Boston: Imam’s Facebook post alleges his brother Usaama Rahim was shot in back 3 times by police on way to work


Imam Ibrahim Rahim posted message of his brother’s death on Facebook (image FB)

A Facebook post from Imam Ibrahim Rahim alleges his younger brother Usaama Rahim was shot today on his way to work by police in Boston, Massachusetts, US. The victim who was fatally wounded died in hospital. There were no reports of injuries to officers who were checked for stress or the public during the incident. Imam Rahim stated, “we are deeply grieved by the loss of my younger brother. While we understand the need for information. We ask that the press give us time to grieve. We will have a statement once we have met as a family.”

Sky News reported the incident as follows, 

“US terrorism investigators have shot dead a man who lunged at them with a knife outside a Boston pharmacy, say police.

An FBI agent and a police officer both opened fire on the suspect, who was under surveillance, outside a CVS on Tuesday.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said the unnamed man had refused orders by members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force to drop a military-style knife.

‘The officers asked him several times to put the knife down,’ the commissioner said.”

Imam Ibrahim Rahim posted the following on Facebook


“Your prayers are requested:

This morning while at the bus stop in Boston, my youngest brother Usaama Rahim was waiting for the bus to go to his job. He was confronted by three Boston Police officers and subsequently shot in the back three times. He was on his cell phone with my dear father during the confrontation needing a witness. His last words to my father who heard the shots were:

I can’t breathe!

While at the hospital, Usaama Rahim died!

From Allah we come, and to Allah we return.”

Imam Ibrahim Rahim


According to CNN the victim was allegedly under surveillance as “part of a broader terror investigation involving suspected Islamist extremists being tracked by the U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force, a law enforcement official said.”

Dustin Craun (founder Editor-in-Chief at Ummah Wide) stated,

“Usaama Rahim was murdered this morning by the Boston PD (The brother of Oakland’s Lighthouse Mosque Imam Ibrahim Rahim) and instantly the media recycles the FBI narrative that he was under investigation as a “terror-suspect.” The FBI would say that and has said that about any American Muslim they murder because we are all ‘under surveillance.’ Almost 500 police murders in this country in 2015, what a racist and disgusting place this is.”


Boston pharmacy, scene of shooting (image, AP) 

Linda Sarsour Executive Director of the Arab-American Association left the following message for Imam Rahim on his FB page in relation to the alleged killing of his brother,

“we learned this morning of the murder of Usaama Rahim, a Black Muslim brother from Boston. He was shot by Boston Police and FBI. Before you post the media’s perspective or government’s – there are many unanswered questions. They have added a national security component to divide and conquer the movement. At the end of the day, a Black man was shot on a bus stop on his way to work and we should treat this like any other case of police violence. All we want is answers to our questions. ‪#‎StayWoke‬

Law enforcement says he was under surveillance (being monitored).
1) how long was he being monitored, 2) what was the basis of the monitoring, 3) what supervisory approval was their for the monitoring, 4) the duration of it, 5) which law enforcement agency set it up, 6) where else did the surveillance lead them that day?

The last question I ask is because of how early this was. Did he go somewhere for Fajr? Did they surveil a place of worship?

The CVS:
1) what prompted them to go to the CVS, 2) was there a reported threat, 3) what law enforcement agencies made up the JTTF (Join Terrorism Task Force), 4) which agency is in charge on site – as in, whose operation is this, 5) who attempted to “speak” with him, locals, Feds, or both.

The actual shooting:
According to the family, he was shot 3 times in the back while on a bus stop going to work. He was on the phone with his father who heard the shots. Last words from Usaama were “I can’t breathe.”

1) Law enforcement says he was brandishing a military knife and came towards them. If its true that he was shot in the back, then this makes no sense.

2) If he was on the phone with his father, was it handheld, headset? Were his hands even free?

MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, and like all those we demand justice for – this family demands answers. ‪#‎Justice4Usaama‬ “

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

About Carol Anne Grayson

Blogging for Humanity.... Campaigner/researcher global health/human rights/drones/WOT/insurgency Exec Producer of Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad, currently filming on drones.
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184 Responses to Boston: Imam’s Facebook post alleges his brother Usaama Rahim was shot in back 3 times by police on way to work

  1. This is another alarming example of Boston police executing someone under government investigation. Like Ibragim Todashev, police claimed he lunged at them with a knife, but he was shot to kill in the chest and back of the head. This was not an attempt to subdue someone.

    • Thanks for response… There are certainly many questions to be answered. What alternative approaches could have been taken? Interestingly Brian Paddick who was once Deputy Commissioner for London Met Police is also questioning US police tactics…

      • It used to be that the police if they felt threatened would shoot a person in the thigh – though given that Ussama was shot in the back he was clearly not attacking them.

      • Kenner says:

        Like the Boston Police stated… they didm’t expect that kind of a response from him. He was obviously rev’d up about something. Just a couple months ago a Boston cop got it because he didn’t expect to be shot at “point blank” during a routine stop. If I were a cop in today’s world I would have my gun in my hand and ready for whatever was coming .. and if people didn’t like … I would quit and let someone else do that job. We need to support law enforcement or it all slides pretty quickly soon after.

      • Yes important to support police and also that they are fully accountable for their actions

      • M Schweitzer says:

        Seems the false story by his brother that you reported was total BS. Nice job promoting the lies of terrorists, Carol Anne Grayson. In fact, the terrorist shot dead was shot from behind, he came at them with a knife as part of a plot to behead a police office. You creep me out Carol.

      • Reported as “alleged” which is common practice if you read the papers. Can you show me where the victim was convicted as a terrorist in court… or are you “alleging” this?

      • ex soldier says:

        Wow the news just said he was not on the phone at all or he was shoot 3 times in the back….. Great job to BP for keeping terrorist like this guy off the street of America dont like it leave this country and got from were you CLAIM HOME………..

      • Who should leave the country? Am not aware the victim was a convicted terrorist… can you show me where he was charged with a terrorist offence? Thanks

      • John says:

        How about revising your slanted article to reflect that his brother LIED about the ENTIRE encounter with police and the VIDEO EVIDENCE of him coming at the officers with a knife and stating “No drop yours” when ordered to drop his weapon? Or do the facts not suit the narrative that you people are trying to spin?

      • Why do you assume I am not doing a follow-up article?

    • Mitch says:

      Karin, when was this supposed magical time when police would shoot a person in the thigh? I think you’re confusing television with reality. Arms and legs are extremely difficult to hit; police shoot to stop, or not at all.

      How do you know that Usaama Rahim was shot in the back; because his imam brother says so? And if he were moving towards one officer with a knife, another officer on his side or even behind him, is legally justified in shooting him to stop the threat.

      • Would be interesting to know if the victim said anymore during alleged phone call… Quote, “he was on his cell phone with my dear father during the confrontation needing a witness. His last words to my father who heard the shots were:

        I can’t breathe!”

  2. Tom Flynn says:

    Evans said the officers didn’t have their guns drawn when they approached Rahim. He said police have video showing Rahim “coming at officers” while they are backing away.

    • Thanks for comments, there will no doubt have to be some sort of inquiry and maybe CCTV footage so we will see what emerges… I am cautious as I saw how some Muslims were demonized in UK and no charges whatsoever proven against them…

      • USMC0351 says:

        Sounds like the Imam brother is is putting his islam spin on things, as expected.
        …just like how they demonized the 3000+ murder victims on U.S.soil on 9/11. What were the “charges” of wrong doing against them?

      • He clearly in shock at present. No mention of 9/11.

  3. haji killah says:

    the cocksucker got what he deserved i hope he rots in pigs blood

  4. Ellsha Aftarghman says:

    So easy to blame the police today. So easy to belive bad people are poor victims. Ignorance is ugly no matter where it exists.

