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From the day the terror spreading imperialist country, America, and her reluctant allies launched the unjustified and futile invasion of our beloved homeland Afghanistan, from that date our oppressed but valiant countrymen have been facing terrible sufferings. The reign of terror by America and her allies has been ongoing on a daily basis, pushing the world into a state of carnage not yet witnessed in history.

The Islamic Emirate has founded an independent organ under the name of Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints tasked with collecting documented incidents of civilian casualties caused during the American barbarism, searching for ways of its prevention and presenting the world with reports of American savagery against the defenseless Afghans founded on solid evidence.

Just as the mentioned department has published quarterly civilian casualty reports, it similarly presents its annual report on civilian casualties for the year 2016 in accordance with the guidince of the leader of Islamic Emirate.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints has documented a total of 692 incidents of civilian casualties during the year 2016 resulting in death and injury to 5232 civilians.

Out of the total 692 incidents, 485 or 71.10% of incidents are attributed to the Americans and the stooge administration, 121 or 17.48% of incidents to Daesh, unidentified gunmen and infighting among locals due to disputes while 86 or 12.42% of incidents are attributed to the Mujahideen.

A total of 2004 civilian countrymen (1540 male, 206 female and 258 children) have died during the year 2016 among which 1504 (76.84%) have been martyred at the hands of America and the stooge administration, 380 (18.96%) at the hands of Daesh and unidentified gunmen and 120 (5.98%) inadvertently in the attacks of Mujahideen.

A total of 3228 civilian countrymen (2481 male, 145 female and 302 children) have also been injured in the year 2016 among which 2332 (72.24%) have been injured at the hands of America and the stooge administration, 747 (23.14%) at the hands of Daesh and unidentified gunmen and 149 (4.61%) inadvertently in the attacks of Mujahideen.

It must be reminded that in the incidents where the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have been indicted, the Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints has carried out a comprehensive investigation, forwarded the cases of perpetrators to the Military Courts for a verdict and punished those found guilty in accordance with the decree and in light of Shariah. It has similarly met with the family of victims for the purposes of peace and reconciliation.

We must not fail to mention that Commission for Hearing Complaints was recently integrated into the Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties. The Commission for Hearing Complaints was tasked, in accordance with the issued guidelines, to hear the claims of anyone against the Mujahideen (be they low rank or high rank) without any hindrance and to resolve the problem as quickly as possible in the light of Shariah. To this date this commission has heard a number of complaints of locals throughout the country and taken all necessary steps for a resolution.

The guidelines of this commission state that even if a high-ranking member Islamic Emirate is found guilty following the registration of a complaint against him , he will be dealt with as an ordinary individual. And the Commission has dealt with several such cases so far.

As far as civilian casualty figures are concerned – of the total 692 incidents – most have been carried out by foreign forces and their internal mercenaries or those associated with Daesh, and we have documented proof for all these incidents. We would like to share several shocking and deliberate acts by the American and forces associated with them as examples which have also been accepted by them.

American forces kill 13 civilians in Paktika


On this date the supposed National Army and National Police forces accompanied by American troops carried out a raid on Minari village of Khushamand district in Paktika province, carrying out a search operation of most homes during which valuables and cash was stolen and the locals beaten.

The governor of this district as appointed by the stooge Kabul administration – Gula Khan Afghan – said the local elders told him that following the beating and torture of civilians, the American forces carried out a drone strike on the home of Doctor Wreshmeen which resulted in the death of 13 civilians including Dr. Wreshmen and his four children. The stooge regime’s police chief for Paktika Commander Khalil-ullah Ziayyi also confirmed that 13 civilians were killed in the raid and airstrike.

The locals say that there is no complaining from the Americans (as this is their routine) however the supposed national police and army troops also took part in the beatings and stole their valuables.


ANA helicopters bomb civilian compounds in Kunduz resulting in injuries to 16


Journalists of independent news outlets report from Kunduz that heavy clashes took place between Mujahideen and commando forces in Dahna Qushlaq area. The commando forces wanted to break the siege of Imam Sahib district and push Taliban from Dahna Qushlaq area however they failed and lost 6 troops (3 dead and 3 injured) whereas the Taliban confirmed the martyrdom of 1 Mujahid.

After the commando forces withdrew from Dahna Qushlaq, the area was bombed by helicopters of the Defense Ministry resulting in the destruction of several homes and injuries to 16 civilians.


American forces kill 6, injure 4 in Nangarhar


6 civilians were killed (Muhammad Zameen and Niyazameen sons of Nazar Mir; Suhbat Khan and Mamond sons of Shali; Fawad s/o Sohbat Khan and Muhammad Ayyub s/o Sultan Mir) and 4 injured in a missile strike of American forces in Bandar area of Achin district, Nangarhar.

Nangarhar Provincial Council member and tribal elder Muhammad Ali Bandar says that American forces in Nangarhar have recently begun cruise missile strikes of militants which mostly result in death of civilians.

Nangarhar officials corroborate reports that American forces have begun using cruise missiles against opposition forces.


Foreign forces kill 4 brothers during Nangarhar raid


Foreign forces accompanied by Afghan troops carried out a night raid on a home in Sangar Srai area of Kama district in Nangarhar province, killing 4 brothers in the process and kidnapping several villagers.


Massacre in Kunduz

03/02/1438 Hijri Lunar

Official of the Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties reports from Kunduz that 36 were martyred by foreign forces airstrike in Buz Kandahari area of the provincial capital. The dead include 6 white bearded elders, 5 elderly women and 21 other women, children and young men. The airstrike also wounded over 50 including women and children and destroyed 50 homes.


Incident in Faryab

04/06/1438 Hijri Lunar

Official of the Department for Prevention fo Civilian Casualties reports from Faryan that Kabul administration army forces shelled a wedding party with mortars from their base in Qala Kosa area of Jumma Bazaar (Khwaja Sabz Posh) district, leaving 12 civilians including 5 women and children martyred and 13 others wounded.

It must be mentioned that Mujahideen had no presence in the area and the stated outpost was informed beforehand about the planned wedding party taking place.


Massacre in Uruzgan


35 civilians including elders and children were martyred and many others wounded at 09:00 am in the morning when foreign forces carried out an airstrike on an outpost that surrendered to Mujahideen in Darweishan area of Uruzgan capital Tarinkot.

This crime happened when civilians had gathered inside the outpost to salvage metal and other useful parts after all the base troops had surrendered with all their equipment to the Mujahideen.


War Crime in Faryab

18/01/1438 Hijri Lunar

Official of the Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties reports from Faryab that Gelum Jum militias of Kabul administration’s second vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum set fire to around 80 homes in Kunjak area of Chilgazi district.

The incident happened after the homes were looted, forcing the residents to take refuge close to a mountain where they are living in makeshift homes and suffering harsh living conditions including the battling the cold weather.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Department for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints



Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad . She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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