English transcript of the statement by AQAP and AQIM in response to Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, spokesperson for IS


English transcript of the video statement by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) in response to Abu Muhammad al-Adnani Islamic State spokesperson

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Noble of the Prophets and Messengers, Prophet Muhammad.

To Proceed,
I read this statement on behalf of my brothers in Qaedatul Jihad in Maghribil-Islam and the Arabian Peninsula. Commenting on the address made by the official spokesman of Baghdadi’s group, titled: (“Say to those who disbelieve: “You will be defeated…) {3:12}. The address contains a number of jumbles and misfortunes that have forced us to take a stand, a righteous and truthful stand … (that those who perished would perish upon evidence and those who lived [in faith] would live upon evidence; ) {8:42}.

At a time when the Ummah has directed its eyes towards the blessed Aqsa and the heroes of the knife revolution, came out this (unfortunate) address. Ignoring the most important issue of the Ummah; the issue of Palestine. On top of this the spokesman declared war on all groups and factions everywhere and threatening to fight and shed their blood. This indicated the extent of their deviation and misguidance. Instead of directing their fight towards the enemies of the Ummah, and to direct their arrows towards the Jews and Christians, they chose to direct their arrows towards the chests of Muslims. And there is no power nor might except from Allah.

In contrast to what Baghdadi’s group was claiming regarding their pure belief and methodology. This address came to expose the concealed belief and buried grudge and rancor. And it became clear to everyone that the matter is not only limited to using takfir as a means to end conflict with opponents. But they surpassed this matter with their spokesman’s declaration that the mere existence of any group that does not profess loyalty towards them is sufficient for their blood to be shed and making what is forbidden (from them) halal. Arguing that there are no other “groups besides their group”.

At a time when the crusaders from east and west rush towards the Muslims in Sham, Russia began its brutal crusade campaign with the co-operation and coordination of America and Israel. In this critical time of our Ummah’s history – the spokesman of Baghdadi’s group emerged, not announcing reconciliation between factions, nor announcing truce with opponents, nor in joining ranks, nor promising to hit the crusaders in their home or inciting Lone Jihad against them. But his address came to threaten the factions fighting in Sham and announcing the continuation of their policy of “Liberating the liberated” – in the lands which have been liberated from the authority of the Nusayriyyah. Rather on top of that he threatened all groups working for Islam and Mujahidin factions everywhere, declaring war upon them and having nothing for them except “a sharp knife” and a “ripping bullet”.

And in the field of proof, knowledge and evidence Baghdadi’s spokesman eluded from the facts of knowledge, shariah evidences and the realities that have been brought forth by Sheikh Ayman Adhawahiri – May Allah protect him – in the series “The spring of Islam”. And this spokesman was contented with abuse and insults, a stratagem of the weak and an approach of the ignorant … And to cover this ignorance in the field of proof and evidence he went on to insult an old man and discredit the people of intellect and proof, and those who have preceded (in the field of Jihad), and the people of merit whom he had been repeating their praises and commendation. The Prophet said : [Part of glorifying Allah is honoring the grey haired Muslim] on the authority of Abu-Dawud and Al-Albani declared it hassan. And in the hadith [he is not amongst us the one who does not honor the old amongst us, and be merciful towards the young and know the rights of our scholars] declared Hassan by Al-Albany in sahih al-Jaami. So where is this Prophetic guidance from this who claims to talk on behalf of the ‘Khilafa’ upon the Prophetic manhaj – and far is the prophetic manhaj from the likes of this.

And with this respect we repeat what has already been mentioned by Sheikh Aiman Adh-Dhawahiri – May Allah protect him – and others among the scholars of the Ummah and their leaders … we do not acknowledge, basing on shariah, this ‘Khilafa’, nor do we see the legitimacy of its bayah (allegiance), nor do we see it to be on the noble Prophetic manhaj. But rather some of its authority (power) was gained by coercion, force, shedding blood and making takfir upon Muslims. And (their authority) is not through shura nor mutual consent.

