Pakistan: Taliban (TTP) release statement disputing official accounts of Badaber attack


Badaber attack.. (Image TTP Umar Media)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) have released a statement disputing official accounts of the recent attack on Badaber Air Force base near Peshawar (see following link for earlier details of attack)

“Pakistan: TTP remain a potent force launching an attack on Badaber Air Force base, Peshawar”

Muhammad Khurrasani, spokesperson for TTP dissects a number of discrepancies point by point as follows,

TTP statement 

1. Taliban attackers came in a Suzuki car. The chassis number of the vehicle has been obtained. – ISPR

Muhammad Khurrasani: Taliban entered the camp in two VIP cars and the govt still does not know about these two vehicles. Because you cannot accommodate 14 people who are heavily armed in one Suzuki and enter a high security zone. Was the whole KPK security asleep? Were all the people at the security check post blind?

2. Taliban attackers were wearing Militia uniforms and wearing white shoes – ISPR

Muhammad Khurrasani: When the attack was at PAF base, then why were they wearing Militia uniform, do the Militia forces wear white shoes? Those who carried out this attack were they stupid? Do the Militia forces move about in Suzuki now-a- days? ISPR has made an ultimate fool of themselves with this statement.

3. The attackers who were killed were carrying fake Air Force ID cards. – ISPR

Muhammad Khurrasani: If the service cards were of PAF, then why were they wearing Militia uniforms? If the cards were of PAF then obviously the uniform was also according to the Air Force base and the vehicles which were not stopped anywhere by anyone and possibly they even managed to successfully get back out also. Because so far ISPR has no proof of these vehicles that were used in the attack.

4. All 13 terrorists have been killed. – ISPR

Muhammad Khurrasani: The 14 fidayeen whose video we have already given, why is it that their photo has not been shown as yet? The photos that are being shown are either old or are of prisoners who were killed. As per the last communication link which was around 1 o’clock day time, one fidayeen reported the death of about more than 250 people and only one fidayeen who blew himself up meaning no evidence about him can be gathered as to which card he was carrying and which colour uniform was he wearing? The last thing that he said was that the 13 of us are all fine and now we will split up and fight etc etc. So my question is at least show one body that was killed and why reporters are not being allowed to enter the camp so that true picture can be clarified. The 14 big bombs that the fidayeen took with them in one of the cars and were detonated, did these not do any damage?

5. The terrorists were contained within 3 layer security of 50 meter. – ISPR.

Muhammad Khurrasani: If they were contained within 50 meter then where are the VIP cars? Also how did they manage to kill so many people within this distance? According to them, of the 13 fidayeen who were killed, why don’t they show as evidence at least one body or identify at least one of them. Also why media is still not allowed to go inside?

6. The whole operation planning and control was being done from Afghanistan. – ISPR.

Muhammd Khurrasani: These kind of statements are false. Because everyone knows that signals from Afghanistan work only up to 40 kilometers inside Pakistan and 40 kilometers inside Afghanistan the signals from Pakistan. This is not a valid proof or statement. Where are the Pakistan’s loud and lofty claims that no SIM can be activated without fingerprint? Then which number was used to communicate from the PAF base? Were those Afghan SIMs? Can the ISPR or intelligence agencies not identify these SIMs etc etc? All these things point towards the total failure of the Pakistan government and the Taliban Alhamdulillah (by the grace of Allah) is united today.


(Thanks to RA for translation)

TTP have also released a further 5 minute video entitled “PAF Camp Fedayan” They released an earlier video showing attackers prior to the assault on Badaber with Muhammad Khurrasani.

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights, WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

About Carol Anne Grayson

Blogging for Humanity.... Campaigner/researcher global health/human rights/drones/WOT/insurgency Exec Producer of Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad, currently filming on drones.
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12 Responses to Pakistan: Taliban (TTP) release statement disputing official accounts of Badaber attack

