Taliban: Commander Adnan Rasheed narrates in new video exploring “Independence Day” and the “horrific history of Pakistan”


Commander Adnan Rasheed, TTP (still from latest video) 

Umar Media recently released a new video about Independence Day of Pakistan which features a speech by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) Commander Adnan Rasheed. The production which is in Urdu with some English graphics is just over 47 minutes long and is entitled, “Independence Celebrations? The Horrific History of Pakistan- The Secrets Have Been Unveiled”

Independence Day, is observed annually on 14 August to commemorate the day when Pakistan was declared a sovereign nation following the end of the British Raj in 1947. It is a national holiday.

Rasheed, a former PAF officer received a death sentence after being convicted of an attack on then President General Musharraf in December 2003. He was freed by insurgents on April 2012 along with another 384 prisoners during an assault on Central Jail in Bannu, Southern District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

See following link,

“Taliban Free 384 Inmates in Pakistan”



Rasheed heads up a Taliban Special Group

Rasheed who has been declared dead wrongly on several occasions is in charge of Ansar al Anseer (Helper of the Prisoners) taking responsibility for welfare of prisoners and their families. He also heads up a Taliban Special Group for operations.

Abu Zar Al Bakistani who had seen the new video tweeted,

Miss Ustad Ahmad Farooq [رحمہ اللہ] very much, after watching very same video lecture of Commander Adnan Rasheed [حفظہ اللہ] of TTP.

(Ustad Ahmad Farooq was the deputy emir for Al Qaeda in Subcontinent (AQIS) and was killed in a US drone in the Wacha Dara area, South Waziristan on January 15th 2015)

Rasheed warns the people of Pakistan with a message to be wary of the leaders as they all are deceivers and followers of the devil. He delivers a speech with the video rooted in an alternative history of Pakistan and a familiar and ongoing theme for Rasheed. He uses key historical events to argue that instead of becoming independent and developing within an Islamic model post 1947, submitting to Allah and focusing on Sharia law, the politicians sold out continuing their dependence on colonial masters who continued to have significant influence over key institutions long after independence.

The video (the following is an excerpt, the first 15 minutes of the video to give an idea of content) — with thanks to the translator RA

Rasheed narrates… The video starts with an account of Hazrat Abuzar, one of the Sahaba (companion) of Prophet Muhammad (PBHU). He says that once when he was walking with the Prophet (PBUH) the prophet said I fear one thing more than Djal among the Muslim ummah. When asked the Prophet (PBUH) replied that it is leaders who will deceive the people. Today when we all are celebrating the 69th Independence day of Pakistan and the Prime Minister, President and other leaders are addressing the nation, they are doing exactly what previous leaders who deceived the people are doing. The devil and his followers have been deceiving the people for generations and for this God sent his prophets to guide the people.

The people who payed heed to these prophets were blessed and spared the wrath. The devil does not deceive directly but uses the individuals from among the people to carry out his mischievous deeds and deceiving actions. The leaders of the sub continent are doing the same things that their predecessors had done to deceive the people. These wolves in sheep’s clothing have always bled the Muslims of the sub continent.

Today when they are celebrating the independence day, I wish to ask them should they be celebrating this day when tens of thousands of lives were lost and many women were dishonored and so many were killed. When these leaders, businessmen, landlords, nawabs and generals celebrate this day, they are not happy that the country became independent but because they got the power for themselves.They rule this country turn by turn and loot its resources for 69 years. Independence was neither before 14th August 1947 nor is it today.

Tell me what change has happened since 14th August 1947 for which they are celebrating or what revolution happened that warrants celebration. The country’s political, legal, educational, economic, defence system is still the same as was before. The only change that has happened is that the Muslims of the sub continent have become confined inside defined borders. Before 1947 the Muslims could travel easily to Delhi, Bombay, Agra but now they have to face hardships. The Wagah border is a barrier in the support for Hyderabad Muslim massacre. These Muslim custodians will never let you go for the support of your fellow muslim brothers.

Today I will put some facts before you and you decide if 14 August 1947 is independence or a division of the Muslims of the sub continent. Was the objective resolution on 23rd March 1940 really for and by the Muslims or was it forced onto them. Was the Two Nation Theory a reality or to deceive the people. Today I will tell you the actual history that the innocent people of Pakistan will not have heard in their syllabus.