And far away is the prophetic tradition and the history of the four noble rightly guided Khalifas from such acts and such ‘guidance’. And the description of what they are doing such as coercing the rights of Muslims in appointing who governs them, the killing of Muslims, making takfir upon them, their pride, arrogance and corruption to be “the prophetic manhaj”! This is nothing but a lie upon the sunnah and manhaj of the prophet, a lie upon the manhaj and sunnah of the rightly guided Khalifas, whom the prophet directed us to follow their sunnah, he said [Stick to my sunnah and the sunnah of the rigtly guided khulafa, cling to it with the molars] on the authority of the companions of sunan, authenticated by Al-Albani.

Indeed the manhaj of the prophet is the manhaj of shura and mutual consent among the ummah. A manhaj of mercy and leniency towards the believers. A Manhaj based upon Justice and wisdom. The manhaj of the prophet is not a manhaj of fighting the people of Islam and the best among the Muslims i.e the groups of Jihad. The Manhaj of the prophet is not of “sowing dissention” and disunity among groups working to give victory to the religion (of Allah) and shifting away the conflict from fighting the real enemies of the Ummah, the Jews, Christians and their agents, and turning the tide towards the people of Islam (based) under weak feeble arguments …

Indeed the Prophetic manhaj, is the one by its very existence borders are protected and sanctities preserved, authority becomes a shield against aggression and injustice is refuted and Islam is protected. And it is not a manhaj of killing the innocent and of explosions in Mosques, as it was in sana’a. And if explosions in mosques “is a blessed beginning” as was described by Baghdadi in his address titled “Go forth whether light or heavy” then how will its end be!

Therefore, to us, Baghdadi’s ‘Khilafa’ is an invalid Khilafa according to Sharia (evidences). We do not recognize it nor obligate upon the Muslims to give bai’a, rather we view its bai’a to be null. And it is a bai’a based upon sin and enmity not upon piety and taqwa, especially after releasing their latest statement. And the Scholars have sufficiently stated, basing on Sharia and reality, the invalidity of this ‘Khilafa’. And among the latest of statements is the series ‘The Spring of Islam’ by Sheikh Aiman Adh-Dhawahiry – May Allah protect him – in which Baghdadi’s spokesman decided to ignore to respond. Fleeing away from the field of knowledge, evidences and debate to a field encompassed with abuse and insults. The prophet said [it is not for a believer to malign, nor curse, nor to be foul or indecent] on the authority of Ahmad and Tirmidhi, and authenticated by Al-Albani.

And through this method of abuse and insults, the spokesman and the group seeks to topple the scholars, the people of merit and those who have preceded us among the Mujahidin. And so (according to them) whoever gives them bai’a, sides with them and helps them is considered to be a true sincere believer. And whosoever disagrees with them and denies their deviation and offer them advice is considered to be a bad scholar, theorist, inexperienced fool and “shoes” of the tawaghit; even though some spent most of their lives waging jihad against the tawaghit and being afflicted and tested in that path. Ibn-Taymiyah (RA) was true when he described the state of the people of bida’a and deviation in ‘Minhaju Nubuwwa’. And many among the people of desire innovate opinions, and make takfir to whosoever disagrees with them (upon their bida’a)”

And such a method of heated furious unbalanced addresses, which have nothing to do with the just addresses of the salaf, nor with the address taught and known to us from the scholars, leaders and figures of our blessed course. Then is it possible to attribute such statements or to be uttered by the likes of our Sheikhs ie Usama bin Laden, Attiyatullah, Abu-Yahya AL-Liby or Abu Musa’ab Az Zarqawi – May Allah Accept them – and their likes, of which Baghdadi’s group claim to be upon the same path and manhaj and upon perfecting and completing in their path?

And when we topple our truthful scholars, discredit the leaders of Jihad, those who have preceded us, and the people of Merit in Islam and Jihad; Who are many for us to mention in this platform. And when we destroy the previous and subsequent effort and topple whosoever disagrees with our efforts and opinions, then what else will be left for us and the ummah?

And for whose interest is the distortion of the image of scholars and leaders who have led and directed the global Jihad against America and its agents. And for whose interest is the breakdown of the Islamic Jihadi groups that have directed their arrows against America and its interests? And for whose interest is the preoccupation of the jihadi fronts with all this takfir, tension, incitement, corruption and in-fighting? Is this the path to victory or is it the path leading to failure? Allah says {And do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength departs} (8:46) The verse prohibits us from disputing which leads to failure, so what will something greater than that from making takfir and shedding the blood of Muslims lead to –  his has never been the manhaj of Islam nor is it the guidance of the prophet –  Allah says {Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful amongst themselves} (48:29) and He says { Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly. } (61:4)

We here confirm our rejection of this manhaj of making takfir without due right and of making halal the blood (of Muslims) – a manhaj followed by Baghdadi’s group. This manhaj that has been built upon a blend of ignorance, deviation and desires – and one of these is enough of an affliction, so how will it be if they all converge together?

