Contaminated Blood: The bleeding truth…open letter to Jason Evans regarding government cover -up


My late husband Pete part of the “Haemophilia Holocaust” those given infected blood products HIV/HCV often from tortured US prisoners on the NHS (photo for Newcastle media)

Jason, FYI


This is not an unsolicited e-mail it is in response to your previous emails asking questions. Feel free to show this to your solicitor as documents you refer to are from my husband’s legal case not just any old documents.


(You think this is a big cover-up… believe me… you don’t know the half!)


The documents you refer to from National Archives are NOT NEW. Government wrote to me repeatedly confirming a junior civil servant inadvertently destroyed their own. When they wrote the 2006 report they were sometimes relying on our media reports and what we released there… you couldn’t make it up! The documents formed part of my late husband’s litigation files (and documents he was NEVER shown at the time) and its very distressing to hear you say they are new when Pete and I have fought as long and hard as anyone for justice and used them wherever we could. Getting people to act on them is another matter!


Why do you think I wrote my dissertation challenging the FALSE government narrative? Again BLOCKED! Why do you think Colette and I worked with Jeff (Haemophilia Society) to persuade him to challenge govt narrative in the recent press release, Jeff didn’t have a lot of the information, Society documents were destroyed. Check this archived link explaining the dissertation.

Michael Young Prize winner 2009: Tackling the blood trade (ESRC Issue 4 2009)


These are the SAME documents now being released from the National Archives in batches. I discovered them in a solicitor’s office in 2006 and fought to preserve them. They were meant to be destroyed after 1991 but I rescued them. However the solicitor who was assisting me, said he had to notify government. When we wrote, they demanded them back. I fought to have them put in a neutral place but the solicitor said we had no choice and at that time although I approached the Haemophilia Society to intervene, they would not help me. There were many boxes. They were returned as part of a written agreement that they be released… these are the same documents released under the National Archives in batches. I was supposed to be informed with each release but they have gone back on their word… many were submitted to the Archer Inquiry as I tried to photocopy what I could in a short space of time and give them to solicitors who largely ignored the content. Some also went up to Penrose… neither Inquiry had a remit to find negligence, I testified not once but twice at Archer Inquiry and my written submission includes discovery of these documents, Penrose BLOCKED me from giving evidence and as Dan will confirm I have been furious over this and wrote about my being blocked to several people.


I went to media and return of documents is highlighted here in the Guardian and in the Newcastle Journal which has around 70 articles but only some remain online… however in my CRATES of evidence are hard copies of all. An inquiry would show exactly who we approached for help and when but we have been blocked all the way and at the time of my releasing information, many of my own community would not listen. Ask yourself why there is so little reference to my work on other sites, yet you will be shocked when you see the extent of the media we generated since 1994 which I have been trying to put in one archive.


Copies of lost ‘blood row’ papers found


I have no intention of being misused by media. If they want to use my husband’s litigation documents, they should bloody well listen to the background and reference how they were sourced as should any decent person!


I have recently written to government to ask why these documents are being released without reference to how they were discovered and their source which is part of the agreement. You have no idea of the efforts to get different legal firms to take these documents seriously but as Colette (Wintle) will confirm it has almost killed me in the process. Unfortunately legal representation has been dire with no less than 3 official complaints to the OSS 3 upheld and one solicitor struck off. I was writing my responses to OSS the WEEK of my husband’s funeral. My trust in people is extremely low due to my horrendous experiences over the years.


As Dan will confirm a board member of the Haemophilia Society blocked having my dissertation online even though it was awarded by the highest research body in the land in the name of a politician and the award ceremony was attended by Chris James, (Haemophilia Society) Sue Watts (Newsnight) Martin Harvey (MacFarlane Trust) and Colette… I also have a US award “for upholding truth and justice” and all the US contacts that others now have on their friends originate from me… as I have worked with these folks since the 90s and went to the US to meet many after my husband died as well as going to assist haemophiliacs in China and doing online work to assist haemophiliacs in India, Pakistan and Gaza Strip.


I did not have to do any of this, I am not a paid worker but a widow and many of our community have stayed silent over the years protecting their privacy whilst letting others take the flack for decades, costing me a lot of money as unlike other groups Haemophilia Action UK was not funded like some others. In the 90s there were only a handful of people campaigning… we campaigned alone for one year on hepatitis C arguing with the Haemophilia Society to campaign on this serious issue which they eventually took up in 1995 campaigning for a “hardship fund” while we campaigned for compensation. I have kept a document of all our campaign work over the years with dates. Much of what others use now was initiated by our group.


You also may not be aware that the 3 of the longest Standing campaigners Colette, Pete Mossman (who founded Manor House) and I were deliberately excluded from the meeting with the DOH mediator prior to the Consultation. Why … because we know too much. We objected to the Consultation in writing from day one refusing to participate and in protest at our exclusion have not signed the Haemophilia Society letter, we asked Jeff, that our objections be included but they have not been.


Over the years we have been to the GMC re testing without permission which I uncovered… BLOCKED. To the police over gross safety violations… BLOCKED by CPS… numerous firms of solicitors BLOCKED, complaints upheld. It was my husband who legally challenged the hepatitis waiver in the HIV litigation getting an opinion which was to bring about Skipton. He also went to court over Recombinant to push for safe treatment for all and was on treatment strike until his death to keep up the pressure. All of this is documented in our many media articles… which as I say you won’t find on the Timelines of other groups. It was documents sourced  by Colette Wintle and I that were the evidence from 2004 which won the JR Andrew March… “parity with Eire” was a phrase and initiative which I started in the 90s. All of this evidence will be presented at any worthwhile inquiry!


I wrote to Andy Burnham whilst he was Sec State for Health IGNORED. When he left office I wrote threatening to take him to court and he finally responded within a week… if only he had listened to me earlier when in post!



Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.


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Blogging for Humanity.... Campaigner/researcher global health/human rights/drones/WOT/insurgency Exec Producer of Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad, currently filming on drones.
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