Pakistan: TTP JA claim responsibility for bombing of Mohmand mosque during Friday prayers


Aftermath of bombing on Mohmand mosque (Image via Radio Pakistan)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (TTP JA) claimed responsibility for bombing a mosque in Tehsil Anhar Mohmand Agency during Friday prayers. The attacker detonated explosives which killed 24 people and left 31 injured.

DAWN media reported,

“The bombing took place in the village of Butmaina in the Mohmand tribal district bordering Afghanistan, where the army has been fighting against Taliban militants.

Akbar said that the bomber came in as Friday prayers were in progress and blew himself up in the main hall. A curfew was later imposed in the area.”

See article below for full story,

“At least 24 killed in suicide blast at Mohmand Agency mosque during Friday prayers”

Jan Achakzai, journalist and politician from PML-N  tweeted,

Mohmand Agency-Mosque blast claimed 23 lives. Media focused on local politics of Karachi. Travesty of priorities.

Radio Pakistan reported that the injured were moved to hospitals in Mohmand, Bajour and Peshawar to be treated.


Ehsanullah Ehsan Spokesperson TTP JA

TTP JA claim of responsibility

Today, in the Tehsil Anhar of Mohmand Agency, a suicide bomber from Jamaat al Ahrar attacked the so called peace lashkar. Note that in Tehsil Anhar the so called peace lashkar in 2009 had martyred our 13 mujahideen and had arrested a number of mujahideen from Swat and Bajur areas and handed them over to government. We would like to send a message to the Lashkar from Tehsil Anhar and impure army to stop opposition to Islam and Jihad and not to take animosity with Mujahadeen, otherwise as per plan of “operation Al Raad” our fight is going to spread to include Lashkars.

Ehsanullah Ehsan

TTP (Jamaat ul Ahrar) Khilafat Aalmi Commission Tehreek Taliban Pakistan Jamaat Al Ahrar



Express Tribune reported a further incident in Mohmand Agency stating,

“On Thursday, a woman was killed in a hand grenade attack in Lower Mohmand Agency. An official of political administration said unidentified militants lobbed grenades and opened fire at the house of a pro-government tribal elder Malik Nasir Khan in Shah Alam Sali, Michni. As a result, a woman who was inside the house was killed. However, the militants fled the site after retaliatory fire from the neighbouring houses.”



“Pakistan TTP JA claim responsibility for attacks in Peshawar and Mardan”

“Balochistan: Both TTP JA and IS claim responsibility for blast killing dozens at a Quetta hospital”

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