Afghanistan in the month of November 2015


Note: (In this article, besides the casualties and financial losses inflicted on the enemy, only those incidents and reports are included which are confirmed by the enemy too. For detailed and accurate information about the real losses of both the foreign invaders and their internal stooge forces, one is advised to visit the Alemara and various other reliable news sites.)

November 2015 was fraught with significant incidents in political and military fields like all the previous months of this year. Operations and consequent victories were incessant as usual and the enemy was given an admonitory lesson by inflicting heavy casualties and losses on them.

In the span of this month, news and reports on a variety of issues, taken from the overall ineptitude of Kabul based administration to the open confession of day by day increasing influence and supremacy of Mujahidin, were reported which are to be discussed under the following captions:

Casualties and losses of the foreign invaders:

The foreign invaders were confronted with a number of deadly attacks in November as they dispatched several corpses to their respective countries from this historical graveyard of brutal foreign invaders. But this time they went even a step forward from their old habit and totally denied their losses; therefore, there was no visible increase in the amount of their casualties in media in November.

The reality is that apart from those killed in the battlefields, thousands of other foreign invading soldiers who left Afghanistan and returned to their respective countries, are suffering from various severe mental disorders and psychological issues as they are committing suicides on the daily basis. Here we will furnish some reports which were published previously in this regard.

According to a report, nearly fifty nine Canadian soldiers committed suicide after returning from Afghanistan. A global news agency told on Wednesday 4thNovember that fifty three soldiers committed suicide while they were practically serving inside Afghanistan. This issue is increasing day by day and the defence ministry of the respective country is deeply concerned about it.

Losses and casualties of the stooge enemy:

The mercenary soldiers of the stooge enemy spent most of the previous month to save their own lives and to return home safe and sound instead of defending the regions and their own bases. But most of them couldn’t. It is evident that due to the unfair and deceitful policies of the government, it has become quite difficult to have access to their accurate losses and casualties. Therefore, we have to rely upon the reports of some independent organs about these incidents. According to the reports of these organs, the casualties of the internal enemies are more than ten thousands during the whole year.

On Monday 9th November, a stooge commander, related to Sayyaf (a famous warlord) group, was killed in ‘Paghman’ district of Kabul province.

On Sunday 15th November, the so called governor of Helmond province admitted that in fighting in Marja district, eighty eight soldiers of the mercenary army were killed.

On Tuesday 17th November, a commander of the notorious Arbaki militiamen was killed in ‘Almaar’ district of ‘Faryab’ province.

On Saturday 21st November, the chief security commander of ‘Jovand’ district in ‘Badghis’ province was killed.

Just two days later, the aspiration of the oppressed people was fulfilled by killing a brutal commander of the notorious Arbaki militiamen in ‘Sharana’, the central city of ‘Paktika’ province.

On Wednesday 25th November, two commanders including their 12 armed personnel were killed in ‘Chaghcharan’ city, the capital of ‘Ghore’ province.

On Thursday 26th November, a stooge commander was killed in ‘Zairi’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Saturday 28th November, an Arbaki commander was killed in ‘Khash’ district of ‘Badakhshan’ province in their internal fight.

On the same day, the former chief of ‘Khas Urzgan’ district was first arrested and then hanged by Mujahidin.

On Sunday 29th November, the former director of ‘Hajj and Trusts’ department was killed in an ambuscade in ‘Nimroz’ province.

Amalgamation of stooge army personnel with Mujahidin:

In the wake of incessant conquests throughout the country which have brought the enemy under deep pressure, and due to the indefatigable struggles of the ‘Invitation and Amalgamation’ commission of the Islamic Emirate, the surrender process is accelerated and a large number of armed forces and other officials of the puppet regime have joined Mujahidin. In addition, a large number of soldiers and police personnel of this stooge admin were captured alive in various locations in fighting.

During the whole span of this month, 757 persons including armed soldiers, policemen and other officials of stooge admin joined Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. In the following lines, some of these incidents are elaborated.

On Friday 13th November, as confirmed by the so called governor of ‘Helmond’ province, five commanders along with their sixty five soldiers united with Mujahidin in ‘Sangin’ district of this province.

On Saturday 14th November, eleven Arbaki militiamen along with their commander surrendered to Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Faryab’ province.

On the following day, one hundred and fifty soldiers amalgamated with Mujahidin in ‘Pashtun Kot’ district of the above mentioned province.

