Islamic Emirate: Afghanistan in the month of January 2018

Post via Islamic Emirate January 14th 2018

The year 2018 began while Mujahidin were much more enthusiastic and determined to defeat and expel the savage foreign occupying forces from their beloved homeland by accelerating their Jihadi struggle. Though it was quite hard to operate in the chilly winter season, but still Mujahidin successfully managed to keep themselves active and warm by carrying out deadly attacks on the joint enemy forces, in which numerous of their personnel were killed and crippled.

On the other hand, heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on our miserable and vulnerable masses due to a significant change in the foreign enemy’s strategy by increasing their reliance on brutal and indiscriminate bombardment throughout the country. In the following lines, some incidents are elaborated for our esteemed readers for a better and profound understanding of the prevailing realities inside Afghanistan.

Casualties of the foreign occupying forces:

According to authentic and verified reports several foreign occupying soldiers were killed and wounded in January 2018. But the wicked enemy who is neither committed to any legal, moral or international norms, has always tried to pervert all facts and figures without feeling any shame and humiliation. According to this policy, they admitted that only one of their occupying soldier was killed during the whole month of January in this well-known graveyard for foreign invading imperial powers.

On Wednesday 3rd January, as reported by media, the savage foreign occupying forces confirmed that one of their soldier was killed in ‘Achin’ district of Nangarhar province. The report added that four other foreign soldiers were also wounded in this incident.

On Tuesday 9th January, a number of Romanian occupying soldiers were killed in a huge blast which took place in ‘Damaan’ district of Kandahar province.

On Thursday 11th January, in a deadly incident, sixteen foreign occupying soldiers were killed while several others were injured by two Mujahidin infiltrated among the mercenary army in ‘Spin-Ghar’ district of Nangarhar province. Eventually these two loyal sons of their beloved homeland were also martyred in retaliatory fire of the enemy.

On Saturday 20th January, the gathering center of the foreign crusade masters and their internal leading slaves (the Continental Hotel in Kabul) was brought under attack by the self-sacrificing and heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, when the foreign masters, their internal mercenaries and other leading supporters were holding different meetings. In this meticulous attack, numerous foreign invaders were killed and injured after separating them from the local civilian people who were either working or staying in the hotel.

Losses and casualties of the internal mercenaries:

On Monday 1st January, a notorious Arbaki commander including five of his armed unrestrained armed militiamen were killed in a blast in ‘Mohammad Agha’ district of Logar province.

One day later, the security chief of ‘Pusht-i-Raud’ district in Farah province was killed in an armed confrontation with Mujahidin.

On Sunday 21st January, security director of the central security headquarters of Farah province was killed in the military posts of ‘Pusht-i-Raud’ district in Farah province.

Similarly, several high ranking stooge officials of the puppet regime were killed in the above mentioned attack on Continental Hotel in Kabul.

The above digits do not include those countless incidents in which hundreds of unrestrained Arbaki militiamen, policemen and other mercenary forces were killed and wounded in confrontation with the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in various parts of the country.

Civilian losses and casualties by the enemy:

On Monday 1st January, the regional office for human rights reported about increased civilian losses and casualties in Helmand province. According to this report, 1895 civilian people of this province were martyred during the previous year. The amount of civilian losses and casualties rocketed when, according to the new American strategy, all those civilian places should be indiscriminately and brutally bombarded where Mujahidin’s presence is suspected.

On Friday 5th January, ten civilian people were martyred while four others were wounded in the blind and brutal bombing of the savage foreign invaders in ‘Darzaab’ district of Jozejan province.

On Monday 22nd January, media reported that forty six villages were completely devastated in the indiscriminate bombing of the foreign occupying forces in ‘Chahar Dara’ district of Kunduz province. These villages were brought under air attack when the foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries lost the battle against the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.  Then they resorted to their brutal air bombardment to destroy the whole area.