  5. Kenner says:

    Maybe the Boston Police should have just waited around until he jumped out and stabbed one of them in a suprise attack. Question: Who strolls around with a giant military knife like that? C’mon !

    • As I said am waiting to hear report, though with police killings in US recently, could be carrying in self defence!

      • John says:

        /You are as ignorant as they come. Hiding behind “Allegedly” as you clearly parade your open disdain for police and your support of a proven scumbag. There’s video of the incident his brothers statements are obvious ploys to play off of eric garner and there is ample evidence that this piece of shit was plotting to kill cops and was connected to ISIS. But of course it would be irresponsible to report on any of that because he wasn’t convicted. Unfuckingbelievable. Like you can convict a corpse. Never seen a more incompetent, irresponsible, and biased “Journalist” you’re blind and biased at best and a danger to society through piss poor reporting at worst. You got the scumbags Imam brother who likely helped radicalize him to re-tweet your bullshit article though so at least you’ve got that going for you.

      • I have respect for many of the police in my country especially when compared to others… “Allegedly” is commonly used in interviews including police interviews and when reporting court cases for example… I am NOT a “journalist” which indicates how poor YOUR research is. Its up to the Imam what he retweets, he was sent a copy as courtesy and further questions for comment…

  6. elvis says:

    im from boston….patriot act expired…..sudden terror plots……im calling bullshit question everything

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    If Usaama worked at being reported by Fox..why did his brother say he was at the bus stop? CVS opens at 7am…seems like he was on his way to work…the evidence was in the parking lot between the store and the bus stop….maybe he was going to another job?….More long have the FBI been investigating him/his brother?…and why was his brother dismissed as Imam over at Yusuf in Brighton with no explanation?…Regardless this is a direct result of law enforcement acting outside the law…no arrest warrant…no subpeona…unlawful harrassment at a “suspect’s” place of work

    • There are many questions to be asked. I have reported exactly what Imam stated, it wasn’t the time to ask questions, the family are naturally in shock and grieving and said they will release a statement later. I was aware of the dismissal and read article on that and more questions can be asked at a future date.

  8. says:

    According to all of the news articles, he was shot once in the Abdomen and once in the chest.

    • Sorry submitted before i was finished.

      According to all of the news articles, he was shot once in the Abdomen and once in the chest. (The articles also mention some video’s exist which might be useful to describing the incident. In addition they will probably also release the autopsy results as well).

      I’m really skeptical about the claims by his brother, who got the detials from the phone call his brother just happened to be having with his dad when he was shot and then blurted out the catch phrase “I can’t breath” (as well as details about how many times and where he was shot (possible, but again sceptical)).

      The other point is that the comments about the him being shot in the front are greeted with “Wait for all of the facts to come out”, but the comments about him being shot from behind seem to be getting taken as truth.

      Police shootings are often unjustified, but when people are suddenly jumping to conclusions and start making unfounded claims, it doesn’t help the cause. If later all of the brothers claims turn out to be false, it reduces the credibility of any future claims against future police brutality and also reduces the credibility of entire movement.

      • If you note the Imam’s words are reported by myself as “alleged” which is usual when first reporting a story when information is only just emerging. A thorough inquiry will help establish all the facts and questions can then be asked of all sides. Sorry I don’t how to change your details.

      • James says:

        Not only is the previous guy correct that the shooting was to his abdomen and chest, not the back, but the shooting was captured by surveillance cameras and seen by many witnesses. All of the reports from eye witnesses and the footage show the police backing away from the suspect as he charged. They also recovered the combat knife. So there is overwhelming evidence that the brother is lieing for some reason.

      • As I said we don’t know what was said during alleged phone conversation or what information the Imam was given, all that should hopefully be clarified. He was likely in shock learning his brother had been shot. Whatever the circumstances, this was his brother!

