Islamic Emirate: Operation reporting for 05-06-16


Zabihullah Mujahid

Mujahideen attacks leave 3 killed, 4 injured KUNAR, June 5 – At least 3 Arbaki lapdogs including a commander, Rafat Khan were injured in a bomb attack followed by a shootout in Ghazi Abad district of eastern Kunar province early Sunday morning.

On Saturday, three enemy soldiers were killed and one injured in an exchange of fire with Mujahideen in Ghazi Abad district of this province.

Later, Mujahideen caused the enemy further losses of life and injuries when they stormed the enemy posts with heavy weapons in aforesaid district.


6 killed, 4 hurt in Paktika attacks PAKTIKA, June 5 – Two Arbaki militias were killed with many others wounded in a gunfight with Mujahideen in Sarhowza district of Paktika province on Saturday.


In another report, an Arbaki was killed with one injured when Mujahideen and the enemy exchanged fire in Jani Khel district of this province on Saturday.


In a report from neighboring Khost province, at least three puppets were killed and a further two wounded Saturday in Ismail Khail district of Khost province l in bomb attack detonated under the vehicle the enemy was riding in.



3 killed in Paktia province PAKTIA, June 5 – Two mine disposal experts were killed when a mine they were trying to defuse detonated at them in the provincial capital of Paktia province on Saturday.


Elsewhere, a policeman was killed and a vehicle destroyed in Mujahideen attack on Saturday.


In a separate attack, Mujahideen shelled the enemy base in Syed Karam district of Paktia province on Saturday. No losses of life and injuries have been confirmed.


Puppet shot dead in Kunduz KUNDUZ, June 5 – A puppet soldier was shot and killed in a sniper attack while he was on foot in Imam Sahib District of Kunduz province last night.


17 killed, 9 hurt n Wardak attacks WARDAK, June 5 – As many as 14 puppets were killed and a further 8 suffered injuries amid intense clashes following Mujahideen offensive against joint enemy troops in Chak district of Wardak province on Saturday, Al-Emarah News said on Saturday, adding two Mujahideen became martyrs with a further three injuries in yesterday’s operation.


Also Saturday, at least two puppets were killed and one hurt during violent fighting caused by enemy trying to break Mujahideen siege of Jalga district, Wardak province.


An armored tank was also destroyed in a bomb attack.

In another attack, a puppet was shot and killed in a sniper attack in Jalriz district of Wardak province on Saturday.


Numerous puppets killed in Wardak attacks  WARDAK, June 5 – An unknown number of the enemy soldiers were killed and wounded when Mujahideen counterattacked the enemy military convoy attempting an offensive against Mujahideen stationed in Jalga district of Wardak province on Saturday.


It is, however, unclear how many puppets have been killed and wounded in the daylong fighting.


In the province’s Chak district, Mujahideen fighters last night engaged in a fierce fighting with the enemy forces trying to rebuild the check posts destroyed by Mujahideen over the last few days

A number of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties in the resulting fighting.


Separately, an enemy post came under Mujahideen attacks but the losses inflicted on the enemy during the attack are unclear.



Enemy convoy attacked in Kabul KABUL, June 5 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the enemy convoy in Sarobi district of Kabul province on Saturday, causing the enemy heavy losses.


Enemy base shelled in Laghman; one killed LAGHMAN, June 5 – A puppet was killed and two others were wounded in a remote-controlled bomb attack in the provincial capital of Laghman province on Saturday.


Also Saturday, Mujahideen fighters pounded the enemy military base with mortar rounds in Qarghayi district of the province, causing it structural damages but the casualty toll is still unknown.


5 killed, 10 injured in Nangarhar attacks NANGARHAR, June 5 – A high-ranking officer was killed and two of his guards were wounded when Mujahideen attacked with IEDs the vehicle ferrying the officer to his home in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of Nangarhar province on Saturday.


In another report, 3 Arbaki lapdogs were injured in an exchange of fire with Mujahideen following an ambush attack in Surkh Rowd district of the province on Saturday.


Later in the day, a roadside bombing hit a vehicle carrying Arbakis in Dorbaba district of Nangarhar province, leaving two militias dead and another three wounded.


In province’s Bati Kot district, two puppets were killed with a further three injured when Mujahideen attacked the enemy convoy.


An enemy tank was destroyed after coming under rocket attacks.

Late Saturday, Mujahideen fighters stormed the headquarters of the district of Hisarak and surrounding checkpoints but there are no reports to confirm the enemy casualty.