Mansoori Jihadi operations:

During the whole month of January, in the ongoing process of Mansoori Jihadi operations, tens of minor and major attacks were carried out by Mujahidin against the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries. In the following lines, some of these operations will be elaborated as a handful out of a heap.

On Tuesday 2nd January, heavy casualties and losses were inflicted on the mercenary policemen of the puppet regime in a huge blast in ‘Paghman’ district of Kabul province.

On Wednesday 3rd January, media reported that the savage foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenaries were badly defeated and pushed back in ‘Marja’ district in Helmand province. It is worth reminding that these joint forces had entered ‘Marja’ district for search operations complete eleven days ago. Though they were fully supported by their brutal air forces, but still they could not resist against the tough retaliation of our valiant Mujahidin and eventually retreated and took to their heels.

On Thursday 4th January, at least thirty mercenary forces were killed and wounded in a fatal attack of Mujahidin in ‘Macroriyan’ area in the center of Kabul.

On Tuesday 9th January, the foreign occupying forces were the witness of a fatal and huge attack of Mujahidin in ‘Damaan’ district of Kandahar province, in which, a number of Romanian soldiers were killed and wounded.

On Monday 15th January, several mercenary policemen were killed and injured when their frontline was attacked by Mujahidin in the center of Farah province.

On Saturday 20th January, the continental hotel of Kabul was brought under a huge attack by Mujahidin when the savage foreign invaders and their internal leading mercenaries were engaged in various meetings. In this well-planned attack, first the civilian Afghan people were separated from the foreign invaders and their mercenaries, and then, numerous foreign occupiers were killed and wounded.

On Saturday 27th January, a huge attack was carried out on a police center of the puppet regime in ‘Naad Ali’ district of Helmand province, in which several mercenary policemen were killed and wounded.

On the same day, the old interior ministry building inside Kabul was attacked by Mujahidin, in which hundreds of policemen and officials of the said ministry were killed and injured.

On Monday 29th January, a military academy in the western part of Kabul and 111 brigade of the mercenary army were attacked by Mujahidin, in which several forces of the enemy were killed and wounded.

The deployment of additional foreign troops:

On Saturday 13th January, the savage American invaders announced that additional 700 troops will be deployed in the near future inside Afghanistan. And at home, the dependent and stooge admin warmly hailed this news; but on the other side, the Islamic Emirate connected the deployment of these fresh American occupying forces with the prolongation of the ongoing futile wars in our country.

The Senate of the puppet regime also expressed its concern regarding the increase of foreign occupying forces in the sense of ignoring the already dim peace process in this war stricken country. ‘The Maseer’, an independent newspaper in Kabul wrote in an article just one day after the above announcement that it would definitely increase the ongoing brutalities by increasing the suffering of civilian people.

The deployment of additional forces is in progress whereas the losses and casualties of American occupying troops have already escalated with their increased confrontation and fighting with Taliban in various parts of the country.

Acknowledgement of Taliban’s increasing strength:

On Tuesday 9th January, the so called newly appointed governor for Ghazni province admitted that Mujahidin are enjoying maximum support of civilian masses in this province.

On Sunday 14th January, the so called governor for Logar province told that the local educational curriculum has been enriched and improved due the reforms and additions done by Taliban (i.e. the Educational Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan).

On Tuesday 16th January, General Nicholson, the commander of the foreign occupying forces and Ashraf Ghani, the stooge head of the puppet regime, discussed the failure and defeat of their joint forces in a special interview with the BBC. Nicholson admitted that presently Kabul is under severe attacks of Taliban; while on the other hand, Ashraf Ghani also acknowledged that they were in a besieged position, and if the foreign occupying forces are withdrawn, their stooge government might not sustain for more than six months.

On Wednesday 17th January, The daily Washington Post wrote that hundreds of air attacks were carried out by the American forces inside Afghanistan during the previous one month, but the outcome is a complete failure for America as these air raids have brought no change in the ongoing military scenario.

