Islamic Emirate: Afghanistan in the month of January 2016


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(Note: In this article, only those incidents and casualties are included which are confirmed by the enemy too. It is reminded that detailed and reliable information, particularly about the casualties and financial losses of both foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces can be found on the official website of the Islamic Emirate.)

Though January, the first month of 2016, falls nearly in the middle of winter season in our part of the wold and it remains pretty cold, but it was made rather warm by the enthusiastic Jihadi activities of Mujahidin which had significant victories in their wake. The enemy suffered huge losses during this month and vast areas were liberated by Mujahidin. The significant incidents of this month are elaborated under the following captions.

Losses and casualties suffered by foreign invaders:

The starting month of 2016 was not only fraught with fatal attacks for the brutal foreign occupying forces, but tremendous financial losses and casualties were also inflicted on them which shattered the malicious plans of all the internal and external enemies of our beloved homeland.

During this month, the persistently lying foreign enemy admitted that only three of their soldiers were killed, while on Wednesday 6th January, the collapse of the American helicopter in ‘Helmond’ province, in which, 17 occupying soldiers including a high ranking American official were killed, can neither be denied nor can it be concealed.

On Monday 11th January, four invading troops were killed and three others were injured in a collective grenade attack of Mujahidin in the central city of ‘Laghman’ province.

The above facts and figures reveal that the enemy is still concealing the actual amount of losses and casualties of both, the foreign invading soldiers as well as their internal mercenary forces, who are devotedly serving the crusade alliance of occupying forces.

Losses and casualties suffered by the stooge enemy forces:

In January, as the brutal foreign invaders were perplexed due to the indefatigable endeavours of courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, similarly, their mercenary army, police force and the whole stooge regime could not spend even a single day without suffering losses.

On Saturday 9th January, media reported that the stooge soldiers who had gone homes due to illness or leave, did not want to return to the battle-field as they had realized their inevitable failure and embarrassment.

On Monday 10th January, besides the confirmation of above report, the German based well-known ‘Spiegel’ magazine added that the NATO alliance cannot rely upon the proficiency of Afghan forces.

On Tuesday 5th January, the head of the deceiving peace council of ‘Samangan’ province was killed in the capital city of this province.

On Wednesday 13th January, a commander of the notorious Arbaki militiamen was killed including two of his body guards in ‘Qara-Bagh’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province.

On Friday 15th January, an infiltrated policeman killed four other policemen including the commander of their check post and successfully escaped to join Mujahidin.

In a similar incident, on Monday 18th January, another policeman killed five policeman including their commander in ‘Babaji’ district of ‘Helmond’ province and managed to escape along with his weapons.

On Friday 22nd January, the intelligence head of central security centre in ‘Urzgan’ province was killed by Mujahidin inside the city.

On Tuesday 26th January, and infiltrated policeman killed ten other policemen in ‘Chinar Tori’ area of this province.

On Saturday 30th January, advisor to the governor of ‘Nangarhar’ province and the spokesman of national television was killed.

On Sunday 31st January, the security commander of ‘Sarkano’ district in ‘Konar’ province and his deputy were killed by Mujahidin.

Financial losses of the enemy:

During this month, the foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces suffered tremendous financial losses. Several of their military tanks, vehicles and other military equipment were either destroyed or seized by Mujahidin.

On Sunday 3rd January, a helicopter of the foreign invaders was shot and destroyed in ‘Mohammad Agha’ district of ‘Logar’ province.

On Tuesday 5th January, another helicopter of the enemy forces was targeted by Mujahidin which collapsed in ‘Marja’ district of ‘Helmond’ province.

Armed forces amalgamation with Mujahidin:

Due to the incessant efforts of ‘Invitation and Amalgamation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate, and the increasing understanding of malicious objectives of foreign invaders, several workers of puppet regime have either left their jobs or united with Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate during January. Moreover, Mujahidin succeeded in capturing some rogues alive, too.

During this month, five hundred and forty three workers of different departments left the thoroughly corrupt regime and joined Mujahidin. In the following lines, some of these cases are mentioned for the better information of our esteemed readers.

On Saturday 2nd January, seventeen soldiers of mercenary army left their ranks and joined Mujahidin in their respective areas.

On Tuesday 26th January, a renowned commander of Arbaki militiamen left the puppet regime and shifted to Mujahidin in ‘Bad Pusht’ district of ‘Laghman’ province.

On Friday 29th January, eight policemen left their jobs and united with Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Bala Murghab’ district of ‘Badghis’ province.

In another incident, on Thursday 28th January, two commanders and one deputy commander of mercenary army were detained by Mujahidin in ‘Khash Road’ district of ‘Nimroze’ province and were shifted to a safe area for further investigation.

‘Azm’ Jihadi operations:

According to an analytical report of ‘Tolo’ television, in the whole span of 2015, more than ten thousands Jihadi operations were carried out by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate which are several times greater than all the previous years.