The leaders of Muslim League were not there to serve or help the Muslims but to serve their masters and tighten the knot on the fellow Muslims. In the syllabus it is mentioned that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan laid the foundation of educational institution and gave the idea of Two Nation Theory and formed the Muslim League and Pakistan came into being. Like I said before, we are being deceived by these false leaders like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Let me tell you who the real Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was and you decide if this non believer was fit to lead the Muslims. [Another voice narrates about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan]

Religion of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan – Shia, employment with East India Company, member is devil organisation Freemason, in 1857 War of Independence conspired with British and became a traitor of Muslims by saving the lives of British. advocated non violence against the British, invented the deceptive concept of two nation theory. Because of his these actions he was made a bureaucrat and later on Queen Victoria made him a knight.

The Two Nation Theory was not to give Muslims a separate identity but divide Hindus and Muslims and create clash between them in order to divert attention from the British rulers. So they forget that these very people lived in harmony for 800 years under Muslim rulers and the 1857 war of independence was fought by Hindu and Muslims side by side. Had the War of Independence been won then who do you think would have ruled the sub continent, definitely Muslims.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a deceiver and a sympathizer of British in fact he was more loyal than the king himself that is why the Christian empire of British made him their knight. He kneeled before the British rulers and bowed his head in front of them to receive his knighthood. [Other voice on how knighthood is done] when during the Crusades, the Christian soldier would inflict maximum damage on Muslims, he would be honored by the king and would carry the title of Sir before the name.

After the Crusades, the monarchy of Britain continued this practice and offered this title to those who offered their service to defeat the Muslims in not just wars but in economy, politics and social areas and those who helped promote Christianity and and showed loyalty to the king. You will see in this clip how one has to bend their knee and bow their head in order to receive the title of Sir you will find a lot of Muslims like president Ayub of Pakistan who offered their services to gain the title of Sir Bradley Wiggins receiving knighthood for winning cycle race [clip position 11:00].

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was non believer and member of freemason and started All India Muslim League in 1906 and he deceived the people through education and preaching loyalty with British. His spiritual brother Sir Aga Khan tried to push this idea through political means. Remember that even Aga Khan was a top member of freemason.[other voice again] Muslim league was formed in 1906 and its first head was Aga Khan and vice president Khawaja Saleem Ullah who was a Shia.

The manifesto of Muslim League. 1. Muslims of sub continent should be guided to support the British empire. Aga Khan, head of Ismaili sect and spiritual leader, member of freemason, family history, supported British in Afghan wars in 1800s, helped British gain control of Sindh, in recognition of these services British gave his grandfather Aga Khan 1 the title of prince and accepted him as religious leader. In 1897 Queen Victoria made him knight. Aga Khan’s first wife was a club dancer and his other wife was an ex Miss World. Aga Khan was a non believer, an ultimate non believer and a shameless person. All the Muslim Leagues found in Pakistan like N, Q, M, A, are all the offsprings of that Muslim league of Aga Khan. Their morality, pious nature and service to humanity is in front of you.

The organisation which is formed on the base of deceit, how can it do good for the people. If you look at the leadership and main members of All India Muslim League you will see they were all Shi’a or Qadiani. The leadership of Muslim League came down to be headed by Zafar ullah jamali who was a Quadani. We all know Qadianis are kafir and many Muslims are unaware about the enemies of Islam. Let me show you about Shi’a faith and you decide if they are real Muslims or not and whether they are friends of Islam. [up to 15 minutes]


 Full English translation transcript is here…

It was narrated from Hazrat Abu Zar (RA) that once I was walking with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), He (PBUH) said; there is a matter other than the anti-Christ, of whom I feared for my Ummah the most. And He (PBUH) repeated it 3 times. I asked, O the messenger of Allah! What is that thing? The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) replied: “Ayimat-ul-Mudhilleen (Deviated and deviating leaders)”.

(Musnad Ahmad, Vol. 9, Hadith # 1408)

Since the event of 69th Independence Day is coming, and you will hear the conventional speeches of your President, Prime Minister and Army Chief. Thus I also want to address you on this special occasion.

You know that Satan never came to betray mankind in his original shape, rather he always uses his human followers. Those followers are the deviated leaders who are deviating their people from the path of salvation. What was done with the Muslims of Indian Subcontinent in the past and is still continued, is due to such Ayimat-ul-Mudhilleen, Who are responsible for the destruction, humiliation and disgrace of the Muslims of the Subcontinent. They dishonored the lives, looted the wealth and honors of Muslims.

Today you are celebrating the independence day, I want to ask you that either you should celebrate this independence day or mourn on the wastage of more than a million lives, or to feel shame on the fact that hundreds of thousands sisters have lost their honors for the sake of this country?

Today the Politicians, Landlords and Generals are celebrating not because they have sympathy for the Muslims but they are happy because on this day they got control over the Government. Then they divided the resources of the country among themselves and ruling over it one by one.