On Thursday 25th January, James Hacker, another commander of the foreign occupying forces, told about a plan to even further increase the ongoing indiscriminate air attacks inside Afghanistan.

On Tuesday 30th January, the BBC announced that the stooge admin in Kabul controls only 30% territory of Afghanistan, while the remaining 70% land is under Taliban’s control (i.e. under the control of the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate).

A powerless stooge setup:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been insisting for the last sixteen years that the stooge admin in Kabul has no authority of deciding anything significant or insignificant, therefore any meeting or negotiations with this admin is only the waste of time. All kinds of talks and discussions should be held directly with American side, being the independent other side of the Afghan issue.

On Tuesday 30th January, our stance was confirmed when the American president Donald Trump unanimously announced, without consulting or even informing his Afghan mercenaries, to close down any future negotiations with Taliban.

In its response, the Islamic Emirate announced that it was proved that the stooge admin in Kabul has no authority or capability of holding or denying peace talks, which definitely proves the sound and consistent stance of the Islamic Emirate that, if needed, talks should only be held between the decisive sides of the ongoing dilemma.

The series of revolts:

It has been more than a complete month that the so called governor of Balk province had been sacked, but the stooge and ineffective admin in Kabul has still not be able to implement its decision on the sacked governor by sending a new governor to that province.

On Tuesday 2nd January, General Abdul Raziq, the so called security chief of Kandahar province also announced that his removal is outside the jurisdiction of Kabul regime, by vowing that the stooge admin can never sack him from his present post.

Daish (ISIL) flags on the stooge admin’s tanks:

On Saturday 6th January, a convoy of military tanks of the mercenary army was passing through Jalalabad city, the center of Nangarhar province, while the flags of Daish was explicitly hoisted over them. It definitely proves that Daish (ISIL) phenomenon is an American orchestrated drama sustained and promoted by their local Afghan mercenaries.

Prior to this, numerous evidences were obtained and shown by the Islamic Emirate in which the wicked American foreign occupying forces and the admin and defense organs of the puppet Afghan regime were directly involved in arming, financing and supporting Daish fighters in various parts of the country.

In this connection, on Thursday 11th January, once again Mujahidin’s frontlines were severely bombarded in ‘Khogyani’ district of Nangarhar province to ensure the easy advance of Daish fighters in the area.

Endowments of western Democracy:

On Tuesday 23rd January, SIGAR (the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) published the news of child sex abuses by the mercenary forces of the stooge admin in Kabul. According to this report, from 2010 till today, seventy five incidents of killing children and their sex abuse by the mercenary soldiers and policemen have been registered by this organ.

In another report published on Wednesday 24th January, high ranking American officials admitted that only in the last six years, one thousand incidents have taken place in which basic human rights were violated by the mercenary army.

Since SIGAR was occasionally bringing out some bitter realities which somehow undermined the interests of the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries, therefore, on Wednesday 30th January, this organ was forbidden by American officials from publishing any further information about Afghanistan.

False claims of serving the people:

Numerous cases were registered previously in which the mercenary soldiers, policemen and the unrestrained Arbaki militiamen were found involved in looting, kidnapping and extra-judicial killing of innocent people.

On Tuesday 2nd January, media reported that six policemen of the stooge admin were arrested due to their involvement in looting in ‘Qara Bagh’ district of Ghazni province.

On Wednesday 17th January, the interior ministry of puppet regime admitted that some officials and policemen related to this ministry were found involved in various criminal activities.

A child’s play:

When the stooge admin in Kabul completely failed in its drama disguised as peace talks, then it resorted to some other deceitful tactics by inviting and collecting some shopkeepers in Turkey under the disguise of Taliban. This game was then broadcasted as holding peace talks with Taliban. But it was straightaway rejected by the Islamic Emirate, and later, it was soon revealed to all that it was only a child’s play orchestrated by the stooge admin under the supervision of their foreign masters for deceiving the vigilant masses of Afghanistan as well as the world community!!!


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a former Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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