On Sunday 15th November, fifteen soldiers of the stooge enemy united with Mujahidin in ‘Jozjan’ province with all their weapons and ammunition.

On Tuesday 17th November, ten Arbaki militiamen united with Mujahidin along with all their weapons in ‘Alamaar’ district of ‘Faryab’ province.

Incarceration of the mercenary army soldiers:

On Wednesday 11th November, seven policemen of the stooge admin were arrested by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Saripul’ province.

One day later, Mujahidin announced that those twelve Arbaki militiamen who were captured a few days ago in ‘Said Karam’ district of ‘Paktia’ province were released on bail.

On Saturday 14th November, ten Arbaki militiamen were captured alive by Mujahidin in ‘Pashtun Kot’ district of ‘Faryab’ province.

On Tuesday 24th November, a military plane of the enemy was hit and brought down by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, eighteen persons including two American soldiers were captured. The so called defence ministry of the puppet regime announced that wide spread military operation were launched for rescuing those soldiers, but, by the grace of Almighty Allah, all their efforts have been in-vain in releasing those captives, though they were fully supported by their foreign masters and they tried tooth and nail.

Financial losses inflicted on the enemy:

On one side, colossal financial losses were inflicted on the mercenary enemy as their military equipment, tanks and other vehicles were seized by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate; on the other side, during this month, three of their planes were destroyed by Mujahidin in various parts of the country.

First one was an unmanned drone which was hit and brought down on Thursday 5th November, in ‘Musahi’ district of ‘Kabul’ province.

The second one was shot and destroyed in ‘Pashtoon Kot’ district of ‘Faryab’ province.

And the third one was hit and grounded by Mujahidin, just one day after the second one, in ‘Koh-i-Safi’ district of ‘Parwan’ province.

‘Azm’ Jihadi operations:

As usual, the enthusiastic and valiant Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate sustained their successful Jihadi operations against the foreign occupying forces as well as their internal stooges with high morale and strong determination, which resulted in significant achievements for them. In the following lines, brief information is given regarding these operations and their subsequent outcomes:

On Sunday 1st November, the stooge officials of ‘Paktia’ province admitted that ‘Dand-Patan’ district of this province was heavily assaulted by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, and the commander of 402 Boundary Force accepted that heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on their forces in this fighting.

On the same day, the provincial council of adjacent ‘Paktika’ province also announced that heavy fighting was launched by Taliban in three districts of this province which were on the verge of collapse in their hands. Similarly, ‘Nadir Shah Kot’ district of ‘Khost’ province was the witness of severe attacks of Mujahidin in which heavy financial losses and casualties were suffered by the stooge officials and mercenary forces of the puppet regime.

On one side, all regions of greater ‘Paktia’ were made unsafe for the officials and armed forces of the dependent regime, on the other side, the south-western zone of our beloved country was turned into a hot oven for them.

On Tuesday 3rd November, the provincial council of ‘Helmond’ province declared that if additional and fresh forces were not sent and deployed in the region, they would definitely lose the control of strategic ‘Marja’ district of this area. And, just one day later, media reported that most areas of this district were captured by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

On Sunday 15th November, the capital of ‘Helmond’ province was once again the witness of martyrdom attacks of brave Mujahidin in which several mercenary armed forces of the enemy were killed and wounded.

On Thursday 19th November, the ‘Arghandab’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province was the witness of heavy fighting launched by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, heavy losses and casualties, as reported, were inflicted on the enemy.

On Sunday 22nd November, media reported that armed militiamen of the puppet regime have fled from most areas of ‘Khanashin’ district in ‘Helmond’ province. The news added that the mercenary forces had evacuated their military base as well as nine other check posts and had fled to central areas of this province for saving their lives.

Besides these, northern and north-western areas of the country like ‘Faryab’ and several other adjacent provinces were also the witness of Mujahidin’s successful attacks.

On Sunday 15th November, the enemy had to admit that some areas of ‘Pashtun Kot’ district of ‘Faryab’ province were captured by Taliban. On the following day, another reluctant confirmation came out which added that five large villages of this district had collapsed to Mujahidin, while several high ranking regional officials including the so called first deputy head of the stooge admin had frequently visited the area and had claimed that it was completely freed from Mujahidin’s presence.

On Wednesday 18th November, in the series of capturing districts one after the other, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate managed to get control of ‘Yamgan’ district in ‘Badakhshan’ province.