      • Let’s hope it is shown to the public. I will be asking Imam Rahim to comment further on the press conference and what was said though he may not respond immediately. Also we don’t know what was said from the father to the Imam regarding the victim, its possible he himself was misinformed…we don’t know at this stage. I note clergy saw video according to CNN report but don’t whether it was shown to members of mosque also. Earlier on in some reports it was alleged a machete was involved…but now this does not seem to be the case, confusing!

    • All statements will no doubt be examined and compared by an inquiry. I have reported what Imam Rahim alleged and we don’t know the content of the alleged call between the victim and his family.

  9. princess2033 says:

    Reblogged this on princess2033's Blog.

  10. AG says:

    Read the Imam’s twitter feed – it reads more of a chronicle of the injustices done to muslims than someone spreading the Word of the Religion of Peace; including posts earlier this year to links where police are unresponsive to suspects in custody screaming “I can’t breathe”. Hmmm where did I hear that accusation recently.

    Based on the brother’s twitter feed, I am not entirely surprised by media reports that the victim had made threats against law enforcment.

    Many of the answers to your questions have been reported widely in the media, not sure why you chose to ignore them, yet allow the family’s assertion that he was shot three times in the back without question (other than “alleged”). That worked so well for society in Ferguson. #handsupdontshoot #icantbreathe

    • My article was purely on the incident yesterday and published quite early on, information is emerging all the time, it was an initial report which covered both police comments to mainstream media and the Imam’s allegations. I have highlighted Ferguson many times on social media. Any future articles on this case will take into account other information that emerges.

    • This is a very valid examination of Ms Grayson’s clearly biased “reporting”, and yet she continues to give vague and self-serving answers stating that “we don’t really know what happened” or that the victim’s brother, the Imam, “was in shock” when he made what we now know to be not only false, but pre-meditated and rather cynically invented comments designed to inflame a certain type of reader.

      There IS a video of what happened. You know there is. And the Boston police IMMEDIATELY went to the leaders of the Boston Muslim community to show them the irrefutable video evidence that the victim was neither shot in the back–he was coming at the police with a large knife in his hand–nor was he on the phone. The police wanted to avoid a mass civil uprising based upon false evidence given by the victim’s brother who was clearly desiring to incite violence, and exploit his brother’s killing for his own publicity. I’ve been very critical of violent police actions against black victims in the past months, but I do not think that this qualifies, even in the slightest. The police, by asking the Boston Muslim community to share in the video evidence, appear to actually be doing the right thing, for once, and it’s not fair to pretend otherwise in order to further your cause.

      On the other hand, the victim’s brother, the Imam Ibrahim Rahim, certainly is NOT doing the right thing. If the Imam was “in shock”, like Ms Grayson defensively claims, it’s rather amazing that he had the clarity of mind to completely invent a detailed story about his brother being on the phone with their father, and uttering the incredibly inflammatory words,”I can’t breathe”. We all know what “I can’t breathe” stands for, and the Imam must have seen this as a perfect narrative for a victim at the hands of anti-Muslim law enforcement–because we now know that the video evidence proves that his brother was NOT on any phone, and was NOT talking to their father about ANYTHING.

      What I believe to have happened was the Imam learned of his brother’s death and had the gall and the self-serving cynicism to concoct the kind of story that would serve to support his years of vocal paranoia about American law enforcement. The Imam was cold-blooded enough to immediately hatch a plan to use his brother’s death to further his own goals of depicting the victimhood of American Muslims at the hands of law enforcement–almost like he was excited about the opportunity that fell into his lap with the death of a family member. Sickening.

      Police and the FBI had been following his brother’s terrorist leanings that included plotting to enact a police beheading. I’d be shocked if the Imam was completely in the dark about the path his brother was on. Given the Imam’s importance and high visibility in the American Muslim community, his silence before the shooting regarding his brother’s radicalization, and his contemptuous and suspiciously pre-meditated false story, complete with the code words of “I can’t breathe” designed to incite violence, is utterly irresponsible at best, and criminal at worst.