Remember! We were not free either after 14 August 1947 or before. What was the big change that came after 14 August 1947? For which you are celebrating today. Political, Judicial, Educational, Economical and Military systems are exactly the same as before 1947.

Only the geography of Indian Subcontinent was changed, which encapsulated Muslims into the sections of nationalism and visa. Today, Wahga Border is a big obstacle in avenging the destruction of Babri Masjid and the massacre of our brothers in Hyderabad. Guarding this border, armies of both sides will never let you help your oppressed brothers in the India.

Today I will expose few facts in front of you so that you will be able to decide whether;

  • – 14 August 1947 is an independence day or the day when Muslims of the Subcontinent divided into two?
  • – On 23 March 1940, Muslims have demanded a separate country or they were made to do so?
  • – This country is came into being for Islam or to get political interests on the name of Islam?
  • – Two Nation Theory is a reality or a misleading concept?
  • – Muslim League and active members of Pakistan Movement were loyal to Islam and Muslims or traitors of religion and nation?
  • – Were they freedom fighters or agent of the oppressor English infidels?

With the help and support of Allah, today I will describe to you the hidden history which was never heard by the sincere and innocent Muslims of my nation.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan:

We read in our educational books that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan is the real founder of Pakistan, creator of the “Two Nation Theory”. He laid the foundations for the educational institutes, from which Muslim League came into being. Muslim League then presented the “Resolution of Pakistan” in 1940 and then Pakistan was born. Let’s know that who was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan?

Full Name: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Taqvi

Religion: Shiite

Job: A scribe in the Court of East India Company and a member of satanic organization Free Masson

(Reference: http://www.masonindiawest.org/eminent.htm)

  • He helped the British in the war of 1857, betraying the Muslims.
  • After war, he regularly emphasize on Muslims to be loyal to the English rule.
  • Introduced the educational system of Lord Mekalay among the Muslims.
  • Invented the misleading Two Nation Theory.

He expressed his views as:

“At this time our nation is in a bad state in regards education and wealth but God has given us the light of religion and the Quran is present for our guidance, which has ordained them and us to be friends now. God has made them rulers over us, therefore we should cultivate friendship with them and should adopt that method by which they rule and may remain permanent and firm in India.”

(Education policy in modern India, page60)

Due to his good services for England, Lord Deffran made him a bureaucrat in 1887 and Queen Victoria give her the honor of becoming her Knight.

Sir Syed’s Creeds:

“The religion of our God is our religion, and God is neither Hindu, Muslim, Christian nor Jew but he is a full Naturi (atheist I think – Translator)”.

(Maqalat-e-Sir Syed, Part 15, Page 147)

“Prophecy of Prophets is a natural thing”.

(Tafsir Quran, Vol. 1, Page 23, 24)

“All of the Prophets were naturis”.

(Maqalat-e-Sir Syed, Part 15, Page 147)

“In my opinion, Quran doesn’t said that Jesus (AS) was born without father”.

(Maktubat-e-Sir Syed, Part 2, Page 116)

“There no angel as described as Holy Ghost, revelation is a power inside Prophets”.

(Tafsir Quran, Vol. 1, Page 130)

“Satan is not a separate creation, but it is a power inside humans, anyone who do bad things is Satan”.

(Autobiography, Page 70)

“One of the fake stories among Muslims is the story of Imam Mahdi, there are a lot of Ahadith about it, but all are fake without any doubt”.

(Maqalat-e-Sir Syed, Part 6, Page 121)

“Until wine become Haram, till most of the Prophets and their companions used to drink it”.

(Autobiography, Page 155)

Here I want to remind you that Sir Syed’s two nation theory was not based on Quran and Sunnah but it was based on a policy called ‘Divide and Rule’. Using this theory, they used to create hatred among Muslims and Hindus so that England could remain stable in India. Thus they want the Muslims to forget that they lived in peace and harmony with the Hindus more than 800 years and both fought against the British rule in 1857 together.

If the battle of 1857 was succeeded, then indeed the Muslims would become the rulers of the India again, so who was the real enemy at that time? Hindu or the British?

Actually Sir Syed was a slave minded man who bowed before the British to get the honor of Knight and other from the British Empire.

The educational system that was implemented by Sir Syed, has created a lot of slaves for England who fully devoted themselves to help the England to extend his imperialistic plans.

Sir Syed was member of a religion less organization Free Mason who worship Satan. Due to the teachings of Sir Syed, All India Muslim League came into being in 1906.