This is indeed not the Manhaj of the Mujahidin. This is not the manhaj of Qaedatul Jihad, which has stood upon the principles of Islam, defending its sanctities and the oppressed Muslims all over the world. Standing upon the principles of Islam and on the guidance of the prophet. Sometimes fault and make mistakes, but clinging firm to the principles. cultured upon its morals and waging Jihad with clear insight. Apologizing for our mistakes when they occur, admitting to our shortcomings, we repent when we go wrong and set right our path. And it is the continuation of the efforts of the sincere honest scholars, leaders and mujahidin of the ummah who began an exhausting journey of Jihad against the enemies of Allah from the Christians and their agents among the tyrants who have heavily descended upon our necks. It is the continuation of decades of Jihad, trials and sacrifice. And it is the continuation of the journey of; Shahid Sayyid Qutb, Shahid Izzadin Al-Qassam, Sheikh Umar Abdulrahman, Sheikh Marwan Hadid, Sheikh Adnani Uqla, Sheikh Abdallah Azzam, Sheikh Tamim Al-Adnani, Sheikh Yunus Khalis, Sheikh Jalaladin Haqqani, Sheikh Abdalla Al-Dhakry, Sheikh Abu Umar As-Sayf, Sheikh Abdulrashid Ghazi, Sheikh Nidhamudin Shamzi and many among the scholars and leaders who have stepped and preceded upon the path.
Qaedatul Jihad stood and its caravan was led by Sheikh Usama bin Laden –RA- in order to gather the efforts of the muslim groups and direct them to realize the most important goals of the Ummah of Islam. Sheikh Usama bin Laden gave bai’a to the leader of the believers, Mulla Muhammad Umar (RA), uniting the word (of the Mujahidin) and setting the ranks. Mullah Umar (RA) opened his chest to all Muslims and Afghanistan became a safe heaven and a shelter to the Muhajirin and a station point to meet and gather their word. Mullah Umar and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan did not compel any group to give bai’a; nor “splitting the heads” or “cutting the necks” with the argument that their authority is the Khilafah of Muslims of which there should be no other group besides it. And this is how efforts were gathered and their word united upon goodness and the guidance of Islam. With kindness and high character, good behavior, giving victory and assistance, by covenant and co-operation and not upon the manhaj of “splitting the heads” and “cutting the necks” of Muslims.

Sheikh ibn Taymiyah says in his fatawa: “It is not for anyone to set-up for the Umma a person, calling to his path and forming loyalty and enmity based on him except for the prophet. And it is not for anyone to come with words or speech and form loyalty an enmity with it except for the words of Allah, the Messenger and what the Ummah has joined and united upon (Ijmaa). Rather it is the actions of the innovators who have appointed someone upon the people and words that disunites the Ummah while forming loyalty and enmity with it”

And Allah has raised high the status of Sheikh Usama bin Laden (RA) by his good character, generous nature, open-handed and good conduct in Islam. Never was it for a single day and it will never be the path to unity through the sword, shedding of blood, making halal the sanctities of Islam; beginning with toppling, making takfir and ending with killings, explosions and terrorizing, this has never been our manhaj and it will never be. The prophet says {Whoever departs from my Ummah striking hard their pious and dissolute, not avoiding the believers nor fulfilling the covenant. He is not from me and I am not from him.} Muslim

And today – by the grace of Allah – fairminded people testify that we have not for a single day been a tool of destruction and demolition. Rather we are a group of unity and understanding. Participating and sharing with the Ummah its happiness and sorrows. We seek to co-operate, assist and advice with every truthful Islamic groups among the Jihadi and non-Jihadi groups. We are still a group among Muslims, we never claim nor state as stated by Baghdadi and his followers that they are “the only group of Muslims”, and whoever departs it deserves “a ripping bullet” or a “sharp knife” and after that die a death of Jahiliyyah (state of ignorance). Just because of not giving bai’a to the one appointed ‘Khalifa’ over Muslims without their counsel and seizing their rights. Then reasoning that when “Mujahidin gather in his group then they do not gather in deviation”

