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(N.B. This article includes only those incidents, casualties and financial losses which were confirmed and announced by the enemy themselves. However, for the real amount of their losses and casualties, one is advised to visit ‘Alemara’ as well as various other reliable news sites.)

The closing month of 2015, was fraught with significant achievements for Mujahidin besides conquering and liberating vast areas from the stooge enemy. Just like previous months of this year, unanticipated financial losses and casualties were inflicted on foreign invading troops. Besides, the world community also witnessed those horrible incidents which were committed by the participants of national brutality regime. In the following lines, the above mentioned and some other important incidents are discussed under various captions:

Losses and casualties of foreign occupying enemy:

Though in the previous month of November, the foreign occupiers had not admitted any of their losses, but in December 2015, they acknowledged that six of their soldiers were killed in a successful Mujahidin’s attack. In this way, the number of foreign soldiers killed during the whole span of 2015 and confirmed by them, reaches to 27 persons, which is considered the lowest number of their casualties during last fourteen years of occupation of Afghanistan, with the exception of 2001.

At the end of year, the total number of foreign occupying forces killed inside Afghanistan reaches to 3512. Among them, 2378 were American soldiers, 455 were British soldiers and the remaining ones belonged to others foreign countries which are part and parcel of this malicious invading alliance.

Though the foreign occupying forces admitted that six of their soldiers were killed in Afghanistan; but the reality is that more than tens of foreign soldiers were killed in heavy fighting with Mujahidin in Helmand, Kabul and Parwan provinces.

Reports issued by the foreign invaders on Saturday 12th December, indicate that at least one American soldier was killed inside the capital city Kabul, and six other soldiers of the coalition forces were killed in ‘Bagram’ district of ‘Parwan’ province.

Some sources of the enemy say that only thirty four thousand (34,000) foreign soldiers were killed and wounded in Afghanistan in the whole span of last fourteen years. The fact is that these figures are too much lower than the real number of foreign invaders killed and wounded. The reports published in various media outlets explicitly show that the number of incapacitated soldiers exceeds tens of thousands who had returned to their respective countries. Most of these soldiers are suffering from serious psychological complications. The evidence is that a substantial number of them have already committed suicide.

Losses suffered by the stooge enemy:

On Wednesday 16th December, the American defence ministry announced that casualties and losses of mercenary Afghan forces had increased by twenty seven percent as compared to previous year; and Taliban are still a great menace for both foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenary soldiers.

During December, tens of stooge army soldiers and notorious Arbaki militiamen were killed in successful attacks of Mujahidin in various parts of the country. In the following lines, a handful incidents out of a heap is mentioned so that one could assess how weak and amateurish the mercenary army is.

On Saturday 12th December, governor of ‘Baraki Barak’ district was killed in Mujahidin’s attack.

On Tuesday 22nd December, a commander of mercenary police force was killed along with twelve other armed-men in ‘Sayyad’ district of ‘Saripul’ province.

Four days later, two officers of stooge army were killed in a sudden attack of Mujahidin in the east of Kabul city.

Similarly, a report, released on Wednesday 30th December, told that an Arbaki militiaman managed to escape safe and sound after killing his own group commander in ‘Almar’ district of ‘Faryab’ province.

The successful ‘Azm’ operations:

During the whole month of December, ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations were in full swing resulting in successive victories for Mujahidin throughout the country. In the following lines, some achievements in the wake of ‘Azm’ operations will be mentioned:

As various centres of the enemy were brought under severe attacks by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Helmand’ province, the provincial council warned that ‘Khanashin’ district of this province is on the verge of collapse.

On Tuesday 8th December, Mujahidin launched heavy and extensive attack on the above mentioned district, and on the following day, all military and civil organs of this district were under their control.

A few days later, on Saturday 12th December, ‘Marja’ district in ‘Helmand’ province also came under Mujahidin’s control. Besides heavy losses and casualties suffered by the enemy in these fighting, several vehicles, tanks and large amount of light and heavy weapons was confiscated by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. Just one day later, the provincial council of this area announced that after capturing ‘Marja’ district, Taliban are in a position to extend their control to other areas of this province.

On Thursday 17th December, Mujahidin managed to liberate and control some military posts of ‘Washir’ district after launching widespread attacks against the enemy. And eventually, on Sunday 20th December, the strategic ‘Sangin’ district of this province was liberated in the wake of a heavy fighting against the stooge forces.

Adjacent to ‘Helmand’, inside ‘Kandahar’ province, the silence was broken by these successful ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations, as reports of conquests were being received on the daily basis.