With the start of new year, these operations have been accelerated even more. In January, they were incessant at their peak and had significant achievements in their wake. In the following lines some examples are given:

On Friday 1st January, ‘Qala Fathulla’ area inside the capital city of Kabul was the witness of a huge blast when a central guest house of foreign invaders was targeted by Mujahidin, in which, tens of foreign occupiers and their internal stooges were killed and injured.

On Monday 4th January, another successful attack was carried out by Mujahidin on ‘Baran’ camp, situated near the main airport of Kabul city, in which, heavy financial losses and casualties were inflicted on foreign occupying forces.

On the same day, a convoy of mercenary army came under a fatal attack of Mujahidin in ‘Nawa’ district of ‘Helmond’ province, in which, fifteen stooge soldiers were killed and several others were injured.

On Tuesday 5th January, successful Jihadi operations were carried out by Mujahidin on tenth road of highly fortified area of ‘Wazir Akbar Khan’ in the heart of Kabul city, in which, several foreign invaders and their internal stooges were killed and wounded.

On Thursday 21st January, the mercenary army soldiers were forced to evacuate five military posts and then abscond from the area in the wake of fatal attacks of Mujahidin in ‘Maiwand’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Friday 22nd January, the central security headquarters of ‘Helmond’ province was shivered in a huge and horrific blast, in which, several officials and security forces of puppet regime were killed and injured.

On Monday 25th January, the strategic boder ‘Spin Boldak’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province became the target of collective attacks of Mujahidin, in which, huge losses and casualties were inflicted on the stooge enemy.

In the wake of above mentioned incessant failures and setbacks in western provinces, particularly, in Kandahar and Helmond provinces, the puppet regime decided to sack the corps commander of ‘heroic’ 205 army of this zone.

Admission of Mujahidin’s strength:

The incessant victories and achievements of brave Mujahidin of Islamic Emirate compelled the enemy to admit their strength and influence, who once arrogantly considered them a small group of limited number of people to be eliminated simply.

On Monday 4th January, the former director of CIA told CBS television, in an interview, that Taliban had strategic advances during last year; and if the situation remained unchanged, they could gain even more ground in 2016.

To confirm this statement, on Tuesday 5th January, the stooge interior minister of puppet regime told media in reaction to the latest attacks of Mujahidin that the security situation inside Kabul is deeply concerning.

Two days later, on Thursday 7th January, the American invaders admitted that the recent dramatic changes and incidents in ‘Marja’ district of ‘Helmond’ province manifest that Afghanistan is still a dangerous and an unsafe place.

On Monday 11th January, the head of provincial council of ‘Helmond’ province added another confirmation that nearly sixty percent area of this province is under Taliban’s control; and if the government did not pay attention, the remaining forty percent areas will inevitably collapse.

On the same day, the local tribal chiefs in ‘Ghazni’ province told the so called head of stooge admin that even more districts of this province can surrender to Taliban if the prevailing situation remains incessant.

On Saturday 30th January, the ‘SIGAR’ organ admitted that despite those billions of dollars which were extravagantly spent in fighting against Taliban, their influence and strength is increasing day by day.

Similarly, on the same day, the special American envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan said that the mercenary forces of stooge admin is not strong enough to fight against the armed opponents without the strong support of American occupying forces.

Mujahidin’s facilitation of learning and education:

All the stanch enemies of our country usually blame Mujahidin for opposing the educational institutions. But the ground realities show that Mujahidin are enormously supporting educational system, institutions, teachers and students. Therefore, occasionally, the enemy reluctantly admit that Mujahidin have deep love for education, and the educational system is far better and smoothly going on in the areas under their control, as compared with the stooge regime administered educational institutions.

On Monday 25th January, the stooge officials of puppet regime in ‘Nangarhar’ province admitted that most madrassas, schools and other education centres in this area are run and controlled by Mujahidin. Besides the curriculum, the time management of these institutions are also organized by the ‘Educational and Training Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate.

Torture and killing of civilian people:

The brutal foreign occupying forces and their internal stooge ‘in-security’ forces have always avenged the helpless and oppressed civilian people for their humiliating defeats and failures. In January 2016, twenty innocent civilian people were martyred by the savage foreign occupiers and their stooge security forces in various parts of the country. Besides these killings, ordinary people were badly tortured and brutalized, which cannot be covered in this article. Complete details of these agonies and sufferings can be found in the monthly report of ‘Civilian Losses Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate which is regularly published on the official website of the Islamic Emirate. In the following lines, a few examples out of a heap are mentioned:

On Tuesday 5th January, media reported that houses of civilian people in ‘Zurmat’ district of ‘Paktia’ province were indiscriminately targeted by the mercenary forces of stooge admin, in which, financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the innocent ordinary people. By observing these colossal civilian damages and losses, the provincial council of this province was compelled to ask the stooge admin that ordinary people should not be targeted in these operations and their houses should not further demolished.