      Ms Grayson needs to stop prevaricating that “we don’t know what happened” in a misguided attempt to defend her ideales. In order to remain a trusted and respected source, you need to come clean and admit when your side is in the wrong, as they are here. I was enraged at the police when they refused to admit in a timely manner that one of their own lied and covered up evidence about the shooting of Walter Scott running away from a white police officer in N. Charleston, S.C. And I’m enraged at certain members of the Muslim community now when they won’t come clean about the truth behind the shooting, and the lies the victim’s Imam brother told after the fact. Tell the truth.

      • May have been in shock… its common in grief. As I said hopefully the truth will emerge through an inquiry!

      • sam says:

        Well said, Seigfried. At first read, I thought Ms. Grayson’s wordpress page was an amateur reporting/news site with a muslim slant, then i realized that it’s merely an opinion blog. I, like you, tend to believe that the factual presentation in her writing is one-sided, and therefore, untrustworthy. The Rahim family certainly has a story to tell – the question of whether the cops were justified in killing Mr. Rahim at the time, or if they should have approached him differently (as some civic leaders are saying) is an issue that is real and yet unexplored. I think in order to tell that story though, there has to be some recognition that Mr. Rahim was not 100% innocent – that he brandished a knife at the cops and approached them. The question is whether the cops really could have backed away further, used a stun gun or a k-9 to apprehend Mr. Rahim instead of shooting him. Ms. Grayson’s insistence that Mr. Rahim may still be innocent because we don’t have *all* the facts is misplaced, because we have enough facts now to know that Mr. Rahim was not a good guy, that he threatened police officers and that he was shot in the chest (not the back) indicating that he was standing his ground or approaching. I’m disappointed at “certain members of the muslim community” as well. when the facts are available and clear, it’s dishonest to insist on remaining ignorant.

      • I wonder why you are trying to put words into my mouth that I have never spoken? I have not made comment on innocence or guilt simply reported the reactions and statements of OTHERS. Perhaps you got confused and read one of my actual opinion pieces… which this isn’t. Amateur, interesting, well if you call “best researcher of the year” amateur that’s up to you. Not everyone wants the restriction of writing for mainstream media or the bias of some media outlets or is ruled by pounds/dollars. As I said before if you can show me where the victim was convicted of terrorism in court do share. As far as I can see he was under observation for some time on suspicion related to alleged radicalization but without arrest.

      • sam says:

        I apologize for the insulting word choice – I did not intend to imply that you are an amateur or that your writing is such. My comment just meant that I came across your blog/page and noted that it is not a mainstream news source and does not contain primary sources. My thought was that you’re not writing this for AP or NYT, and you’re not getting paid by any news organization – amateur in that sense. kind of like Olympic athletes are amateurs, but they are still great athletes. No offense intended.

      • Well said & as a Muslim myself, I’m enraged at certain members of the Muslim & American communities, as well as the “media” that is a big part of the problem.

      • Yes I have noticed that myself with US media and note the article exploring this from Glenn Greenwald…

  11. says:

    anyone know why Imam Ibrahim was kicked out of his mosque in 2013 ?

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  13. thebasher73 says:

    Sounds like the cops did their jobs. Good work guys! One less piece of crap walking the streets.
    I especially like the brothers outright lies on social media. He should be brought up on charges.

  14. k says:

    What is REALLY going to be interesting is when the Video is released……. he better have 2 hands on that cell phone

  15. Gary F. Burke says:

    YOU PEOPLE all need to leave or be shot as well! To lie about the event is the same as trying to incite a race war. I truly believe that is what some of you want. Then bring it on and lets get this over. Go back to where you belong and if you have changed then go to land of the crazy guy allah and stay there.

