Vigils held around the world in solidarity with Kashmir to highlight human rights abuses


Vigil in London Trafalgar Square (Posted by San’aa bint Kashmir)

Tonight Friday candlelit vigils are being held in England, Australia, Canada, Nepal, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a number of other countries in solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Those supporting are raising concerns over years of human rights abuses that include rape, torture, enforced disappearances and murder.


Posted by Sanna Hijabsta Naq


A “mother event” is being held in front of the White House in Washington DC hosted by Sanna Hijabsta Naq, Tahir Qazi and Wajahat Kureshi. The following information was  posted on the Facebook site,

Kashmir is BLEEDING. We are bleeding.

The recent events leading to the death of six Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir have torn apart unhealed wounds in the hearts of the Kashmiri community worldwide. These innocent civilians were murdered by the indian armed forces during a protest march, after reports of a sexual assault on a minor girl by the indian troops. The troops fired on the protesters to kill them by shooting them in the head and upper body parts. A curfew was imposed in the area and mobile internet services suspended after the killings. The indian troops are protected by draconian indian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act and cannot be prosecuted in civilian courts for any crimes against the citizens of Kashmir.

Kashmiri diaspora community is outraged. In an unprecedented effort to remember the innocent victims and to pray for the safety of Kashmiris, people of conscience led by Kashmiri diaspora, will hold candlelight vigils on Friday, April 22nd, at 8:00 p.m. local time wherever they are. A young generation of Kashmiri diaspora, without any political affiliations, is leading the effort. They have organized peaceful candlelight vigils and silent sit-ins throughout the globe from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, United States. In addition to planned vigils in front of the White House in Washington DC and United Nations Headquarters in New York City, the vigils are planned to take place in greater Philadelphia area, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado and other cities in the United States of America; Toronto and Edmonton in Canada, Bangladesh, Nepal and Chennai in India; Dubai, Muscat, Kuwait, and other places in the Gulf; Sydney, Australia; London, Brussels, Oslo, and other cities in the European Union; and Azad, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Srinagar, Kashmir.


Outside UN headquarters (via Sarfraz Moghal)


Children joining in at the UN (Via Sarfraz Moghal)


Posted by Dibyesh Anand 

Links to the vigils worldwide:

Washington, D.C., USA:
Sydney, Australia:
London, UK:
New York, USA:
Los Angeles, USA:
Atlanta, USA:
Toronto, Canada:
Dhaka, Bangladeh:
Florida, USA:
Philadelphia, USA:
Boston, USA:
In addition to organized protests, people of conscience throughout the world, including Kashmir, are planning to hold candlelight vigils on their porches, balconies, and decks and post pictures or videos on social media using #VigilForKashmir, #KashmirBleeding, #FreeKashmir, and#CandlelightVigilForKashmir hashtags. Many are planning to say a silent prayer and post messages of support and solidarity on social media on Friday, April 22nd, at 8:00 p.m. their local time.


Outside the White House (via Sanna Hijabsta Naq) 


Protest in Nepal (Posted by Qazi Zaid)

Kashmir is the heaviest militarized region in the world, according to the Guinness book of world records. People of Kashmir want international community to intervene and speak on their behalf for their safety and their human rights. They want to live a life of dignity and honor and want politicians in the region to leave them alone to choose their own destiny. Thousands of innocent lives have been lost and untold miseries perpetrated on a small nation for nothing but their desire to exercise their rights of self determination enshrined in International law. It is time that International community remembers that this wanton destruction of life is not mere statistics, but actual people in flesh and blood. As the Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel has said, “To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all.” No more, should be the cry of the people of conscience throughout the world.

Please show up on time, invite your friends and spread the word. Thank you!

On April 12, 2016, four people were killed, two shot dead and scores are feared injured after protests spurred as an Indian army trooper molested a minor girl (aged 16) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Handwara town.

The youth Mohammad Iqbal, who is a resident of Bomham in Kupwor district, received a bullet wound in his face and was admitted to district hospital. Doctors said he was dead on arrival. Another youth, Naeem Qadir Bhat, a cricketeer, who was a local from the police district, has also been killed. He also received a bullet wound and was declared dead. A woman was on the balcony of her house as a bullet hit her and she was immediately rushed to the hospital where later she passed away. Thus far 6 people were killed and many others severely injured.

Enough is enough. We ask you to come together and stand in solidarity for the innocent souls who lost their lives and the others that have been killed since 1989.


Posted by San’aa Saleem

UK vigil

San’aa Saleem organised a vigil in Trafalgar Square London posting the following message on a special Facebook page,

Salaaam/Peace All,

There’s just two hours to go before this kicks off. I know its a tad cold outside and its a little bit rainy but the human spirit is so resillient that no matter what the weather we still stand together against the injustice around us. Today another soul was lost in Kashmir. This news reaches us with heavy hearts.

But today is Friday/Jummah which is a blessed day for Muslims and its raining outside. And as some of the team reminded me this morning, in my religion we believe that Rain is a form of Mercy from Allah swt. Whenever I think about this I’m reminded of how beautiful this kind of appreciation is. Not only do we appreciate what it gone, but what is present and the things which we value moving forward.

I can cast my mind back to moments we’ve all stood together in the rain to ask for what is rightfully ours and to mourn those we have lost as we push on with our relentless struggles. These moments transcend history.

I hope tonight is one of these times. And I hope you will join us to share in memory and the making of history.

See you at 8PM in Trafalgar Square.
Bring a candle and a prayer.



Vigil Light Protest In Hitchin Hertfordshire, Against The Innocent Killings Of Kashmiris!!!
‪#‎FREEKASHMIR‬ (Posted by Sabaa Khan)

Australia, Sydney


A gathering to remember the struggles of Kashmiris was held in Sydney, Australia

Sami Qazi posted articles on Twitter to highlight injustice in the region and said, “Sydney’s small Kashmiri community held a candlelight vigil for Human rights violations in Kashmir.”



Discussion of students on the Kashmir Conflict in the Dhaka University Film Society (DFUS)

A vigil was held at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ain Wani said,

“We started with a silent protest in front of Raju Vaskorjo, Dhaka university. Then, we went inside the Dhaka University Film Society and discussed the Kashmir conflict,the possible solutions and our responsibility towards the Kashmir Conflict. Then, around 8 pm, we all went to Bot Tola Field, near Arts Building, Dhaka University where we held the candle vigil which was part of the global event in solidarity with the 16 year girl who was sexually molested and illegally detained. After the candle vigil, we lit up some gas lanterns. Event concluded.”


‪#‎VigilForKASHMIR‬ ‪#‎CandlelightvigilforKashmir‬ ‪#‎FreeKashmir‬


Posted by Abu Hisham

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