We are a group that constructs, co-operates and supports. And our path is the path of waging Jihad against the enemies of the Ummah. And making da’awa to the Muslim masses rather to all-mankind. The wellbeing and interest of the Ummah is our interest. The concerns and priorities of the Ummah are our concerns. And we are a (group) from this Ummah and we (work) towards it. Our manhaj is leniency towards the Ummah. And as for the manhaj of destruction, sowing and stirring dissention and corruption, confusing efforts, making takfir upon those who disagree with them – then this is a manhaj of a feeble and futile (person) who has no perfection except ruin. And is it that the path of takfir, shedding blood (of Muslims), explosions and explosives against those who disagree with them among the Muslims a path of the people of truth and compassion or a path of deviation and desires? And if so, then it has been narrated In the hadith {Whoever crowds the camp or blocks the road, then there is no Jihad for him} then how will it be for the one who incites their killing and stirring up their followers to descend upon the mujahidin just because of mere staying behind from giving bai’a upon their group. It has been reported that the prophet said, on the authority of Ibn Majah {Whosoever helps to kill a believer, even with half a word, he will meet Allah with (the words) written between his eyes, ‘He has no hope of the mercy of Allah’ } Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs.

And as for us, by the grace of Allah, seek justice even to those who disagree with us, however great their ill and trouble increases, Allah says { O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do. } (5:8) He says {woe to those who give less [than due] * who when they take a measure from people, take in full * But if they give by measure or by weight to them , they cause loss} (83:1-3) whoever (among the Muslims) does good we support them in their good deeds and thank them for their efforts. And whosoever (among the Muslims) does wrong we do not acknowledge them and we give them advice.

Sheikh Ibn-Taymiya (RA) says in the book ‘qaidatu fi Mahabba’ : “Allah the glorious sent { messengers with clear evidences and sent down with them the Scripture and the balance that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice } (57:25) A believer needs to have an understanding of justice, and this is the straight path and implementing it. Or else he will either fall into ignorance or fall into oppression … to where he says … and we have mentioned this concept many times, and it is the presence and collection of good, bad, recompense and punishment in a single person as it is with all Muslim groups except those who have deviated away from them among the khawarij, al-waidiyah among the Mu’tazila and the likes and most of the Murjiah. Because according to them a person is either recompensed or punished, praiseworthy in all aspects or dispraised in all aspects. And the corruption of this has been revealed in other aspects with many evidences from the Quran, Sunnah and the Ijmaa} the end”

Previously their official spokesman had made mubahal (Invoke the curse of Allah upon the liar) over a number of issues, and here he is today admitting the lies and the lies of his group. After denying that they do not make takfir upon those who fight them as stated in his address titled “O our people respond to the Messenger of Allah” saying that whosoever fights their group is a Kafir “if he is aware of it or not”

And in his latest address he went on further to declaring that anyone who does not join his group and acknowledge their ‘Khilafa’, then is entitled to be fought and killed “a ripping bullet” “and a sharp knife” yet he was the same one who denied that they were fighting upon bai’a.
Baghdadi had claimed, in the beginning of the trial and killings, that whoever fights them should seize from fighting. And if they refrain he too will refrain. And if they turned to peace they too will turn. Instead of responding with a sound thinking and wisdom to those who today call upon seizing fighting and to delay disagreement for the interest of Jihad in Sham, especially after the recent convergence of enemies towards them: Rather their official spokesman declared that they will disunite all groups, split all organizations and factions all over the Islamic World. And that they will fight them not because of anything else but just that they did not give them bai’a and for not being under their authority – when their official spokesman openly said in his latest address: “we will disunite the groups, split the ranks and organizations … indeed (we will do that) because there is no other group aside this group … and away with organizations … we will fight organization movements, assemblies and fronts. We will tear down battalions, brigades and armies until we finish off the factions – by the will of Allah – for the factions are the ones that weaken Muslims and delay victory”

Recently their efforts appeared as a trial to sow dissention between the ranks of the Mujahidin in Somalia, despite of the brutal crusader campaigns facing them right now. And Allah is our recompense

Is there anything left for those who argue and defend them out of excuse? Isn’t it the manhaj of the people of exaggeration and Khawarij to make takfir upon Muslims, legalizing their blood and dividing their groups?