Sir Syed has made a successful attempt to make the Muslims loyal to England using the education while Sir Agha Khan achieved this by using the politics. Keep in mind that Muslim League was created on the orders of British King and Viceroy for the India. While Sir Agha Khan and King Edward both were senior officials of Free Mason.

Muslim League

  • Formed on 1906 in Dhaka. Its first president was Sir Agha Khan the 3rd. He and his ancestors were the spiritual leaders and Imams of Ismailia and he himself was a 33 degree Free Mason. His grandfather Agha Khan 1 helped the British during 1841-1844 in Afghan wars and also helped them in occupying the Sindh. That’s why England gave him the honor of ‘Prince’. 1897, He was declared a Knight by Queen Victoria. 1902, King Edward declared him his Senior Knight. Then King George declared him the great Knight, 3rd time.
  • He (Agha Khan the 3rd) became the president of League of Nations (Ex-UN) in 1937. His first wife was an Ex-Club dancer and second one was Ex-Model and Miss France.
  • Vice president was a Shiite Sir Khwaja Saleemullah.

Sir Agha Khan the 3rd was a religion less man and Ghulam-Ibne-Ghulam (Slave son of slave father). Today each and every Muslim League found in our country like PML(N), PML(Q), APML etc all are the off springs of Agha Khan the 3rd. Most of the Muslim League leaders were either Shiites or Qadyanies.

How a group that is based on hypocrisy and apostasy could will became loyal to the Muslims and Islam?

After Sir Zafarullah, Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the leader of Muslim League. Jinnah was represented by our educational curriculum as the Founder of the Nation, Guardian of the Millat and as Quiad-e-Azam (Greatest Leader).

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948)

  • Religion: First Ismaili then converted to Shitte (who have creed of 12 Imams).
  • Member of Inner Temple 1931 (Ex-Night Templars), Fabian Society (group of senior Free Masons)
  • Supported the English in World War 1 against the Islamic Ottoman Caliphate.
  • Declares the Khilafah Movement a stupid move.
  • Supported the establishment of Dera Darn Military Academy for Royal Indian Army.
  • During World War 2, he again emphasized on Muslims to support England.
  • According to Historian William Wolpert, William Dall Rempal and analyst Tariq Fatah, Jinnah regularly eat pig’s meat and drank wine.
  • According to Fatimah Jinnah, He used to smoke 50 cigarettes daily.
  • He was fan of keeping English dogs and eats with left hand.
  • Always wore English dress and he desired to die in English dress.

Some of these societies which you read above were all the parts of Knight Templars, who fully participated in Crusades against the Muslim world. They tried their best to uproot Muslims but failed. Then Church opposed them and they escaped to other European countries and then reappeared in the form of these societies like Free Mason, Illuminati etc.

The purpose of their first Crusades was to the uproot Muslims, occupy the Palestine and to implement a global government, which will be run by the monks of Solomon Temple (Knights). During the crusades they created a banking system, one army and a parliament using the European Kings.

Today once again they occupied Palestine, successfully created a world bank, one army named NATO, European Union, UN and its Peace Troops. And you clearly see that after creating all these things, they again started a crusade against the Muslim world as the George W. Bush said in his speech, and now 15 years had passed since the modern crusade had begun.

“This Crusade, Ah this war on terrorism is gonna take a while and the American people must be patient”.

(George W. Bush)

Is this just a coincidence that:

  • From Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  • From King Edward of England to King George the 6th

And all those characters who were related directly or indirectly to the creation of Pakistan, were elite members of one or another society.

Pakistan’s Resolution 1940

23 March 1940, every year our nation will betrayed by the drama named ‘The Pakistan Resolution’. At last this has also disclosed. Let us understand that how this drama was staged on 23 March 1940.

According to the England’s law, all secret documents will be released after 30 years for public. Among such documents, letters of Viceroys (of India) were also released in 1970th decade. These documents discloses many hidden facts regarding the division of Indian Subcontinent.

The leader of Awami National Party (ANP), Khan Abdul Wali Khan went to London and get the copies of these documents and wrote it in his book “Fact are Facts, The untold story of India’s Partition”, where on chapter # 3 page 40, the author discloses the reality of Pakistan Resolution 1940.

Secret Letter From Victor Hope Linlithgow, Viceroy of India (1936-1943)

To Lawrence Dundas Zetland, Secretary of State for India (1937-1940)

On March 1940, Viceroy

Lord Linlithgow wrote to the Secretary of State for India:

“Upon my instruction Zafarullah wrote a memorandum on the subject. Two Dominion States. I have already sent it to your attention. I have also asked him for further clarification, which, he says, is forthcoming. He is anxious, however, that no one should find out that he has prepared this plan. He has, however, given me the right to do with it what I like, including sending a copy to you. Copies have been passed on to Jinnah, and I think to Sir Akbar Hydari. While he, Zafarullah, cannot admit its authorship, his document has been prepared for adoption by the Muslim League with a view to giving it the fullest publicity.”