On Tuesday 24th November, the stooge officials of ‘Ghore’ province admitted that heavy fighting was going on near the centre of this province, as the local eye-witnesses told about the significant progress and achievements of Mujahidin in these areas.

On Thursday 26th November, ‘Deh-i-Murda’ district of ‘Sari Pul’ province came under the control of Mujahidin.

Prior to this, on Monday 9th November, the appointed chief of puppet regime for ‘Imam Sahib’ district of ‘Kunduz’ province admitted that forty percent area of this district is controlled by Taliban.

On Sunday 29th November, ‘Kham Aab’ district of ‘Jozjan’ province fell in the hands of Mujahidin as they were advancing towards ‘Khuwaja Bahauddin’ district after capturing ‘Dargad’ district of ‘Takhar’ province.

Besides the above mentioned achievements in the military fields, the Islamic Emirate announced on Wednesday 18th November that it had received some crucial military and administrative information of the puppet regime which could largely prove helpful in planning the future operations.

Enemy’s confession of Mujahidin’s strength:

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Mujahidin managed to maintain their presence and power throughout the country which is increasing day by day. Therefore, occasionally, this reality is admitted by the enemy too. Here, in the following lines, some of these confirmations are mentioned just as a handful out of a heap:

On Friday 6th November, the American defence ministry announced that Taliban are considered by them as a crucial factor. Actually they were only compelled for this reluctant admission after suffering severe blows and defeats as they eventually realized that Taliban are more resilient and stronger than conceived by them. In the beginning of their crusades, they thought that it would be an easy task to eradicate the ideology and forces of the Islamic Emirate in a short span of time. Therefore, all human rights and international rules were openly violated by them, as they tried their tooth and nail in fighting against Mujahidin.

Moreover, on Tuesday 10th November, the Chinese government announced that Taliban are considered as a significant political power inside Afghanistan. On the other side, on Tuesday 24th November, the American invaders asked all the American citizens to remain more vigilant and careful in the following three months due to the projected increase attacks of Mujahidin in various parts of the country.

As far as the confirmation of the internal stooge enemy is concerned, expressions of the so called representative of ‘Takhar’ province in central parliament is an undeniable proof of Taliban’s reinforcement. On Monday 23rd November, he clearly told that four districts of his respective province were on the verge of collapse to Mujahidin. On the same day, officials of the stooge admin told inside ‘Kuduz’ province that the collapse of this province once again in the hands of Taliban was highly probable. They asked the high ranking stooge officials of Kabul based regime to take all necessary security measures so that this province could be saved from re-falling in the hands of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

Suffering of masses and torturing the civilian people:

The oppressed Afghan masses have been living a miserable life for the last fourteen years as they were directly targeted by brutal foreign occupying forces. Sometimes, they were relentlessly martyred; sometimes they suffer from deadly wounds on their bodies; and sometimes, they are collectively imprisoned in various jails where they are ruthlessly tortured by foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary security and armed forces.

Just like previous months, during the whole span of November, the enemy tried to misuse the civilian casualties for propaganda purposes. As far as the total number of civilian casualties is concerned, twenty four innocent Afghans were martyred in these brutal incidents. Detailed information of all these incidents can be read in the civilian losses report of Alemara website published on the monthly basis. In the following lines, some of these incidents are shared with our esteemed readers.

On Wednesday 4th November, a school teacher was brutally martyred by some irresponsible armed personnel (who are generally the notorious Arbaki militiamen) in ‘Shahrak’ district of ‘Ghore’ province.

On Saturday 7th November, two ordinary civilians were martyred by the special forces of puppet regime near the centre of ‘Khost’ province.

Two days later, an ill-fated family became the target of indiscriminate bombing in ‘Dasht-i-Archi’ district of ‘Kunduz’ province, in which, one woman was martyred while his husband and son were injured.

On Monday 9th November, media reported that American occupying soldiers and the security forces of Kandahar province have jointly used chemical weapons against the defenceless civilian people in ‘Shorawak’ district of this province.

On Wednesday 11th November, the stooge security forces opened fire on civilian demonstrators inside the capital city of Kabul, in which, one person was killed and eight others were injured.

On the same day, some videos were shared and published in social media which showed that internal mercenary forces opened indiscriminate artillery shelling which resulted not only in civilian losses and casualties but also destroyed complete villages.

