Nablus: Palestinian baby dies in Jewish settler “terrorist” attack after home is firebombed


Photo: one of the graffiti left by the settlers who murdered the baby in Douma. It reads “revenge.” (via “The Baking Anthro”)

Ali Saad Daobasa, a one year old Palestinian baby has died following an horrific arson attack on a family home in the village of Kfar Douma near Nablus.

Haaretz reported,

 “according to Ghassan Douglas, the Palestinian Authority official in charge of monitoring settlement activity in the northern West Bank, several settlers threw firebombs into the house and spraypainted graffiti reading “revenge” and “long live the Messiah” before fleeing. Witnesses say the whole house caught fire soon after.”

Saad, the baby’s father was unable to save Ali due to visibility problems as there was no electricity but was able to rescue his wife Reham and Ahmad age 4. The family were treated for severe injuries following the incident. Al Jazeera quoted medics at Rafidia hospital saying, “up to 75 percent of their bodies suffered burns”.

Back in May 2014, the Guardian reported, “calls are mounting for hardline Jewish settlers to be classified as terrorists after a spate of attacks on Palestinian property in the West Bank and Israel, and threats of violence towards Israeli soldiers.” Israeli prize laureate author Amon Oz stated,

“our neo-Nazi groups enjoy the support of numerous nationalist or even racist legislators, as well as rabbis who give them what is in my view pseudo-religious justification”

Some settler attacks are deemed “price tag” operations. As the Guardian highlighted, “this refers to violence committed by radical settlers against Palestinians in retribution for actions by the Israeli government or army deemed to be “anti-settler”.

Earlier incidents include the shooting of an 8 year old Palestinian girl Neveen Jamjoum age 8 by Jewish settlers as she sat inside the doorway of her home in Hebron (9 others were wounded by gunfire) and the firebombing of a Palestinian taxi near Bethlehem, in which six people – including four-year-old twins – were injured.

The Baking Anthro Twitter account who refers to herself as a PhD student and anti-Zionist Jewish woman tweeted,

His name was Ali. He was a year & a half old, the pride & joy of his parents. Ali was just murdered by racist Jewish settlers.

Today is a day of rage, to begin in earnest after the midday prayers.

Agence- France tweeted,

Israel PM calls Palestinian toddler death ‘act of terrorism’

The following are images from the attack showing the family and what is left of the family home


Image via Almeqdad


Family photo (Image via Nasser Atta)




Image Ahmed Talat Hasan



Image via Almeqdad


Family home attacked with firebombs (via Palestine)


This is what is left of the family’s home, where baby Ali was murdered by Israeli settlers tonight. (via “The Baking Anthro”)



Another photo: the burnt house at Douma, where settlers murdered a Palestinian baby. (via “The Baking Anthro”)


“Jewish settler attacks on Palestinians listed as ‘terrorist incidents’ by US”

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad . She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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