Islamic Emirate: Afghanistan in the month of March (2016)


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(Note: This article comprises of only those incidents and losses which are admitted and confirmed by the enemy too. For detailed information about the real amount of losses and casualties of foreign invaders and their internal mercenary security forces, one is advised to regularly visit ‘Alemara’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.)

As usually, in March 2016, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, had several significant achievements and conquests in various parts of the country, in which, heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on the enemy. Some implicit and explicit admissions of the foreign crusade invaders about the failure and inefficiency of their own established stooge admin and the ever increasing strength and influence of Mujahidin, including various other issues have been discussed under the following captions.

Losses and casualties of foreign invaders:

It is evident from the following incidents, elaborated in details, that severe losses and casualties were inflicted on the criminal foreign invaders, especially in the collapse of their planes and helicopters, in which, the individual incidents changed into collateral losses. To deceive their own people as well as the Afghan masses, the devious and lying enemy remained consistent to their principles i.e. not to admit or, at least, to remain silent about these incidents; therefore, we would also remain confined to the casualties of those three American soldiers who were killed in the beginning of this month.

Casualties of internal mercenary forces:

Due to substantial advances of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate and their increased and well-calculated attacks in various parts of the country, losses and casualties of internal stooge soldiers have definitely and considerably increased. Hundreds of these enemy soldiers are killed on the monthly basis. Though, the exact number of these losses and casualties is very difficult if not impossible; because of the expansion of Jihadi activities in various parts of the country; in the following lines, only those incidents are mentioned which are quite crucial for the stooge enemy.

The enemy suffered severe losses not only in face to face to fighting with the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, but the infiltrated people inside the enemy ranks inflicted even heavier casualties on them; by realizing the bitter consequences of working and serving under the yoke of foreign invaders.

On Tuesday 1st March, an infiltrated policeman killed and then successfully managed to escape in ‘Shah Wali Kot’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province. Similarly, on Thursday 24th March, another infiltrated person killed seven Arbaki militiamen in ‘Arghandab’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Wednesday 2nd March, 32 Arbaki militiamen were killed in ‘Baharak’ district of ‘Badakhshan’ province. And, two days later, an official of interior ministry inside Kabul was stabbed to death by some unknown people.

On Sunday 6th March, the representative of twelfth zone inside Kandahar city, simultaneously serving in intelligence security, was killed in the center of the same city.

On Monday 7th March, four notorious Arbaki commanders were killed in ‘Andar’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province.

On Thursday 10th March, five police commanders including tens of other policemen were killed in ‘Grishk’ district of ‘Helmand’ province.

On Tuesday 15th March, the chief security commander of ‘Dawab’ district in ‘Nooristan’ province was killed.

On Sunday 20th March, the chief security commander of ‘Jalraize’ district in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province was assassinated.

On Monday 21st March, another notorious commander of unrestrained Arbaki militiamen was killed in ‘Andar’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province.

On Friday 25th March, the deputy commander of 205 army corps was killed in a martyrdom seeking attack along with the soldiers around him in ‘Daman’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Saturday 26th March, a judge and an attorney of ‘Ghazni’ provincial courts were killed during fighting in the area.

On Sunday 27th March, a high ranking commander of mercenary army was killed in ‘Mohammad Agha’ district in ‘Logar’ province.

On Monday 28th March, another high ranking military commander was killed in ‘Dasht-i-Archi’ district of ‘Kunduz’ province.

Financial losses of the enemy:

On one side, the internal stooge enemy is incessantly suffering from colossal financial losses which is beyond their limits, by losing their military bases, districts and various types of military equipment and ammunitions; as expressed and admitted by their generals who were trained merely on using rubber bullets.

On the other side, huge financial losses were also inflicted on foreign invaders.

On Friday 18th March, a helicopter of the enemy was hit and brought down by Mujahidin in ‘Naad Ali’ district of ‘Helmand’ province.

On Tuesday 29th March, another helicopter of the enemy was targeted and destroyed in ‘Nari’ district of ‘Konar’ province. In both of these incidents, the enemy suffered heavy casualties, too.

On Wednesday 30th March, an F-16 Jet-fighter of the enemy collapsed in ‘Bagram’ air base. Though the enemy confirmed this incident, but claimed that the pilot was rescued and is under intensive treatment. It is worth mentioning that this jet fighter costed round about $100 million.