On Monday 16th November, a local dweller of ‘Andar’ district in ‘Ghazni’ province was badly beaten, both of his hands were cut off and was, then, relentlessly martyred by the notorious Arbaki militiamen. In addition to this brutality, the ordinary people of this district told that even their women were abducted by these wanton Arbaki militiamen for ransom. This issue was confirmed by the security chief of this province as he told on Tuesday 17th November that there are enough evidence of dishonouring the local people by unrestrained Arbaki militiamen for ransom, and the people are still suffering from their felonies.

On Tuesday 24th November, media reported about killing of two brothers in ‘Kama’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province by the former governor of this province.

Similarly, on Monday 30th November, in this incessant series of civilian tortures and killings, three ordinary countrymen including a teacher were martyred by local wicked Arbaki militiamen in ‘Khas Urzgan’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province.

Weirdness of the national brutality government:

Though the stooge admin, from the beginning of its formation by foreign occupiers, is full of such eccentricities whose examples cannot easily be traced in previous governments, but with the passage of time the substantial increase in these oddities by America, like the appointment of two heads for one admin, was astonishing and interesting for everyone. More likewise incidents have occurred in this month, and a few examples are furnished in the following lines:

When the first head of the puppet regime asked the German government to expel Afghan asylum seekers from their country, he faced a strong reaction from the repatriation minister of his setup who enjoys open and strong support of Iranian government. Due to this inconsistent behaviour, the Afghan immigrants stranded in those countries are facing an uncertain situation as they do not know what will happen to their future; while the differences inside the heterogeneous admin is increasing day by day.

In the series of looting and plundering the national wealth, SEEGAR announced on Monday 2nd November that the officials of defence ministry of puppet regime were found involved in huge corruption of forty three million dollars in a gas project of this ministry.

Similarly, on Thursday 19th November, the NATO occupying forces announced that wide spread corruption throughout Afghanistan has resulted in substantial reduction of funds for this alliance by the donor countries.

Meanwhile FIFA, a private organ for holding free and fair elections, announced that members of parliament ask for huge sums of money from all those cabinet ministers who are summoned in front of these looters for clarification, while in return, they give their vote of confidence to these summoned ministers. The situation became even more embarrassing when the minister of Hajj and Trusts was summoned in National Assembly besides the directors of National Aviation Department and Aryana Airlines Company where a huge corruption of nearly eight millions Afghanis was disclosed in the Hajj programme of Afghan pilgrimage to the Holy places in Saudi Arabia.

The process of beating and humiliating of Traffic police and other low ranking security personnel of puppet regime by the influential warlords and their private guards and unrestrained armed men is incessant for the last several years. In the recent past, the capital city of Kabul was the witness of likewise incidents in which the local people were attracted by the out crying of a policeman who was badly beaten and kicked by an influential parliament member and his armed militiamen.

On Tuesday 3rd November, the so called interior ministry of stooge government announced that in the wake of beating and injuring three security policemen by a parliament member, they had the intention to re-evaluate this issue of beating the security personnel by various former warlords and their unrestrained armed groups.

The first head of the stooge admin who has been completely deprived of sound mind and reason, remains always eager to add something odd to his life-history. Occasionally he issues decrees which not only contradicts their own constitution according to expert lawyers, but also provokes the anger and severe retaliation of his shareholder in power.

On Wednesday 4th November, lawyers and parliament members expressed their deep concern in a meeting about this behaviour of the first head of the puppet regime.

On Saturday 28th November, the second head of stooge admin annulled a decree of the first head sent to respective organs about the dismissal of an official of Kabul based administration. Eventually this official remained in his position by getting another fresh decree from the second head of the mercenary government.

Another weirdness of this puppet setup is the appointment of ‘Younas Qanooni’, on Thursday 5th November, as the new head of ‘High Peace Council’. He is one of the well-known traitors of the country, belonging to former notorious northern alliance, who officially signed the treaty of enslaving his own country in ‘Bonn’ for the sake of getting a temporary post in the forthcoming stooge setup under the auspices of brutal foreign invaders.

In this month, an agreement of building a new city was signed by the stooge government officials with a well-known thief who looted millions of dollars of ordinary people from a government bank, and who was imprisoned after court indictment.

In ‘Ghazni’ province, local kidnapers dressed in police uniform kidnap the people in broad-day light and then release them after getting huge amounts of ransom from their families. This suffering of the ordinary people was vocally discussed in media.