One day later, a nine-years-old boy was sexually abused by the unrestrained and savage Arbaki militiamen in ‘Badghees’ province.

The masses in ‘Kandahar’ province are fed up with the cruelties and inhuman behaviour of policemen and armed soldiers of puppet regime.

On Monday 18th January, the ordinary civilian people of three districts of this province got together and protested against the savage behaviours of local police force.

Two days later, the Kabul based ‘Surnawisht’ (i.e. the destiny) newspaper published an article, in which, it was told that valuable assets of ordinary people were mostly looted at night time by the notorious Arbaki militiamen.

On Saturday 30th January, four innocent civilians were martyred in ‘Pashtun Kot’ district of ‘Faryab’ province when a house was hit by a mortar shell, indiscriminately fired by the amateurish armed forces of puppet regime.

The oddities of stooge admin of national brutality:

If we penetrate into the stooge admin of national brutality, it has no legitimacy, neither in Sharia nor in any man-made law of the world. No rules and regulations are found which could legitimize this puppet admin either.

One may consider it an exceptional or unique situation in which extraordinary incidents took place which can never expected from the people claiming efficiencies and expertise of statesmanship on world level.

On Tuesday 5th January, the so called ‘national assembly’ of stooge admin announced in a meeting convened for introducing new taxes on telephone users that nearly eight million dollars are corrupted on the daily basis in the communicational revenues.

One day later, the nominal head of ‘Chardara’ district in ‘Kunduz’ province resigned from his post while complaining that this district is practically under Mujahidin’s control and the stooge regime is quite negligent. He, therefore, resigned from his post and relieved himself from all responsibilities.

On Thursday 14th January, another ridiculous news was published in media outlets in which the stooge governor of ‘Faryab’ province accused the local policemen and armed forces for selling their weapons to Mujahidin.

On Wednesday 27th January, ‘Transparency International’ announced that the stooge regime in Afghanistan, established by foreign crusade invaders, has achieved second highest position in corruption on world level. Last year, this stooge admin was assigned fourth position in this ranking, while ‘Ashraf Ghani’ had promised the nation that if he win the bogus elections, they would definitely eradicate this evil phenomenon, but the result was quite opposite.

‘Tolo’ and its inevitable destiny:

‘Tolo’ channel was famous for spreading immorality and obscenity. It was devoted to vast propaganda and false accusation of Mujahidin, and eventually blamed them for dishonouring the noble people in ‘Kunduz’ province. Mujahidin had frequently warned them to refrain from this conduct, but it was in-vain. Eventually it was enlisted in their military targets and the decision was unequivocally announced for their vigilance.

On Wednesday 20th January, the transport vehicle of this devious channel became the target of a martyrdom attack, in which, all workers on board were either killed or severely injured. Actually this attack was an admonitory lesson for all those people who completely violated the Sharia and Afghan values for a trivial amount of remuneration. And sometime they even cross their limits and overstep the honour and dignity of our noble brothers and sisters.

On political Front:

In the past, besides military fronts, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate have always remained active on political, educational and all other fronts, having significant achievements, both on national and international levels.

On Saturday 30th January, official stance of the Islamic Emirate, particularly about the most recent issues, was conveyed by members of our political office in Qatar to all participants especially those who are directly involved in the ongoing Afghan affairs, in the international ‘Pugwash’ conference held in Qatar.

This declaration which explicitly manifested the official standpoint of the Islamic Emirate was warmly hailed and commended by various renowned individuals and political circles both inside and outside the country.

Abscondence of foreign occupying forces:

The crusade foreign invaders eventually decided, after a humiliating defeat, to leave Afghanistan at the end of 2015. Sometime later, they changed their minds and this deadline was extended till the end of 2016.

On Wednesday 27th January, the daily ‘Washington Post’ published an article about the new American policy and strategy for Afghanistan. This report, which is based on several interviews conducted with high ranking and expert political and military American officials, explicitly say that America wants to prolong its illegitimate military presence inside Afghanistan for several more decades, for the lame excuse that their mercenary forces and officials are not efficient enough to sustain their own as well as the American vested interests, without strong foreign support. The American perception is that complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in present circumstances will not only endanger their malicious objectives and interests inside Afghanistan, but they will also be jeopardized on international level.

This is a unilateral American decision. As far as the pious and freedom loving people of Afghanistan are concerned, they are determined not to lay down their arms and sustain the ongoing holy Jihad till the abscondence of last foreign invading soldier from Afghanistan.

While taking this unilateral decision, the American authorities might have forgotten or deliberately neglected the everlasting courage, bravery and patience of the Afghan masses, manifested by them against all foreign invaders in the recent and remote past.

As history repeats itself, the final destiny of American arrogant invaders will not be different than the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The day is far off as they will be confronted with an embarrassing and humiliating defeat by the heroic and determined Mujahid masses of our beloved homeland. Insha-Allah (God-willing)!!!


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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