    • Not sure who you mean as “you people” perhaps you could clarify? Thanks

    • If you mean Muslims you will find there are Muslims from many difference races, of all colours. Also you might care to read about the Phoenix mosque opening its doors on Monday to local communities for inter -faith event despite threats and anti-Islam rally, it was very successful. The local community rallied round and offered support, their message is “love is stronger than hate”.

  16. Thank you Boston Police for eliminating this vile, TERRORIST FILTH. Praise Allah! Enjoy your 72 goats…

  17. Tim Helmer says:

    So you guys are saying that just because he was shot in the back there is no way that he was attacking anyone and that the shoot is not good?? Come on people, think this through and quit making up your minds just because of the little information you have. There is a very real possibility of having to shoot someone in the back and being justified. Your theory is correct when there is only one officer…theory doesn’t hold water for more than one officer. If there are two officers standing apart from the subject and he attacks the other officer, the one not being attacked is justified is defending his partners life and might have to shoot him in the back to stop the attack…
    like if the middle dot is the bad guy and the two other dots are the cops o o o.

  18. k says:

    Wow – not on the phone, not shot on the back…. the video proves it.

  19. k says:

    Video 150% corroborates what the Commissioner Stated

  20. dino192 says:

    Did he allegedly say “hands up don’t shoot” too?

    • Let’s see what inquiry says…

      • Mitch says:

        Perhaps you should have waited to see what the inquiry says, rather than declaring that he’s a “victim” based on the claims of his brother, who combined Trayvon Martin (on the phone with a witness), Michael Brown (hands up/shot in the back), and Eric Garner (“I can’t breathe”) into one patently absurd narrative.

  21. A guy says:

    Lying sacks of shit. Terrorist boy got what he deserved. More to come.

  22. Another guy says:

    So sorry there is one more dead Muslim extremist, said NO ONE, EVER.

    • A lost opportunity to discover more on his alleged radicalization… but I guess thats too uncomfortable for some…

      • Another guy says:

        Sure, they just shot this guy for no reason at all. Really? I’ll bet you here and now that the killing was justified and the victim deserved it, and if it wasn’t…on well. Why should I feel bad for someone who wants to kill me for what I believe? Not seeing where the opportunity to discover the truth has vanished because of my comments. I will freely admit I’m wrong if the investigation bears that out. Will you?

      • Well as I have not made an opinion yet myself I can neither be right or wrong. However I will likely pick up on this further. One question though…if he was so dangerous to the community, why was he not arrested, isn’t that putting the community at risk?

      • Another guy says:

        He would have been arrested if he dropped his knife as requested by the police. He didn’t, which amounts to a threat of deadly force and the police were justified in the action they took. it’s an open and shut case.

      • Really, “open and shut case”? I recall cases where even unarmed persons were shot dead by police in US? Eric Harris for example…

  23. Bill Cosby says:

    Let’s see the video shall we! Or should we just believe this pig iman liar. We will not be intimidated by liars please leave this country your lies expose you for what u r! I can’t breath bullshit

  24. Concerned Citizen says:

    His brother worked under and had a pretty close relationship to Imam Webb…correct?…then Rahim was abruptly dismissed from his mosque after the BMB 13…Imam Webb was head of the Norman OK mosque which members were Zaccarias Moussaoui and Hussein al-Attas roomates to each other…in fact Suhaib Webb bailed al-Attas out of jail after he was arrested with Moussaoui in Minneapolis for suspicion of terror related activities (FBI Phoenix memo)…Webb also had a relationship with Anwar al-Awlaki…whos San Deigo mosque’s members al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi were 2 of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers…Moussaoui was supposedly the 20th…now hes saying he was the bank roll/accountant of the operation…Imam Webb was supposed to be a speaker at the interfaith service in Boston after the Boston Marathon Bombings…he was pulled at the last minute and a reason was never given…like Imam Rahim’s dismissal from the Brighton Mosque…Also all indications point to Webb being a member of the Brotherhood…Suhaib Webb seems to be a great guy and excellent American Imam…but why is it that whenever a terror related event occurs in this country he is 2 degrees of separation away from the people involved?…and seems to be protected from any media scrutiny?…if it walks like a duck……(,_and_motion,_concerning_Moussaoui%27s_pursuit_of_marriage)