The viceroy explains this furthur,

“Since Zafarullah was a Qadiani, he had to be cautious. The Muslims would become irritated if they found that this scheme was prepared by a Qadiani. The viceroy said that Jinnah had been given a copy to make the Muslim League adopt it and publicize its contents.”


So Muslims of India were betrayed by this resolution for 7 years. Those who tried to expose this plan, they were blamed by Muslim League as the traitors of Pakistan and Islam. Still today, most Pakistanis blame the righteous scholars that you were against the Pakistan.

Remember! No Muslim was ever against the freedom, but they feared of division among Muslims of the Subcontinent. Then it will mostly become impossible for Muslims to rule on India again. And that happened as history proves today.

So who is responsible for the oppression of millions of Muslims in India? The mission which was not accomplished by crusader campaign of 100 years, but it was succeeded by just one line of Red Cliff.

Then celebrate, once again celebrate the independence day on 16 December, when our Pakistan has killed more than 2 million Bengali Muslims, thousands of sisters were disgraced by our army, because they were asking for freedom.

Again celebrate on surrendering of your 90,000 troops in front of Mushrik Hindus.

The freedom, for which you are celebrating today, actually it was the Indian Independence Act 1947. Now read it and decide whether this is the freedom?

Indian Independence Act 1947

Indian Subcontinent was divided into two parts according to Indian Independence Act 1947. Govt. system, judicial system and other administrative systems were also decided for new states according to this Act. This Act was approved by King George the 6th and British Parliament on 14 July 1947. Some of the points of this Act are:

  • Article 1: Two independent states will be made inside the Hindustan, named by Pakistan and India.
  • Article 5: Each state has a governor general who will be nominated by King of England and he will represent the King in administrative tasks.
  • Article 8: Each state will govern the new provinces and regions according to India Act 1935 only.
  • Article 18: British law and its other parts (Indian panel code 1860, CRPC 1898 etc.) which were implemented before, will be re-implemented with some changes for the new states.

My beloved nation! Now you came to know that this was a staged freedom. Actually it was division of Muslims not their freedom. History had proved today that implementation of Islamic Shariah became a dream. After the 14 August 1947, King of England continued his government on Pakistan and he elected Jinnah as governor general and Liyaqat Ali Khan as Prime Minister. Chief Justice Sir Abdur Rashid took the oath from Jinnah and Jinnah took it from the Liyaqat Ali Khan to be loyal to King George the 6th. Following are the words from that oath:

“I took oath that I will most loyal to the King George the 6th, and to his successors and deputies.”

Oh my nation! Since you had come to know about the history which was hidden from you, now see this oath that Queen of England Elizabeth II is taking to rule on the Pakistan in 1952, and she is still alive. She is the daughter of King George the 6th.

Oath taker:

“Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the union of South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon, and of your possessions and the other territories, to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs”.

Queen Elizabeth 2:

“I solemnly promise so to do”.

Why Queen Elizabeth II has mentioned the name of Pakistan? The answer is simple that Pakistan was never liberated. Will you still celebrate this fake Independence Day? Will you not stop following these deviated and deviating leaders? Will you still not wage Jihad against these traitor, corrupt and hypocrite leaders?

Remember! Earlier than us, there was no organized movement and leadership for the Muslims of India to wage Jihad but now the Muslims of Pakistan don’t have that problem, Allah Almighty had opened the gates of Jihad Fee Sabeelillah for the Muslims of Pakistan.

Come! I urge to you to join the ranks of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (Movement of Taliban in Pakistan) and start the battle with the slogan of “Shariah or Martyrdom”, because the apostate regime of Pakistan do not understand any language other than Jihad Fee Sabeelillah.



“Pakistan’s new most wanted: A short sketch of Adnan Rasheed”


“Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed advises Pakistan’s Armed Forces to “Repent, Revise and Revolt”


“Adnan Rasheed responds to Defence Pk video, criticizes armed services for allegedly deviating from Islam”


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad . She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

About Carol Anne Grayson

Blogging for Humanity.... Campaigner/researcher global health/human rights/drones/WOT/insurgency http://www.esrc.ac.uk/ESRCInfoCentre/PO/experts/Health_and_Wellbeing.aspx Exec Producer of Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad, currently filming on drones.
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