Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding inauguration of Al-Fath Jihadi Operations

Post via Islamic Emirate Afghanistan April 12th 2019

Allah (SwT) says: Verily, We have given you a manifest victory… and Allah (SwT) says: March forth, whether you are light or heavy, strive hard with your wealth and lives in the cause of Allah. This is better for you, if you but knew. (At-Taubah: 41)

Our believing countrymen and Mujahid brothers!

Armed Jihad has been ongoing against the foreign invaders and their supporters for the past eighteen years in our homeland Afghanistan.

This Jihadi struggle is yet another proud chapter in the history of Islam and Afghanistan that guarantees the welfare, values, sovereignty and honor of our future generations and holds the keys to our spiritual survival.

If our nation had desisted from raising their Jihadi swords against the British, Soviets and current American invaders, today we would have also been like other colonized nations deprived of honor and self-determination and our future generations would have been led astray and alien to our own faith. But it is the Divine Mercy of Allah (SwT) on our people that He bestowed success upon us in these testing times, blessed our nation with the strength to combat and resist the invaders and rescued us from everlasting spiritual decline and downfall.

Mujahid Countrymen!

Our Jihadi obligation has not yet ended. Even as large parts of our homeland have been freed from the enemy yet the foreign occupying forces continue exercising military and political influence in our Islamic country. They not only maintain political control of our homeland but daily bomb our fellow countrymen from large military bases, carry out raids with the aid of their domestic mercenaries, inflict human and material losses and oppress our people in a multitude of ways.

Moreover, they used the Kabul administration to continue killing Afghans, extending occupation and preventing an Islamic system by announcing Khalid military operations on 1st Hammal 1398 (Hijri Solar). This itself bears testimony that the enemy still seeks to attain its malicious objectives through the use of force and is creating artificial barriers for a complete Islamic system.

As defending one’s religion, homeland, life, property and honor is compulsory and complete independence of an Islamic country from the clutches of foreign occupation a Jihadi obligation hence for the fulfillment of this responsibility, the Islamic Emirate declares Al-Fath Jihadi Operations with the arrival of the new solar year and draws attention to the following points:

– Orders of coordinated launch of Al-Fath Operations throughout the country have been given and as intentions are the basis of all worship, all Mujahideen brothers are requested to launch the Jihadi Operation with complete sincerity and pure intentions. Your objective should solely be for gaining the pleasure of Allah (SwT) by eradicating occupation, cleansing our Muslim homeland from invasion and corruption, establishing an Islamic system along with defending and serving our believing fellow countrymen.

– Mujahideen are required to observe the principles of obedience during Al-Fath Operations. Your Jihadi actions should conform to Jihadi rule books and in the light of guidance of your superiors. All decrees and recommendations issued by the Military Commission and other related departments of the Islamic Emirate should be strongly adhered to, be they related to daily Jihadi activities or other affairs such as prevention of civilian casualties, precautionary measures, regulations, internal-coordination and ethics.

– As (all praise belongs to Allah) the Mujahideen possess unbreakable Jihadi determination and benefit from armed experience, new tactics, public support, influence inside enemy ranks and advanced weapons therefore we are hopeful that with Help from Allah (SwT), large areas including townships and other centers shall be cleansed from enemy presence. Mujahideen brothers must protect themselves from treachery, theft, treason and other prohibited actions in Jihadi affairs. Protecting lives and property of fellow countrymen and guarding public reserves and welfare projects are also part of your responsibilities.

– A key part of Al-Fath Operations is peeling away of countrymen serving in the military ranks of army, police and militias and being used by invaders for their own objectives. The Islamic Emirate prefers that they protect their lives and wealth by joining the ranks of truth (Islamic Emirate) instead of dying in the ranks of falsehood. On this basis we again call on troops working in enemy ranks to shun senseless hostility and futile resistance, to join the Mujahideen and gain guarantees of safeguarding life and wealth.

– To end we call on our Mujahideen brothers to inaugurate Al-Fath Operations with complete seriousness, sincerity, trust, lofty resolve and high spirits and heal the hearts of the believers yearning for peace and an Islamic system with waves of spirit-raising conquests. Understand that we are followers of truth and Al-Fath (Victory) is always bestowed upon the truthful. Keeping in mind the promises of Allah (SwT), the day is near that the Jihadi aspirations of our martyrs, wounded, prisoners, migrants and oppressed people are fulfilled, an Islamic system established and our homeland cleansed from American occupation and evil elements through ultimate Al-Fath (Victory).

Allah (SwT) says:م

And We wished to do a favor to those who were weak (and oppressed) in the land, and to make them rulers and to make them the inheritors (Al-Qasas: 5)

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

07/08/1440 Hijri Lunar

23/01/1398 Hijri Solar               12/04/2019 Gregorian

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