  25. Sean Woods says:

    You ended your article with a hashtag that takes a side and reveals your opinion. Perhaps you should have said #InvestigateUsaama

  26. Quarneelo Xavier says:

    I hope he’s buried covered in bacon. Good riddance to that sack of shit.

  27. Quarneelo Xavier says:

    Also, the brother’s a fucking liar. Hope someone covers his house in ham.

  28. 12thman says:

    Carol, your feigned impartiality is very telling. There is nothing wrong with you exercising your freedom of speech; in fact, I encourage everyone to use their rights to the fullest. What is wrong is your unwillingness to own up to your world view. This leads to an unwillingness to admit when you are wrong and thus aborts the process of change to a more reality based view.

    • NOT AT ALL, I am about to publish a second article addressing additional information. Would have done so earlier but was writing on another issue and responding to comments. I have in fact written a detailed piece. Please note I am a researcher as opposed to a news journalist so often take more time to write articles but I don’t respond to pressure or threats!

  29. 12thman says:

    Carol, your feigned impartiality is very telling. I fully support your use of your “freedom of speech”; in fact I encourage Americans to use their rights to the fullest.

    What I _am_ against is your deceitfulness. You are pretending as if you do not hold the world view that you obviously do (reading through the history of your blog). This lack of honesty makes it difficult for you to admit when you are wrong and, via such and admission, grow to a more reality based outlook on events.

    • My articles, views are out there for all to see as a victim of terrorism myself, (no justice I might add)! I covered “allegations” as I have repeatedly said in Boston article, this is not a crime and in fact is often used by police.

    • The complaint most often levelled against me is that I am “too honest” lol. I write on insurgency, state terrorism, group and individual terrorism, studied “media interpretations on War on Terror” at university, am not writing about knitting patterns. My own experience as a VICTIM of “biological terrorism” allows greater insight in some areas. My blog is meant to be read…

  30. Laticia says:

    Oh the individual and collective ignorance of this blog it’s comments is disturbing. Too bad the brother lied and they have video to prove it. Hands up don’t shoot was a ridiculous lie. This is a ridiculous lie and there is a reason they won’t release Freddie’s autopsy. He swallowed the drugs, like the officers said and then had a seizure from the OD in the police transport. DUH. New hit phrase “Lips shut, don’t lie”. Folks think they have been empowered by all this lying and lawlessness. Little do they realize that they are only impressing themselves and look like donkeys to the rest of the world. Martin Luther King was a visionary. He would be so disappointed in what is happening in the black community today. It’s terrible and embarrassing. Yours truly… Sell out/Uncle Tom/ Uppity American.

  31. Alier Gauche says:

    It’s amazing you take the word of the imam as an “eyewitness account” when the imam was 3,000 miles away from the shooting.

  32. Get Real says:

    Aren’t you sick of being lied to by terrorists? Aren’t you fed up with being a useful idiot for them? “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

      • Get Real says:

        This particular case is a Jihadist terrorist, who wages violent Jihad against the infidels. But you’re lied to not only by terrorists and their family members, but also by thugs and their accomplices like Michael Brown’s accomplice, and by race baiters, and by feminists with their false rape accusations, and so forth.
        Now every other thug will be claiming “I can’t breathe” to incite riots.

      • I don’t know who you are on about???

