Islamic Emirate: American invaders and their hirelings martyr 11 civilians mostly students in Zurmat

Post via Islamic Emirate August 12th 2019

In the continuing cycle of war crimes, American invaders along with their hirelings under the name of Kabul NDS once again carried out a raid on our defenseless countrymen.

This time the raid was carried out in Kolalgo area of Zurmat district, Paktia province, targeting students that had come home for Eid holidays.

The Kabul administration intelligence announced that they had supposedly martyred commanders and other Mujahideen in this operation.

This as the entire district of Zurmat, Paktia province, are witnesses that all the victims were innocent civilians with no ties to any armed group.

All the military achievements of the criminal Americans and their hirelings are these exact crimes against humanity.

They believe that carrying out raids on homes in the dead of night and murdering civilians is an excellent achievement that is why they proudly accept responsibility for such crimes.

Names of the Martyrs are:

1 – Ustad Shafiullah s/o Dr. Ulfat, physics teacher at Kolalgo school.

2 – In’amullah s/o Dr. Ulfat, student.

3 – Ansarullah s/o Dr. Qudratullah, student at Department of Education in Paktia University.

4 – Hayatullah s/o Muhammad Mukhtar, teacher at a private school in Kabul.

5 – Rahatullah s/o Abdullah, shop owner in Ghazni city.

6 – Hikmatullah s/o Abdullah, teacher at Daulatzai school.

7 – Nasratullah s/o Abdullah, student.

8 – Muhammad Asif s/o Azizullah, principle of Dawlat Khan high school.

9 – Fida Muhammad s/o Muhammad Yousuf, ordinary villager.

10 – Nasrullah s/o Wardak, ordinary villager.

11 – Fathullah s/o Jumma Gul, ordinary villager.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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