Amalgamation of security forces and officials with Mujahidin:

The available reports show that three hundred and forty three (343) officials from different organs of the stooge setup united with Mujahidin in March. Full details can be found in the monthly reports of ‘Invitation and Amalgamation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate on its official website. In the following lines, only few incidents are elaborated:

On Friday 11th March, 65 policemen along with all their weapons and ammunitions joined Mujahidin in ‘Khass Urzgan’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province.

On Sunday 13th March, 5 Arbaki militiamen left the enemy ranks and united with Mujahidin in ‘Baraki Barak’ district of ‘Logar’ province, having realized the malicious conspiracies of the internal stooge enemy as well as the foreign invaders, and the sincerity of Mujahidin and their devotion and commitment to their creed, country and its pious masses.

On Saturday 26th March, ten soldiers of the mercenary army surrendered to Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Shairzad’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province.

‘Azm’ Jihadi operations:

The ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations were incessant throughout March, by gaining significant achievements.

On Tuesday 1st March, ‘Kharkhori’ district of ‘Urzgan’ district, which was besieged for long, was eventually liberated and captured by Mujahidin.

On Wednesday 2nd March, in the wake of severe fighting with the unrestrained ‘Gilam-Jam’ militia, headed by the notorious warlord and the deputy of stooge admin, ‘Khawaja Musa’ district of ‘Faryab’ province was re-captured by Mujahidin and the mercenary militiamen were pushed back and expelled from the area.

On Thursday 3rd March, the strategic area of ‘Tarbalaq’ also came under Mujahidin’s control.

Advance of Mujahidin in the western parts of the country was in no way less significant.

On Saturday 5th March, a strategic post of stooge in-security forces was captured by Mujahidin and white flag of Islamic Emirate was hoisted there. In this fighting, which lasted for two days, five commanders of the enemy including tens of other mercenary soldiers were killed.

On Tuesday 15th March, ‘Khanashin’ district, which fell in the enemy’s hands for a short time, was re-controlled by courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

On the same day, ‘Charchino’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province and ‘Deh-Rawoot’ district of ‘Helmand’ province were under the severe attacks of Mujahidin, in which, thirty soldiers of the stooge enemy were killed.

On Saturday 26th March, the stooge officials of puppet regime reported that ‘Khulm’ district of ‘Balkh’ province was under the severe attacks of Mujahidin, in which, heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on them.

On the other hand, the enemy was not neglected and spared in the capital city Kabul.

On Monday 28th March, the new building of Parliament came under rocket attacks of Mujahidin.

On Wednesday 30th March, a convoy of a former Senator came under attack, in the heart of the city, in which, his body guards were killed and wounded.

On the same day, severe fighting erupted between Mujahidin and the stooge forces in ‘Dehrawoot’ district of ‘Helmand’ province, in which, 15 soldiers were killed and 8 others were badly injured.

The inefficiency of stooge admin and confirmation of increasing Mujahidin’s strength:

On one side, Mujahidin are incessantly progressing and gaining new territories, and on the other side, the internal power struggle and crumbling situation of the stooge admin has inevitably resulted in the frustration and disappointment of its foreign coalition masters as well as its internal supporters.

On Monday 7th March, the Afghan National Party, which widely supported the head of the stooge admin, has now announced its disgust and aversion from the puppet regime. It repented on its previous support for this heterogeneous setup.

Simultaneously, the European Community, which provided extravagant financial support for all the previous elections, has announced that if the Kabul based admin fails in bringing adequate reforms in general elections system, this community will not support it in the future, because of its utter disappointment from this stooge admin.

On Saturday 5th March, the ex-American defense secretary, in a discussion with ‘Al-Jazeera Television Channel’ termed the demand of stooge Kabul admin as a ridiculous one which asked for further support and funding of its air forces with advanced and sophisticated equipment and warfare. He added that billions of dollars have been spent on training, equipping and arming the stooge admin of Kabul but still, they are inefficient and cannot combat Taliban.

The foreign occupying invaders tried their utmost to force Mujahidin to participate in the quadripartite negotiations. But the leadership of the Islamic Emirate rejected this deceitful and misleading process. On Tuesday 8th March, the American authorities admitted that no participation of Mujahidin in negotiations means that the following year will be a difficult one for the already crumbling stooge admin of Kabul. This admission reveals that if Mujahidin do not give up their armed struggle for some more time, the inefficient admin of Kabul, which is already on the verge of collapse, will face even much more challenges.