Sheikh Islam Ibn-Taymiya says in his fatawa: “the main part of the Khawarij’s beliefs is to divide Muslims and making halal their blood. The Shia also choose this but they are weak”

And isn’t it a sign of the khawarij and people of exaggeration to coin words and make them among the religion, making takfir to those who disagree with them. Sheikh Islam Ibn-Taymiyya in his fatawa states: “Regarding the people of bida’a, they come up with something new and render them to be obligatory in the religion. Rather they make them an essential part of faith, making takfir to whosoever disagrees with them upon that, making their blood permissible as it was with the Khawarij and the Jahmiyyah…”

To conclude, and advice to whoever still supports them and stand by them in their ranks, to those who back and encourage them … hasn’t the time come to realize the extent of the faults and deviation of this group. Hasn’t the time come for sincere repentance and refraining away from these serious offenses of making takfir towards the Muslims, making halal their sanctities and shedding their blood, Allah says: {And those who harm believing men and believing women for [something] other than what they have earned have certainly born upon themselves a slander and manifest sin. } (33:58) and what more harm is bigger for a believer then making takfir upon him and removing him from the religion. And what crime is greater than shedding the blood of Muslims without justification from religion, Allah says {But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment. } (4:93) the prophet (?) says in sahih bukhary {If anyone says to his brother, ‘O Kafir!’ Then surely, one of them is such.} and in Abu dawud { The one who argues for a false case knowingly will remain subject to the wrath of Allah until he gives it up. If a person says something of a believer that is not true, Allah will cause him to dwell in the mud of Khabal until he retracts what he said } and in the hadith { If this world were to be destroyed, that would be less significant before Allah than the unlawful killing of a believer}
On the authority of Abu-Saeed Al-Khudhri and Abu-Hureira (RA) that the prophet (?) said: { if the inhabitants of the heaven and the inhabitants of the earth all took part in shedding the blood of a believer, then Allah would cast them (all) in the fire} – Tirmidhi, authenticated by Al-Albany

Verily no one will be saved from the misguided and exaggerated fatwas. And no one will be saved from the command of the leader, Allah says { [And they should consider that] when those who have been followed disassociate themselves from those who followed [them], and they [all] see the punishment, and cut off from them are the ties [of relationship], } everyone will be resurrected alone and held accountable for his own actions, a group will never be a savior in front of Allah.
You have come out for the sake of Allah and to give victory to the religion of Allah. And some of you migrated from distant lands, is it right then to ruin this resolute and intention by making takfir and shedding the blood of Muslims. You came out to give victory to Islam and the Ummah, and here you are directing your arrows towards the Muslim Ummah and towards those who wage Jihad amongst them just because of not giving bai’a to you or for joining your group, or is it because of it that you make loyalty and enmity, shed blood and kill? How many Muslim groups will you continue to fight? And how much (Muslim) blood will you continue to shed? All because of your innovations that you form and the arguments you make … do you not take heed from what had befallen upon the armed Islamic groups in Algeria? How exaggeration penetrated them? How it eventually evolved then ended with them in such a state? With all the abundance that was available, in the example of Algeria, in terms of factors for victory and abundant assistance from Muslims at that time…

So correct yourselves, for this world is nothing but a passage and in the hereafter is the standing in front of Allah for reckoning.

And we do not forget to thank those who have abandoned this group after realizing their deviation. We thank them for rejecting what came out recently from the statements of their leaders making clear their manhaj. We ask Allah to keep them and us steadfast upon guidance, success and rightness.

O Allah ratify for this Ummah a state of right guidance, in which the people of obedience are strengthened and the people of disobedience are lowered. O Allah unite the ranks of Muslims, join their word, guide their straying and return them back to you a good return..

And our final call is All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the worlds…


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

About Carol Anne Grayson

Blogging for Humanity.... Campaigner/researcher global health/human rights/drones/WOT/insurgency http://www.esrc.ac.uk/ESRCInfoCentre/PO/experts/Health_and_Wellbeing.aspx Exec Producer of Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad, currently filming on drones.
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