In this series, on Tuesday 8th December, ninth security circle of ‘Kandahar’ province came under severe attack of Mujahidin, in which, 35 policemen were killed and wounded. On the same day, a group of martyrdom seeking Mujahidin attacked the international Kandahar airport, in which, significant financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the enemy. Similarly, on Monday 7th December, fourteen stooge soldiers of a military post were killed by Mujahidin in the wake of night operations in ‘Ghorak’ district.

On Wednesday 23rd December, heavy fighting broke out in ‘Shahjoy’ district of ‘Zabul’ province, in which, heavy financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the enemy.

Jihadi operations in the north of the country were equally incessant. On Wednesday 2nd December, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate announced that they were on the threshold of ‘Kunduz’ province with very high morale. It was said that Mujahidin were in a position to retake the city; but they refrained from taking any step forward just for the sake of saving people lives and properties from the brutal behaviour of both foreign invaders as well as their internal stooge security forces.

Similarly, in the eastern part of the country, ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations were going on with full force and enthusiasm. On Monday 7th December, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate attacked the centre of ‘Surkhroad’ district in ‘Nangarhar’ province, in which, colossal financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the enemy.

On Thursday 10th December, ‘Kamdaish’ district of ‘Nuristan’ province was once again brought under attack by Mujahidin, in which, several check posts of the stooge enemy were destroyed.

In the southern parts of the country, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate achieved significant victories in the wake of successful ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations against the enemy. On Tuesday 8th December, a convoy of stooge soldiers was brought under a deadly attack by Mujahidin in ‘Worma’ district of ‘Paktika’ province, in which, forty two soldiers of the puppet regime were killed and wounded.

In the whole month of December, both the foreign invaders and their internal stooge forces could not save the capital city Kabul from the well-planned attacks and operations of Mujahidin against them. On Friday 11th December, a guest house of the brutal foreign invaders and the adjacent Spanish embassy became the target of joint martyrdom attacks of Mujahidin. In the wake of this successful attack, which lasted for seven hours, fifty foreign soldiers and their internal stooge security forces were killed and wounded.

On Monday 21st December, the surrounding areas of American embassy inside Kabul were brought under rockets attack by Mujahidin. The local eye-witnesses heard huge blasts and saw high rising flames in the area, but the internal stooge officials as well as the foreign invaders refrained from issuing any information about their financial losses and casualties. On the following day, one female American soldier was killed in the capital city.

On Monday 28th December, a military convoy of foreign occupying forces was brought under a deadly attack by Mujahidin near the international Kabul airport, in which, thirteen foreign soldiers were killed and wounded.

Prior to this, on Monday 21st December, a gathering of the joint enemy was timely targeted by vigilant Mujahidin in ‘Bagram’ district of ‘Parwan’ province, in which, six American soldiers, including a police detective officer of New York, were killed and several others were seriously wounded.

Reports received from the south-western parts of the country reveal that significant progress was made by Mujahidin just like other areas. On Wednesday 23rd December, ‘Gulistan’ district of ‘Farah’ province fell in the hands of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. Just one day later, ‘Shirin Tagab’ district of this province was attacked by Mujahidin and was on the verge of surrender in the wake of deadly attacks.

Dreams of stay inside Afghanistan:

On one hand, the wicked foreign invaders are trying to abscond from Afghanistan in the wake of incessant and humiliating defeats and setbacks in the last fourteen years, as some of them have already withdrawn large number of their troops from here; but, on the other hand, some members of this malicious coalition are dreaming to remain inside this freedom loving country even for a longer period of time.

On Wednesday 2nd December, the brutal NATO members decided in a meeting in Brussels that some of their forces will remain inside Afghanistan even after 2016 to support the puppet regime and its mercenary forces. One day prior to this meeting, an American senator claimed progress in fighting inside Afghanistan and showed his optimism about winning the lost battle. The fact is that they are deliberately ignoring the ground realities as they witnessed their humiliating defeats in the last fourteen years of occupation, and, as confessed by them, Mujahidin are stronger than ever and can gain even more victories in the near future.

The Islamic Emirate has categorically condemned this imprudent decision of NATO occupying alliance and announced that the freedom loving people of Afghanistan will perpetuate their armed Jihad till the expulsion of last occupying soldier from our beloved homeland.

Losses, casualties and torture of civilian people:

During December 2015, at least, thirty ordinary civilians were martyred by brutal foreign occupiers and their internal mercenary forces in separate incidents in various parts of the country. The esteemed readers can find full details of these incidents in the ‘civilian losses and casualties report’ published on the monthly basis in Alemara website. In the following lines, only some of these incidents are shared with them just as a handful out of a heap.