3 killed as enemy posts stormed in Jowzjan JOWZJAN, June 5 – At least three Arbaki militias were injured during attacks conducted by Mujahideen on the enemy posts in the provincial capital of Jowzjan on Saturday.


Enemy post comes under attack in Parwan PARWAN, June 5 – A midnight attack on the enemy post left many puppets dead and wounded in Kohi Safi district of northern Parwan province last night.

In another report, Mujahideen fighters twice attacked Bagram airbase in Parwan province, pounding it with missiles and causing a huge fire within the base last night.


Several killed, tank destroyed in Ghazni GHAZNI, June 5 – A puppet soldier was killed and two others suffered injuries in a clash with Mujahideen in Shalgar district of Ghazni province on Saturday.

In another report, Mujahideen attacked the district headquarters of Ab Band in Ghazni province, causing the enemy heavy losses.


Furthermore, a number of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties and a tank was destroyed when Mujahideen conducted attack on building of district of Qarabagh and exchanged fire with the enemy in the mentioned district on Saturday.


3 Arbakis injured in Samangan SAMANGAN, June 5 – At least three Arbakis were injured when Mujahideen ambushed a group of Arbakis in Hazrat Sultan district of Samangan province on Saturday.


Enemy base shelled in Logar LOGAR, June 5 – The Islamic Emirate’s fighters pounded the enemy base located in the provincial capital of Logar province with heavy weapons on Saturday. It is, however, unclear if anyone was killed or wounded.

Meeting called on condolence & oath of allegiance NANGARHAR, June 5 – A meeting on the occasion of pledge of allegiance took place in a college in Ghani Khel district of Nangarhar province on Saturday.


A large number of students, teachers, tribesmen, tribal elders and seniors of education & culture of the Islamic Emirate and Mujahideen commanders and notables as well as Ulam (scholars) from all over the Nangarhar came to offer their condolences pledge alligaince to new Amir.


The meeting began with the recitation of the verses from Holy Quran and the participants expressed their condolences over the martyrdom of the former Amir –ul- Monineen, Mullah Akhtar Mansour (May Allah rest his soul in peace) and prayed that Allah Almighty give the ability and courage to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.


Later, everyone gave their allegiance to the incumbent Amir-ul-Monineen, Mualana Hibatullah Akhun Zada.


Meantime, the participants gave all-inclusive talks on different issues and how to further improve and promote education.


10 employees killed as martyr attack hits appellate court  LOGAR, June 5 – As many as 30 employees and judges have been suffered casualties when Mujahideen carried out martyr attack on appellate court in Pol-e-Alam city, the provincial capital of Logar province early Sunday, according to Al-Emarah News reports.


It said Sunday, a team of Mujahideen belonging to martyr unit of the Islamic Emirate stormed the compound of the court at around 10:00 AM, and launched direct shooting and multiple bomb attacks.


According to initial reports,  at least 10 employees of the appellate court and judges were killed and over 20 were wounded in today’s operation.


The head of the appellate court, Mohammad Akram Nijat is said to be among those killed in Sunday’s operation.


The attack comes as inauguration ceremony of the new head of the appellate court was ongoing.


This is in retaliation to the execution of 6 Mujahideen detainees by the corrupt lawyers and judges of the stooge government earlier last month.


Father, 2 children abducted amid nighttime raid NANGARHAR, June 5 – The combined American invaders and their puppets barged in on the civilians in the middle of the night in what was apparently a house to house search in Khogyani district of Nangarhar province and abducted father and two of his children.


3 killed, 4 injured in Ghazni attacks GHAZNI, June 5 – At least three puppets were killed and four others wounded when Mujahideen attacked the enemy supply convoy in Dayak district of Ghazni province on Sunday.


Two supply trucks were destroyed in the attack.


Two puppets killed, four hurt in Kapisa KAPISA, June 5 – At least two puppets were killed with a further four wounded in a bomb attack in Kapisa province’s Tagab district on Sunday.


7 killed, 2 injured in Paktia PAKTIA, June 5 – At least 3 policemen were killed and 1 hurt when a roadside bomb blast ripped through the enemy vehicle in the provincial capital of Paktia province on Sunday.


Later, an Arbaki militia was killed and one hurt after Mujahideen attacked the enemy post elsewhere in Ahmad Khel district of Paktia province.


In another report, two policemen were killed and one was wounded in a bomb attack in the provincial capital of Paktia province on Sunday.