On Saturday 12th March, the chief security head of ‘Ghazni’ province told that if they were not supported on the urgent basis, this province is on the verge of collapse.

On Wednesday 17th March, the security chief of ‘Urzgan’ province raised his voice and told that the collapse of ‘Deh-Rawut’ district of this province is the matter of days or even hours.

Moreover, some former officials and workers of the stooge admin, who were strong supporters of puppet regime, have now joined those who bitterly criticize the policies of this admin.

On Saturday 12th March, the ex-interior minister ‘Umar Dawoodzai’ told in a press conference in Kabul that the stooge admin has strayed from the right path and will not achieve its goal or destiny.

The European Union which was one of the chief supports of the stooge admin, expressed in a statement released on Sunday 13th March that due to wide spread corruption, the Kabul based admin is near to collapse.

On Tuesday 22nd March, eventually the head of the stooge admin, Ashraf Ghani, while addressing the inaugural ceremony of new solar year, dared to admit that he had not been successful in fulfilling most of those pledges, vowed by him during his election campaign.

Due to the above mentioned facts, the general public is also frustrated and has expressed their anger and annoyance against the stooge admin. In a survey conducted by BBG (The Broadcasting Board of Governors) research center and published on Thursday 24th March, it is said that more than 80% Afghan masses are discontented and disappointed from the inefficient admin, imposed over them and supported by foreign crusade invaders.

Torture and vexing of civilian people by the enemy:

The torture and killing of innocent Afghan masses remained incessant in March, both by brutal foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces, as their regular duties or obligations. In the previous monthly report, the sufferings and vexations of oppressed people of ‘Dand-i-Ghori’ in ‘Baghlan’ province by the enemy forces were elaborated; similarly, on Saturday 5th March, media reported about another felony of the mercenary forces of stooge admin and told that even drinking water has been closed by the authorities which has resulted in severe sufferings for the local people.

On Tuesday 8th March, a video recorded by some puppet policeman had wide circulation, in which, a young man was tied behind a police vehicle and was dragged on the main road. He was forced to confess his alliance with Mujahidin. In that awful video, another savage and brutal policeman was bitterly biting the young man to snatch his flesh.

On Saturday 12th March, the amateurish policemen opened indiscriminate fire on a public transport vehicle in Helmand province, in which, several people on the board were martyred and wounded.

Subsequently, an innocent youth was martyred in ‘Qara Bagh’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province, which proved the determination of the stooge admin that they were devoted to the ferocity of their own defenseless people.

On Wednesday 16th March, five innocent women were martyred when a house was hit by mortar shelling, indiscriminately fired by the mercenary army in ‘Ghazi Abad’ district of ‘Konar’ province.

On Monday 21st March, an ordinary youth was martyred by stooge policemen in ‘Waghaz’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province.

In addition to the above, the foreign invaders once again provided a brutal training ceremony to their stooge forces by indiscriminately bombing ‘Marja’ district of ‘Helmand’ province on Saturday 26th March, in which, tens of ordinary civilians were martyred and injured.

On Tuesday 29th March, a lass was martyred by policemen in ‘Almar’ district of ‘Faryab’ province who had just come out of her home and finding way via a cell phone torch.

The innocent masses of Afghanistan have frequently protested against these brutalities and barbarities of both foreign invaders and their stooge mercenary forces. On Tuesday 29th March, a young gardener was martyred by foreign invading soldiers in ‘Bagram’ district of ‘Parwan’ province, which resulted in large scale demonstrations of the people in this district, demanding the urgent and complete withdrawal of American and other foreign forces from Afghanistan.

For more details about civilian tortures and vexations, one can visit the special reports of these incidents, regularly published on the official website of the Islamic Emirate.

On diplomatic front:

Besides the colossal military achievements of Mujahidin, the envoys of Islamic Emirate have been quite successful on diplomatic front, which has been acknowledged by the enemy too. In March, a quadripartite meeting was to be hosted and held in Islamabad. The devious enemies had a mind that the Islamic Emirate will be deceived and convinced or compelled to participate in these negotiations. But to their dismay, on Saturday 5th March, the Islamic Emirate expressed its detachment from any such process. In retaliation, the occupying Americans warned that Taliban should either set for negotiations or accept another surge of fighting. The Islamic Emirate issued a statement that its loyal Mujahidin would not be undermined by these proud but shallow threats of wicked occupying forces. The statement added that after fourteen years of occupation, having used all its might and mind, the American and other foreign forces are doomed to defeat; and the only way or option left for them is to confess their felony, give up war, and quit Afghanistan as soon as possible.