  1. Muhammad Javed Iqbal Khan says:

    Hi Carol
    My name is Dr Khan and I currently live in UK. I have lived in Badaber camp for 4 years and my parents still live there. On the day of this attack my family has been through a nightmare for 2 hours. But I wanted to tell you something very important. The narrative by Mr Khurasani of the accounts of the attack and that the attackers were still alive is simply ridiculous and absurd. I would urge you not to spread these rumors around as I have personally seen pictures of the attackers. There are no prisoners at Badaber camp and the death count of 250 is completely absurd. Had they been able to kill 250 officials, every media group would have made a big hue and cry of it. These figures do not remain hidden, otherwise they would have hidden the figures of APS incident. TTP are bloody liars who would go to any extent to throw dust in to the eyes of inncoent on lookers and try to fool them. And I am afraid by narrating their side of the story without getting to the ground reality means that you are also promoting and justifying their ideology of murder and rivolt against the state. The media persons were not allowed in the camp because nobody knew if the area had been booby trapped. Its a standard security precaution.
    Also, they did come in a suzuki, but not a hatchback. In a carry van which can accomodate 14 personnel albiet a bit tightly.
    Lastly, by stating the version of TTP who are proven to be funded by RAW and NDS to cause trouble in Pakistan, you are basically insulting our martyrs and our intelligence. We are not goofs sitting here. We know what the ground reality is. So I would request you as a humble well wisher, please listen to both sides of the story before putting up anything absurd on your blog.
    Dr Khan

    • Thank-you for your detailed comment. First of all I am sorry to hear about your parents. I recognize your email address. If you check I already gave an official account with comments from ISPR in an earlier article,

      I studied “media interpretations of War on Terror” and I show both sides whether I agree with what is written or not and make it clear that these are statements. I note many of the counter -terror analysts also publish these statements. I could say similar regarding official accounts where for example claims have been made regarding the death of insurgents in drone strikes that have been very much alive and well so no doubt there are inaccuracies on both sides, that is the nature of conflict. How many times was Hakimullah declared “dead” before he was actually killed, it was becoming a joke.

      We have only to look at the media to see reporting on Malala who was shot (which I condemn) but not for “going to school” a whole industry has developed on that misreporting whilst her old friends in Pakistan continue to study as before!

      Media not only had difficulty reporting at Bedaber but in Waziristan and Balochistan and journalists allegedly pulled in and threatened if they did not report a version that suited the state.

      Where I quote the words of another either state or insurgent I make it absolutely clear. When I am writing my own articles I am very careful to use word “alleged” to cover difficult areas where information is conflicting and often confusing, “the fog of war”.

      Yes I also saw photos of alleged attackers though I understand there is a discrepancies over images too.

      Presenting statements is different to promoting them. I publish on very controversial issues and unlike some state run media I write freely without anyone pulling my strings!

      • Aamir says:

        Long Live CAROL ANNE GRAYSON.
        I appreciate your free & impartial writing. Please keep up the great work.
        May God increase your life, honour & dignity. Thanks.

      • Allah guides me… many thanks, I will continue to present all sides… That is how the public gain understanding even if an issue is highly controversial. When media are blocked resentment grows, debate is stifled and it can actually increase any security risk…

    • True Man says:

      Dr.Khan, it’s a shame that you believe in the CONTROLLED media of Pakistan. Don’t you know that your Generals are scum sucking liars.. Just look into the reality that why thousands of Pakis go to bed hungry, suffer from ailments & have nothing whereas your military is swallowing the whole budget and at the end of the day they miserably fail to stop an attack. It is shit here in this Na-Pakistan.

      • Thanks again for your comment… I am well aware that some media is controlled, threatened, sometimes even murdered… this is totally unacceptable behaviour. It is the duty of media to raise issues that affect the public so that they can make educated and informed choices whether the state approves or not!

  2. Sangeen says:

    Hey Carol, how u do’ing?

    Nice post by the way. Seem like you are working hard to champion the under dogs. Well under or over but Dogs nonetheless.

    What is this “both sides”, when you don’t know anything about either side?

    You do agree that no one can be trusted as it’s all quite frankly bullshit. May ask, then, what is the point in collecting bulshit and dumping it on your blog?

    Do you really think by presenting everyone’s “propaganda” you will somehow unveil to the truth? I see no logic in this.

    “I note many of the counter -terror analysts [sic] also publish these statements.” I see a lot of contradictions inherent in this statement in this quote though.

    First, how do you define “counter – terrorism”?

    Do you mean those that analyse the actions of those that act against those that believe in criminality to further their political objectives? If that is what you mean then I don’t think it is objective reporting at all. You have already declared the other side “criminal”, as all terrorists, “those that will use criminality to further their political objectives”, by definition, are criminals.

    Now if that is your opinion about the TTP -that they are “terrorists”- what do you think the TTP will do to you when and if they ever get hold of you?

    Let me let you what they will do to you. They will first lock you up and will contact everyone and anyone that know you to extort money. Once they have extorted enough money they will then tell you this:

    OK, Carole, although your actions have been really bad but we have reached the decision that you deserve another chance. So we will give you this statement to read, in which you will accept your crimes and will warn others never to call TTP terrorists, and then, of course, we will let you go.

    They will then make you wear an orange jumpsuit and will sit you down in front of a camera. You might also notice a banner behind you on which they will their group’s name and Shahada written on it and a few gun toting guys eagerly waiting for the spectacle to start.