On Tuesday 1st December, a renowned religious scholar was ruthlessly martyred by the mercenary security forces in ‘Garda Chery’ district of ‘Paktika’ province for the lame excuse of not participating in the funeral process of a stooge soldier who was killed earlier.

On Saturday 5th December, twelve ordinary people, including children, were martyred in a mortar shell, indiscriminately fired by the stooge soldiers in ‘Said Abad’ district of ‘Maidan Wardak’ province.

In a similar incident, on Saturday 14th December, eight members of a family, including children and women, were brutally martyred by unrestrained armed-men in ‘Behsood’ districts of ‘Nangarhar’ province.

On Tuesday 15th December, the Imam (one who leads congregational prayers) of a local mosque and five other ordinary civilians were martyred by the brutal foreign occupying forces during their night operations in ‘Deh-Yak’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province. Moreover, during funeral ceremony of these deceased people, the local stooge security forces opened indiscriminate fire on the ordinary villagers, in which, some people were martyred and wounded.

On the same day, local peace loving people of ‘Ghazni’ province warned that if they were not relieved from the malicious Arbaki militiamen, they would definitely resort to demonstrations. This was inevitable, as during last month, several reports were given, in which, these unrestrained Arbaki militiamen were found involved in the abduction of women and children and their subsequent sexual abuse.

On day later, on Wednesday 16th December, another religious scholar, who was detained since long and belonged to the eastern ‘Nangarhar’ province, was ruthlessly martyred by the savage foreign occupiers in the central ‘Bagram’ jail.

On Sunday 27th December, in another shocking incident, six members of one family, including children, were martyred in ‘Nara’ district of ‘Kunar’ province.

Mujahidin’s message for media outlets:

Concurrent with the crusade invasion of Afghanistan, some media outlets were found inclined either by force or by money, and some others were newly born for concealing the prevailing ground realities and deceiving the ordinary masses of our country through a well-planned and deliberate propaganda, in which, an explicit favour is given to the internal and external enemies of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has repeatedly asked all media resources to maintain their impartiality and realize their journalistic responsibilities in the depiction of prevailing realities. In this regard, on Thursday 3rd December, the Islamic Emirate reiterated its stance and asked all media channels to refrain from becoming tools in the invisible hands of security agencies, and to try their best in conveying true picture of events to the ordinary people as well as outside world.

New alliance of American Mujahidin:

When America and her allies expressed their malicious intention of invading our beloved country fourteen years ago, some internal traitors and looters in the north, masquerading themselves as Mujahidin, got together and rendered their full support and all possibilities in the service of foreign invaders. Eventually, for the sake of a trifle amount of money, they served as the advancing guards of crusade invaders and fought against the Muslim and freedom loving people of their own country. The devastating war initiated by them is still incessant in one way or the other and the oppressed masses of the country are still suffering; but these war-mongers have not neither felt pang of guilt nor expressed their repentance. Rather, they are still labelling themselves as ‘Mujahidin’!!!

These addicted people of posts and plunders faced deep humiliations in the last fourteen years of occupation. In the recent past, they were deliberately neglected by the foreign invaders in the fake elections and were not offered any prestigious position as demanded by their leadership; therefore, these warlords reached to the conclusion that the stooge regime is deliberately destabilising the country by the gradual exclusion of these ‘Mujahidin’ from the present setup.

In the recent past, once again, they got together and formed the so called ‘Security and Stability Council of Afghanistan’. It is clear that the main objective of this and likewise various other councils is getting privileges from their crusade masters for killing their own oppressed and innocent people. Actually they want resumption of all those financial benefits which were cut short by their foreign lords by considering them totally useless in their future strategies.

United Nations in the hands of occupying forces:

The United Nations Organization has lost its impartiality and remained inclined towards the foreign occupying forces against the general interests of our oppressed people since their brutal occupation of our beloved homeland Afghanistan for the last fourteen years.

The latest example of its inclination towards the foreign invaders is that on Tuesday 22nd December, the illegitimate sanctions against the Islamic Emirate were extended for one year more. These sanctions, including the black list of members of the Islamic Emirate, has been imposed on our people since 2001.

The Islamic Emirate issued a statement, in which, these sanctions and limitations were considered completely unfair and biased as being one of the main factors of perpetuating current war in Afghanistan.

National Brutality Regime:

More than one year has elapsed since the appointment of heterogeneous setup, comprising mercenaries and stooge officials whose entire record is full of such humiliating deeds which are unprecedented in the entire world. In the monthly report of November, few examples of their ridiculous demeanours were given. Here are some more:

On Tuesday 1st December, a warlord official of the puppet regime told in the centre of ‘Kapisa’ province that the high ranking officials of this province are trying to establish some contingents of unrestrained militias. Moreover, on Sunday 27thDecember, media reported that likewise militias, established by the first deputy head of central parliament, have beheaded the detainees of ‘Daish’ (i.e. ISIS) fighters.

