Hizbul Mujahideen Kashmir Commander Zakir Musa releases new video and allegedly steps down from outfit following condemnation in the Valley


Zakir Musa (Image via Times of India)

Statement of Hizbul Mujahideen Kashmir Commander Zakir Musa who was reported to no longer be head of his outfit following widespread condemnation in Kashmir Valley (see Links section)

How is it wisdom you talk Kufr and be custodians of Islam

“As you know joint Hurriyat has said that our struggle in Kashmir is not an Islamic struggle but a political struggle. I want to ask them if this struggle is not an Islamic one, then what did slogans like ‘Azaadi ka matlab kya..la illaha illalah, Pakistan ka matlab kya..la illaha illallah’ stand for, which we have been shouting since childhood. If your struggle is a political one, then why have you been using masjids and standing on the pulpits(minber) to achieve your political goals. If your struggle is not an Islamic one, then move out on the roads for sit-ins for your political ends. If your struggle is not an Islamic one, then why do you own the Mujahideen, calling them your own and attend their funerals. So, I tell you, stop this politics of yours. As Iqbal said “Ishq Qatil se bhi maqtool se hamdardi bhi

(You love the murderer and have a soft corner for the murdered one)

Ye bata kis se muhabbat ki jazaa maangega?

(Just tell me, who will you ask for the reward of your love?)

Sajda Khaliq ko bhi Iblees se yarana bhi

(You prostrate the creator and are good friends with the devil)

Hashr mein kis se aqeedat ka sila maangega!!!

(On the day of judgement, who will you ask for the reward of your piety!!!)”

To identify these people….A lot of confusion has been created among the Ummah (worldwide Muslim community) and I request them..and I am not any scholar and some people have been telling me to stay clear of these issues, but those people who should have intervened, those who are in last rows are staying silent; their lips are locked. They do not say a word, fearing the Taghoot and their jails. It is because of all this that, we in the front rows(of Jihad), have to now stand up and speak. If these scholars who have created monopoly over Islam, would have made people understand the concepts of Taghoot & Kufr, then there was no need for us(Mujahideen) to come out and speak about it. Allah(swt) very clearly talks about all these people in Surah Nisa, Ayah 60:

Have you seen those (hyprocrites) who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you, and that which was sent down before you, and they wish to go for judgement (in their disputes) to the Taghut (false judges, etc.) while they have been ordered to reject them. But Shaitan (Satan) wishes to lead them far astray.
So, this ayah aptly fits on these hypocrites(Munafiqeen). They claim to be upon Islam but when it comes to deciding upon matters of this dunya, they run to Taghoots like UN and international community and have pinned their hopes upon them. And don’put say Kufr in the garb of ‘Hikmat’; what Islam is this? Actually these(Hurriyat leaders) are politicians, don’t call them Islamic leaders. Hence they can’t be our leaders. And if they have to play their politics, they should not become stumbling blocks on our chosen path of Shariah. Otherwise, we will slit their throats and hang them in Lal Chowk. I am warning you (Hurriyat) that if you ever again stand in our path, then our first targets will be you and not the Indian infidels (Kufaar)…they just want to play politics. Our struggle, in particular the struggle of the Mujahideen is only and only for making Islam supreme and high. We will implement Shariah in Kashmir, InshaAllah. Don’t stand in our path. My beloved people need not get confused. When certain people speak against us, we are not bothered by it. Instead as you know, we become happy because it reassures us that we are on the true path, because such people(Munfiqee) have always opposed the truth. I request my people to again not get confused. Yes, we need to get united but unity on the bases of Tawheed(Islamic monotheism), but not with hypocrites. What if in future they(Hurriyat) claim that worshipping idols is permissible? Shall we accept that and remain united? No. We need to recognize the truth and you know most of the scholars are either corrupt or fearful, so we are forced to speak on these issues because we love our Ummah and we do not want that further gloom is thrust upon us. We all know how many sacrifices have been rendered by the Mujahideen. And we want to tell these Hypocrites(Hurriyat) that if they think they are on true path, then come and spend one single night with us and we will see the level of their faith and their high talks of Islam. If they want to play dirty politics then they should do it in their respective homes.
O’ people, our biggest worry is for you only. I request all people that if we want to implement Shariah, then first of all we should implement it on ourselves. We should get closer to Allah(swt) and hold on fast to the rope of Allah(swt), without pinning our hopes on anyone. Wasalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabaraqatuhu.”



Hizbul commander Zakir Musa quits after outfit condemns his beheading threat to separatists


Hizbul commander Zakir Musa’s threat to Hurriyat evoles widespread condemnation in Kashmir Valley


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6 Responses to Hizbul Mujahideen Kashmir Commander Zakir Musa releases new video and allegedly steps down from outfit following condemnation in the Valley

  1. john baptist says:

    So they want to be molested by hindu thugs and Anglo extremist child molesters who brought installed hindu thugs on them? If they are going to fear these pagan (racist) thugs they will scare them even more. They barbarian pagans have shown their true colors…….What a bunch to stewpid hippies….lol

    • A voice from the past… will be interesting to see how Kashmir situation develops… seems there there is a taste among some for stronger action…

      • john baptist says:

        The extremism and brutality of these pagans (hindus+Europeans) against little babies of the muslamics is the root cause of any extremism coming from muslamics. And these pagans don’t want to address that because they are making trillions of dollars from their colonies. The hippies have to turn to their original doctrine and reject sufism if they want to survive the onslaught of these vicious barbaric animals of east and the west. The humanity is getting sick of atrocities of these pagans. Kashmiris would be so stewpid to play hippies against these bunch of vicious hindu thugs. They are being treated in the same way as Buddhist pagan thugs are treating Rohignya muslamics by burning their little childern alive. They need to get a grip of the situation. Some of them, however, are realizing that. And that’s whats making these pagans worried……lol

  2. john baptist says:

    These pagans (racists) only get tamed when they know there is a response. If they know they are dealing with hippie or sufi type of hippies they will eat you alive like they are doing to Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan childern (burning them alive) or what the Buddhist terrorist pagan thugs supported by Anglo race are doing to Rohingya muslamic. If you think these European pagans would down their propaganda against Kashmiris if they make these statements, even then they are wrong. They should have learnt that from the barbarity of these. Nationalist slogans play into the hands of pagans as paganism invented nationalism. You can’t defeat these pagans using nationalist doctrine.

    • Thanks for your comments… Tide seems to be turning in the valley while eyes are focused elsewhere… perhaps the Nationalists are trying to limit bloodshed. A stronger approach could hasten azadi but the cost I fear will be many more lives lost before that is achieved…

      • john baptist says:

        Well, the cost is going to be the same in the end. They are bleeding slowly to their death now under that brutal savage hindu pagan thuggery brought into power by English pagan thugs just like the illegal jewish immigrants they brought and imposed upon Palestinians.

        The control of the European thugs is loosening on their colonies specially when Russia is going to liberate their women. They are paying billions of dollars to Russia which they have looted from the colonies. And they will keep paying it till Russia would liberate whole of the Europe. Russians would liberate their women like the Germans did in previous European race war over colonies which would not be so pretty. But despite all that these european pagans attack minorities living in their countries, kill muslamics and their babies in other countries and want them to play sufi while getting killed. These pagans are out of their mind as natural justice is going to get them just like it got them in previous two European race wars. They could have chosen to be on side of justice but pagans are renowned to be oppressors and molestors of humanity.

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