Pakistan: Omar Khalid Khorasani (TTP JA) clarifies stance of the group in new statement


Omar Khalid Khorasani (Image TTP JA) 

My jihadi brothers, mothers, sisters and those young men who are facing cruelty of pakistani army and establishment…… Now a days, as the situation in the world is, fraud and deception is used to defeat the enemies..So like this, Pakistani intelligence agency ISI wants to make us the enemy of the whole world. And it wants to prove us Jamaat ul Ahrar as an international terrorist organization. The purpose of this is to ease the situation for them in pakistan and to make their enemy fight some other country (instead of Pakistan).


American defence ministry has recently included Jamaat ul Ahrar in the blacklist of international terrorism. So brothers! This is the fact that Pakistani ISI has used American intelligence against Pakistani Taliban many times in the past. ISI itself has attacked many foreigners and American targets and later tried to give proof against Taliban to the same country. ISI agents have come numerous times to us while pretending to be Taliban and promised us cooperation in attacking American targets. This has happened so many times. And they haven’t yet succeeded in that, Alhamdulillah.


And now in the scenario, where America has put Jamaat ul Ahrar in the blacklist…. so main shura of Jamaat ul Ahrar and its ulemaa have made clear its policy. And we reject all blames put on us by America.


As it is said that we are linked with Dawlat ul Islamia (Daesh) or Al qaeda. We strongly reject this claim and make it clear that we have no bayah or affiliation to any of these 2 organizations. Although mujahideen of Islamic State and Al qaeda and all the jihadi organizations in the world are our brothers…. But we had no relationship with them in the past and no relationship now.


It is also said in American report that Jamaat ul Ahrar is involved in attacks in europe…. this is also a lie and a deception of ISI. We have no involvement in any attack of Paris , Brussels, Europe. If there is any clear evidence for that, present it to us.


Third important thing is that Jamaat ul Ahrar doesn’t attack any country or its interests other than Pakistan. And we have no intentions of doing that. We are not terrorists on global level and we have no involvement in any militant activity on global level . We are only fighting in Pakistan and we have clear goals for that, which the world can clearly see. That pakistan was founded for islam. But establisHment has snatched this right away from us. So we have no option left other than fighting. We want our rights, We want to defend our brothers and every law in this world gives us that right. Likewise in FATA and Malakand area, we have legal right to impose the law of our own choice, but this right of ours has been taken away from us.


Islamic Emirate of afghanistan are our teachers and role models. We want to follow them in everything they do and we feel honoured by that. So we want to establish law of sharia, free the prisoners and to defend ourselves in the manner they do it.


One more important thing . It is repeatedly said that people of Deash and Al Qaeda are present in such and such area…. but this is wrong. Wherever Jamaat ul Ahrar muhajireen are present, there is no presence of Daesh or Al Qaeda in such areas. And this is the black propaganda of ISI and their Afghan agents. They want to portray us as a terrorist group. So that their enemy is beaten by someone else. We won’t ask America to take us out of blacklist, because American army has harmed us enough before .. even before they put us in blacklist…. to please ISI. Many of our brothers were killed by US. Many are still in US prisons and many are handed to pakistan. We don’t trust anyone but Allah. But we need to clarify our policy.


One more thing,  Pakistani ISI is spreading propaganda that we are taking aid from other country. That’s a clear lie, although we are allowed by sharia to do this but we don’t want anyone’s help other than Allah’s help. This is just an effort to put hate in people’s hearts against us but it wont be successful, inshaAllah.


One more thing, that we want to put the world’s attention on. Pakistani army is being cruel to prisoners in its own country. 1000s of people have disappeared from Balochistan and FATA and they are killed in fake encounters daily. No health facilities are available for them and no one is allowed to meet them. Pak army is violating every law in the world mercilessly and deceptively. World must do something about it.


We want to remind this again…that this is our policy and these are our rights and we will continue to fight until we take what is ours..


Omar Khalid Khorasani

TTP (Jamaat ul Ahrar)



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Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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