This standpoint of the Islamic Emirate not only resulted in failure of this meeting; but it convinced some political supporters of the stooge regime that Taliban cannot be pressurized by Pakistan or by any other regional or international power to deviate from their chosen path.

On Sunday 13th March, the ex-finance minister of the stooge regime of Kabul, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, while criticizing the policies of the stooge admin, told that though the Islamic Emirate was a crucial part of this gathering but it (the meeting) could not succeed when they denied their participation in it.

On the other side, but on the same day, ‘Hizb-i-Islamic’, another political front, announced its readiness to participate in these negotiations on the invitation of Ashraf Ghani, though this fiction was never invited to do so by the actual conveners of the meeting.

The stooge admin and women rights:

The puppet regime of Kabul is fully supported by American and several European powers. These self-conceited champions of women rights thought that by deploying their self-made stooges, they would bring some apparent changes regarding the status of women in Afghanistan. But, contrary to all their expectations and estimations, the women rights are severely violated in most of the areas under the control of stooge admin, on the regular basis.

In the statement issued by the United Nations on Tuesday 8th March, on the occasion of woman day, this bitter reality was revealed that violence against women had been increase by 37% during last year in the stooge admin held areas.

Simultaneous with this revelation, the head of the stooge admin told in a ceremony held for commemorating this day that sexual violence against women in government offices and universities has largely increased and has become the order of the day.

Prior to this, authentic reports against several directors of stooge setup were published who were involved in sexual abuse of their subordinate female officials. Similarly, in various educational institutions, female students were solicited to fulfil the sexual lust and demands of their instructors.

Returning of Foreign Invaders:

On one side the foreign invaders are practically acknowledging their defeat by absconding the battle field due to incessant and vigorous Mujahidin’s attacks, in which vast areas were captured and liberated from the enemy.

On the other side, on Wednesday 3rd March, the occupying Americans announced that one thousand fresh soldiers are being sent to Afghanistan.

The former American commander, General Campbell, told on Tuesday 15th March, that they were thinking of renewed fighting and bombardment in this war stricken country.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of NATO, told on Wednesday 16th March, that they are ready to work together and support the crumbling stooge admin against Taliban; but adding that they would never indulge in direct fighting with Taliban.

Prior to this, on Wednesday 2nd March, General Nicolson, an American, was appointed as the general commander of American and other occupying forces in Afghanistan.

Though some of the invading countries, like America, are telling about sending more troops to Afghanistan, while on the other side, on Monday 14th March, Ireland announced that they are going to withdraw the very last contingent of their troops which was involved in fighting under the command of NATO coalition forces.

Re-involvement of the Bear in Afghanistan:

While the freedom loving people of Afghanistan are trying to liberated their beloved homeland from the western occupying forces, the bear of north, instead of learning any lesson from her previous invasion and admonitory defeat, re-involved herself in Afghan dilemma.

In this regard, on Tuesday 1st March, ten thousand ‘Kalashnikovs’ were handed over to the puppet regime, already fully supported by the crusade alliance, for renewed fighting against Mujahidin. It is worth-mentioning that the former northern alliance has been regularly funded and supported by Russia during the whole era of western occupation of our beloved homeland.

Cleavages and ruptures inside the stooge admin:

With the passage of time, the bitter differences among the heterogeneous setup established by ‘John Kerry’ and nourished by NATO alliance, were revealed when they crossed the red line.

On Thursday 17th March, six persons including a prominent militia commander were killed in internal skirmishes which erupted in the wake of fighting which took place in ‘Faize Abad’ district of ‘Jozejan’ province, between forces loyal to Commander Atta Mohammad and those loyal to general Dostam.

Similarly, in another incident, on Thursday 24th March, in the center of ‘Faryab’ province, several people were killed and injured from both warring fictions. Though these differences and skirmishes are not something new; but, in the past, their foreign master were controlling the situation by intervening between them. And now, as the foreign supervisors have refrained from middling, the already cold-war like situation erupted and turned into bloody fighting and chaos between various fictions of the heterogeneous set up.


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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