This heterogeneous setup of national brutality is not only destabilised by the deep political differences of various self-interested groups, their internal military disruption and diversion have also reached its peak; which sometimes results in practical clashes of its various organs. After evaluating this issue and conducting extended surveys in various provinces of the country, the ‘Institute of Strategic Studies of Afghanistan’ announced on Wednesday 2nd December that the main reason behind internal clashes of stooge forces of the puppet regime and their sporadic attacks on foreign occupying soldiers is thee consistent differences between various groups of these mercenary forces.

On Friday 18th December, internal skirmishes occurred once again between the stooge forces of puppet regime. This time, it took place in ‘Andar’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province when the mercenary soldiers were besieged by the local notorious Arbaki militiamen for three hours in the central police station of this district and exchange of heavy shelling was reported. It is said that both sides suffered significant losses in these clashes.

On one side, the puppet regime is claiming good governance and improvement in the field of education, while blaming Mujahidin for closing educational institutions; on the other side, on Thursday 3rd December, the stooge governor of ‘Kunduz’ province asked the mercenary forces deployed there to leave no stone unturned in closing schools and other educational institutions operating in the areas under Mujahidin’s control.

On the very second day of its appointment, the stooge admin of national brutality signed the so called disgraceful ‘bilateral security agreement’, which restrains the foreign occupying forces from conducting independent operations, especially their night operations. But, it did not take long that their foreign lords violated this accord.

On Sunday 6th December, another wave of vicious night operations was conducted by the savage foreign invaders in ‘Giyan’ district of ‘Paktika’ province, in which, twelve ordinary people were brutally martyred.

Moreover, on Monday 14th December, news of direct participation of American forces in fighting against Mujahidin were published in media which contradicts the very existence of above mentioned agreement.

On the other side, hundreds of our countrymen including the officials of the stooge admin are leaving the country. On Wednesday 9th December, media reported that two high ranking officials working in the air forces of the stooge regime had fled to America.

Another weirdness of the stooge admin is the mysterious resignation of its intelligence chief. On Thursday 10th December, after resigning from his post, the director of the said department told that he was under the severe and incessant pressure of the so called head of puppet regime. He added that the circle of their jurisdiction was being confined gradually.

After resignation, he was accused of spying for foreign countries; but he was fortunate one that before being indicted by the judicial organs, he successfully managed to leave the country. Following his footsteps, the head of regional organs of the said directorate also announced his resignations on Sunday 13th December and hastily left the country for America to enjoy his life there.

In addition, the deputy director of intelligence department has also forwarded his resignation to the executive head of stooge admin while opposing the appointment of the caretaker director for this department.

In a similar move, the legal advisor of the so called head of puppet admin has also been suspended. On Thursday 24th December, he told media that he had been deeply pressurised by the head of mercenary admin and his duty was forcefully suspended.

On one side, the stooge admin claims fighting against ‘Daish’ (i.e. ISIS); and on the other side, on Saturday 12th December, two high ranking officials of puppet regime were accused by the Russian news agency ‘Tass’ for supporting this new phenomenon inside Afghanistan.

On Tuesday 22nd December, the ordinary dwellers of ‘Surkhroad’ district in ‘Nangarhar’ province told that veiled armed men were deployed by the American helicopters in ‘Tor Ghar’ (i.e. Black Mountain) area. It is said that ‘Daish’ is an integral part of the stooge setup, as their emergence can provide a lame excuse for the foreign invaders especially American forces for legitimizing their further stay inside Afghanistan which can ensure and guarantee the lives and luxuries of their mercenary officials and forces.

Another absurdity of the national brutality regime is the evaporation of seventy percent budget of its health ministry. On Sunday 13th December, this dispute was leaked out in media outlets.

Though there is a separate anti-narcotics ministry having a complete setup and taking huge salaries; but, on Thursday 17th December, a private organ, called ‘Afghan Woman Foundation’ told in a report that seven thousand addicted women were registered only in ‘Balkh’ province.

And another weirdness of stooge admin is that on Monday 21st December, the governor of ‘Balkh’ province asked their foreign lords to leave them alone. Subsequently, on Wednesday 30th December, after assessing the deteriorating security situation inside Afghanistan, the general commander of NATO forces asked America to send more occupying forces to Afghanistan; whereas according to the so called ‘bilateral security agreement’ between the stooge regime and its American masters, it was decided that the occupying forces would withdraw from most parts of the country by the end of 2015, and only a specific number of these forces will remain in the military bases particularly allocated for them.


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