    Then they will start the recording the Act One “The Confession”: It will start with you will read the statement, confessing your crimes and warning others never to call TTP terrorists.

    Had it been about someone local, someone that does not have much of a media currency, they will go straight to Act Three. But in your case it will go to Act Two “The advertising”. However, before the Act Two could start you will need a costume change. You will notice their attitude changing with you all of a sudden. The good cops will now turn into bad cops. They will kick you on the floor and start screaming and shouting. They will then tell you that you are a scum of the earth and they are now going to kill you. They will blindfold you and tie you up so you can not move a muscle.

    There is a reason for all of this. They would want you to read your confession in a relax manner so that the world could see that you actually confessed without any duress and the film can logically move on to the Act Two.

    It’s time for the Act Two: “The Advertising Speech for the Group”.

    Act Two: It starts with you sitting all bound and gagged up. The man with big beard will start his speech telling the word how people like you should be killed and the other bloggers/journalists that are on CIA/ISI payroll should look at what is going to happen to you and learn a lesson.

    Act Three, “The Throat Cutting”.
    In a flurry of shouting you will pushed to the ground. The throat cutter will grab hold of your hair and will start running his knife on your throat. It depends how long does it take for them to cut your throat; it normally takes around a minute. When finished with cutting your throat and your head is completely severed, they will hold you head up and remind the viewers, again, that they should think twice before they use the word “terrorist” about them. The film will finish with them placing the head back on your torso. It will roll off a couple of time but eventually they will slap it on your chest and make it stay put.

    Finally, the credits to the film will follow.

    So in the name of objectivity and being for I don’t think your dear friends, the TTP, will like your slopping name calling.

    • Thanks for your comment. I do appreciate people taking the time to stop by.

      First of all I am not a “counter- terrorist analyst” nor am I on anyone’s payroll. I love my independence too much. I am in a category of my own so your arguement is lost. I don’t play to the rules of others and may not necessarily use their terminology other than to quote from them.

      Its sad that you think people only write for money but perhaps you have never experienced a life changing event that would make you reconsider your values.

      What you have described isn’t TTP style, you seem a little confused. They may be interested to read your analysis though as they do read my blog.

      Am sure Taliban would not think twice about letting me know directly if they want to criticise my writing, which they are of course free to do. Also I am not afraid to say what I think. I find Taliban respect that more than those insincere people crawling on their knees to please them or afraid to give an honest opinion.

      I would say your post reflects YOUR own anger towards me. I wonder what it is that is angering you so much?

  3. Wamique Rehman says:

    Hi Carol .
    Thanks for your research . I live in that city .And I know too that place . It was a US military Base in 1950s .Because for that purpose Pakistan was created to counter Soviet Expansion in middle east and South Asia.

    This whole war on terror is fake . It’s actually the Durand Line issue between Afghanistan and Pakistan since 1893.
    The Pakistan military is the legacy of British Policy in this Region.

    The Durand Line cut the pashtun tribes into two .
    Before Pakistan was created The British forces would bombard the tribal areas.

    They created these Frankenstein and now they are facing their attacks.
    Because Pakistan is doing double game with US .
    They have no proofs for RAW or mossad.
    Its just pashtuns want freedom from Pakistan Army .but these terrorist want to take advantage of Pashtuns movement.

    You don’t see terrorism in other provinces as you see in FATA .

    Pakistan no doubt use Sunni radical organizations as state policy .

    The recent balochistan Indian businessman capturing was fake .he wasn’t raw agent .

    Do u think all attacks in balochistan were done by that single man ?

    Balochistan issue is since 1947 .which media never shows.

    Hamid Mir senior Geo t.v. journalist has done many shows on balochistan .

    Pakistan Army invaded and captured kalat balochistan .

    Ttp is just a rogue element using pashtun as shield .
    The main issue is pashtun need sovereignty and rights.

    The founder of Pakistan Jinnah dismissed the Pashtun goverment illegally with discretiony power in 1947 .

    The pashtun leader Bacha Khan was arrested and jailed for decades.

    It’s a long story .

    • Thanks for your reply yes I agree issue of Durand line is still very much in the hearts of Pashtuns and getting rid of colonial black law in FATA. I recall seeing old footage of British bombing Tribal Areas, my country has done much damage in the region. I am familiar with the injustice against Bacha Khan. Also When people are oppressed they will retaliate. Yes Balochistan is often missed by the media though I have covered many cases of abuse and enforced disappearances there on my blog and issues over Gwadar

  4. yasser says:

    well done Sister

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