On Tuesday 17th November, ‘Pazwak News Agency’, considered one of biased and supportive agency of stooge admin, told in a report from ‘Andar’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province that even innocent women of local people are abducted by notorious Arbaki militiamen for getting money. This felony was confessed and confirmed by the security chief of this province by issuing a statement and claiming some video clips which manifested the aggression of unrestrained Arbaki militiamen while disgracing the ordinary people by abducting their wives and then asking for ransom. The report added that the stooge officials had not troubled themselves to relieve the people from this criminal behaviour of armed militiamen.

The above mentioned incidents are not confined to this area only, unfortunately they are spread in ‘Takhar’ and various other northern provinces of the country too.

On Monday 16th November, representative of ‘Takhar’ province told in the gathering assembly of plunderers that the security chief and director of crime control department of this province are involved in abducting the people and then asking for ransom. It is worth-mentioning that the local police of Kabul are in no way less involved in these felonies.

On Monday 23rd November, media reported from the heart of the country that a girl who fled her home, then arrested, was sexually abused by policemen in their custody.

Abduction is not the only source of significant income for security forces, policemen and other officials of the stooge regime; as the provincial assembly of ‘Ghazni’ province told on Friday 27th November that the chief commander of police force was found involved in selling light and heavy weapons, food supplies and various other items provided for enhancing police capabilities.

On Saturday 14th November, the officials of puppet regime falsely claimed about rescuing those eight persons who were captured by ‘Daish’ (ISIS) a few months ago. Later, the evidences clarified that actually they were rescued by Taliban and not by the stooge government forces.

On one side, security forces and policemen are absconding the government and joining Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate; and on the other side, the security commander of ‘Badghis’ province told on Sunday 15th November, that a large number of police personnel are found absent from their duties for unknown and untold reasons while getting salaries at the end of month.

The so called ‘High Peace Council’ is persistently announcing on the daily basis that such and such number of Mujahidin laid down their arms by their efforts and joined the stooge and dependent setup, but they could not prove the surrender of even a single real Mujahid in this process.

On Sunday 15th November, the stooge officials of ‘Saripul’ province revealed the mystery and told that a person claiming himself a Taliban commanders surrendered thrice along with his colleagues to the stupid officials of the stooge government and received significant remunerations. This and likewise other incidents and their official confirmation discloses the reality of surrendered people and the false claims of the above mentioned council which extravagantly spends huge amounts of money for this purpose.

Among the mercenaries, wicked ‘Zahir Qadir’, claimed on Monday 23rd November, after finding other illegal sources of accumulating wealth and smuggling closed, barefacedly claimed that the national security organ of the stooge government is secretly supporting ‘Daish’ (ISIS). In this way he assembled some thieves and fighters in ‘Nangarhar’ province and labelled them as ‘People Up-rise’ militia. He, then, declared himself as the leader of these plunderers.

In the recent days, one of the well-known political figure of the mercenary admin who was consistently involved in imputation against Mujahidin for the last fourteen years and had remained sincere in his full capacity to the puppet regime, was deadly beaten for criticizing the policies and strategies of Kabul bases stooge administration.

Another weirdness of the heterogeneous setup in Kabul is that after signing the malicious ‘Bilateral Security Agreement’ of enslaving Afghanistan by American for an extended period of time, it was understood that foreign invading forces would no longer participate in ground operations and would provide aerial support if required by their Afghan mercenary forces. But, this accord was abolished and violated when the American occupying forces were practically and directly found involved in the last month fighting in ‘Kunduz’ province.

Moreover, on Friday 27th November, media reported that foreign occupying forces had launched fresh night operations in ‘Sangin’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province, in which, several civilians were martyred, injured and taken away as prisoners by these brutal forces.

Similarly, on Monday 30th November, ‘NATO’ spokesman in Kabul announced that this alliance is intended to launch a fresh wave of air strikes inside Afghanistan during next year. All these expressions and incidents show the explicit and bold violation of the enslavement agreement which was signed between masters and mercenaries.

Diminishing of people’s trust in Kabul based regime:

The inevitable outcome of the above mentioned bitter realities is that the people are losing trust and confidence in the dependent admin of Kabul which is declining day by day.

On Tuesday 17th November, a survey conducted by the ‘Asia Foundation’ manifested that fifty seven percent of ordinary Afghans have expressed their uncertainty and lack of confidence in the future of the present heterogeneous setup of Kabul based puppet regime.


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad . She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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