, … Continue reading

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Climbing High: Samina Baig first Pakistani woman to achieve “seven highest peaks” challenge

        Raising the Pakistan flag in celebration (left, photo from Ben Jones) and in traditional attire (right, from Samina’s Facebook page) What a woman! Samina Baig (23) from Shimshal, Hunza valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan has once again made the … Continue reading

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Israel slates Gaza for fighting back but why the double standards on “resistance”?

                 Hamas fighter, Gaza 2014 (left, from Chris Hughes, Daily Mirror) and Jewish Resistance fighter, France 1944 (right, WW2 website)  The Palestinians of Gaza considers themselves to be living within “occupied territory” a fact recognized by United Nations Human Rights … Continue reading

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Gaza hospitals continue to be attacked in alleged Israeli “war crimes”

The only hospital in the central Gaza Strip was struck by Israeli tanks in Deir al-Balah on July 21, 2014.          Photographs Shady Alassar Middle East Eye reported the following, “The al-Aqsa hospital in central Gaza was hit at around … Continue reading

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Gaza genocide: Urgent plea from Dr Mads Gilbert (Shifa hospital)

         Dr Mads 2008 (left) and child with horrific head injuries 2014 (right) Dearest Friends, The last night was extreme. The “ground” invasion” of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart bleeding, shivering – … Continue reading

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Diego Garcia, contaminated blood or paedophilia: Brit govt extraordinary incompetence over file keeping or cover-up?

Repeated evidence of shredded, damaged and missing government records Civil servants working in government offices have gross deficiencies when it comes to keeping important files safe. This level of extraordinary incompetence which seems to be common practice would ensure that most ordinary … Continue reading

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