Bangladesh: Ansar al Islam, AQIS claim responsibility for 4th blogger killed this year



Nilroy Chakrabarti feared for his safety (Image via BBC)

Ansar al Islam (Helpers of Islam), Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) released a statement claiming responsibility for the killing of Bangladeshi blogger Niloy Chakrabarti (also known as Niloy Neel). A group of young men gained access to his home in Goran district of the capitol Dhaka and proceeded to hack him to death. Chakrabarti had earlier requested police protection fearing for his safety and is the 4th blogger to die this year.


A bloody killing, Chakrabarti, 4th blogger to die this year in Bangladesh (via Facebook)

According to the Guardian, Muntashirul Islam, a deputy police commissioner stated, “there were six people who knocked on his door, saying that they were looking to rent a flat. Two of them then took him to a room and slaughtered him there.”

Chakrabarti, from a Hindu background was known for his secular views and was also an atheist. He was labelled by AQIS as a “blasphemer”.

The statement from AQIS can be read as follows,



Chilling warning from AQIS released with earlier statement

AQIS are known to have a “hitlist” of potential targets. They have in the past released a statement giving information on specific “categories” of those they sought to kill. Teachers, politicians, actors, writers, doctors and judges were among those mentioned if they were deemed to misrepresent Islam. AQIS said they were targeting,

“those who are insulting our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah (S) and our religion Islam. We have no problem with the atheists bloggers, atheism or with other religions or belief but we will not tolerate insulting out Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We are targeting those who are insulting our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the name of atheism.”

For information on earlier killings and statement see following link,

“Bangladesh: Asar al-Islam release statement on potential targets following recent killings of bloggers”

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told AFP that the nation’s intelligence services were working on the murder, “we hope we’ll catch the killers soon. They’ll be hunted down.”

The American Humanist Society released a statement condemning the killings, they said,

“yesterday, the American Humanist Association called upon its members and supporters to contact Congress in favor of House Resolution 396, which would support the fair treatment of atheists and religious minorities in Bangladesh. The American Humanist Association, along with the Center for Inquiry and the Secular Coalition for America, also hosted a Congressional briefing in June to educate legislators and their staff about the dire need for religious freedom in Bangladesh and other parts of the world.”

Full statement can be read on the following link,

Mustafa Qadri (Amnesty International) tweeted,

Bangladesh authorities must send strong msg killings to silence dissenting voices despicable & won’t be tolerated


‘Nowhere is safe’: Behind the Bangladesh blogger murders

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