Separately, one policeman was killed when Mujahideen attacked the headquarters district of Laja Mangal on Sunday.


Qari Yousuf Ahmadi

3 policemen wounded amid Farah clashes
FARAH, June. 05 – At least 3 gunmen were wounded after Mujahideen attacked ANP troops who sat ambushed for Mujahideen in Bazar area of Farah Rod district at 11:00 am local time on Saturday.
A villager is said to have been slightly wounded in the operation, while Mujahideen suffered no casualties.
10 killed, 2 APC’s destroyed in Nawa
HELMAND, June. 05 – Reports say that an enemy convoy came under a Mujahideen attack in Haji Haider terminal area of Nawa district early Saturday night, during which a tank was shot and destroyed by RPG fire and another one by IED attack, killing and wounding 9 puppets inside.
Meanwhile a gunman was also killed by sniper fire in the said area.
Check post stormed in Shahwalikot, 7 killed
KANDAHAR, June. 05 – Reports arriving from Shahwalikot district say that Mujahideen assaulted a hireling check post located on Tarinkot road Sabzal area overnight, killing 7 gunmen on the spot and dismantling towers of the check post.
3 Mujahideen were also wounded during the operation.


3 check postw overrun in Shahwalikot, equipment seized
KANDAHAR, June. 05 – Amid ongoing Omari annual campaign Mujahideen launched coordinated attack on 3 enemy check posts located in Kocheni Karez area of Shahwalikot district overnight, says a report.
According to details Mujahideen assaulted check posts with heavy and light arms after targeting the district administration center by missile to cut off the electricity.
The check posts were overrun after a brief resistance, leaving 7 puppets killed inside and forcing the rests to flee.
It adds 2 ranger pickups, 5 motorbikes, 2 Dshk, 1 rifle and a number of war equipment was seized in the operation.
Enemy suffer heavy toll as key enemy base stormed in Nad Ali
HELMAND, June. 05 – At around 4:00 pm local time yesterday a hireling check post located in Syad Abad region’s Parchao area came under a Mujahideen SPG-9 attack, inflecting serious casualties to enemy that are unknown yet.
Hirelings abandon check post in Delaram
NIMROZ, June. 05 – Officials say enemy troops have fled and abandoned a check post in Dehamzang area of Delaram district due to fear of Mujahideen attack overnight.
IED attack kills commander in Gurziwan
FARYAB, June. 05 – A recent reports state that at around 7 am early this morning an Arbaki commander – Azizullah – has been killed along with his guard after their motorbike destroyed by a roadside bomb attack in Gowki area of Gurziwan district.
9 killed and wounded as 4 hireling APC’s destroyed in Marjah
HELMAND, June. 05 – Officials say that at least 4 enemy APC’s were destroyed by RPG and Dshk artillery fire when Mujahideen surprised hireling troops in Loy Charrahi area of Marjah district middy today.
Similarly 9 enemy gunmen have been killed amid a firefight in the area.
Arbaki killed amid Faryab clashes
FARYAB, June. 05 – Reports arriving from Qaisar district state that a local militiamen was killed amid a gunfight in Chichakto area on Friday night.
Another reports says that enemy has also suffered heavy losses in a gunfight that took place in Qarai Bazar area of Almar district at around 11:00 pm local time on Saturday.
A Mujahid was wounded and 2 others martyred in the operation.
Gunfight kills 2, hurts 3 in Badghis
BADGHIS, June. 05 – At around 9:00 am local time yesterday at least 2 gunmen were killed with further 3 seriously wounded after Mujahideen engaged enemy troops arriving Band Sharam area for an operation.
5 motorbikes and a rifle was seized during the operation.
A Mujahid was also injured in the operation.
Farah road remain closed for enemy
FARAH, June. 05 – Reports arriving from Bala Baluk district say that various routs connecting Farah city and Farah district administration center remind blocked for enemy whole day yesterday.
Meanwhile an enemy tank was destroyed amid an attack in the area, however exact number of causalities could not be ascertained yet.
2 Mujahideen were also martyred in the operation.
Gunfight kills 3 puppets, hurts 3 in Herat
HERAT, June. 05 – At around 6:00 am local time today a gunfight broke out against enemy troops in Lari Sarkh area of Kushki Kuhna district.
Gunfight of heavy and light weapons lasted till noon hours, during which a high rank officer – Nadir Shah – was killed along 2 others with further 3 wounded.


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