      • Get Real says:

        The imam was obviously fabricating the lie with bits and pieces from other stories. “Shot in the back,” “I can’t breathe.”
        Michael Brown’s accomplice lied that Brown was shot in the back and had his hands up, and the mob swallowed that too. Remember “Hands up, don’t shoot”?
        A friend of mine served on a jury recently, on a case of a horrible black tenant who attacked and stabbed her black landlord, but she claimed that she was being attacked and yelling, “I can’t breathe,” hoping it’ll resonate with black jurors, but even they weren’t buying it.

    • Aren’t you sick of trolling people for your own personal agenda, whatever that may be?

  33. Get Real says:

    Gee, will the peace-preaching moderate imam condemn his brother’s terrorist attack, or will he deny and lie and incite against the police?

  34. Get Real says:

    “I can’t breathe” was the imam’s punchline. As in, “His last words were (ready for it) ‘I can’t breathe.'” And everyone’s supposed to gasp in horror. I rolled my eyes.
    Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, as the saying goes.

  35. Get Real says:

    Well the video evidently shows that he was shot in the front and wasn’t on the phone. If he made a call before the confrontation, that’s a different call from what the imam described.

    • As I said in my last blog its the timing thats in question,.. a call took place the link to CNN report is on my blog… Quote from video… “CNN has learnt that shortly before Usaama Rahim allegedly pulled a knife on police officers Tuesday morning he made a phone call to his father to say his goodbyes. The call overheard by investigators who had been monitoring his e-mail and phone activity putting Rahim seen here in a high school photo under round the clock surveillance about 10 days ago” …

  36. Daearl Kelly says:

    According to the faith leaders who seen the police video he wasn’t shot in the back. Everyone on his side keeps saying that this is a homicide, it is jot he brandished a weapon was ordered multiple times to stop and put it down. He decides to go after the police. They have a right to defend themselves.and as far as the questions that they wanted to ask they have the right to stop and detainee you to ask any that they might want to

    • If you read the update on my blog, the lawyer has clarified the Iman received info from a 3rd person and he had just lost his brother which could explain any confusion. There was a call however with the father as the police have now confirmed its the timing that was in question as those that saw video said he wasn’t on phone then… call seems to have been made shortly before police encounter according to info given to CNN, see my last blog. Faith leaders did state he wasn’t shot in back. Yes of course police have a right to defend themselves and stop and ask questions that is not in dispute.

  37. 12thman says:

    Carol, one more time for clarity. I specifically said, in the comment you quoted, “Rahim EITHER helped fabricate the lie or, at the very least, digested it and spread it around the world.” That comment by me is 100% accurate. Either the Imam made up the story about Usaama being shot in the back or someone else made up the story and told the imam… or someone else made up the story and told someone else who told the imam, etc… The lie fit nicely with the narrative in his mind (cops bad, brother good), and he spread it loudly around the globe.

    And for the 3rd time I never claimed he asked you to spread it. I said he used you AFTER you found his statement. Again this is 100% accurate. He posted a link to your blog on his Facebook page. A page millions of people sought out after his brother was shot. Thus he used YOU/YOUR blog to help spread a lie. (Ask yourself how come you have seen a massive spike in your traffic and comments. Check and see how many of those countless new hits came from facebook and multiply that by 10 as I am sure many people found it on facebook and forwarded to friends via email or IM.) Do you really believe that many people heard about this shooting and said, “hmmm, I wonder what Carol Anne Grayson thinks?”

    Without putting words in my mouth, tell me how either one of my points is wrong? Are you even able to concede these blatantly obvious points? Or is the sky allegedly blue, the sun merely allegedly hot?

    • You are suggesting malicious intent when there may have been a misunderstanding during communication… he had just learnt his brother had been shot dead… people experience all kinds of emotions when bereaved. Seems like some want to defame Imam Rahim, who knows what he may have gone through as a Muslim in the US? I sent him my article and if people wish they can post… other mainstream media also reported his statement… are the same comments left for them…but dont usually bother to send people their stories once they have got what they want… it may have just been that article was readily available or a polite response. People often comment to me in person not necessarily on the blog plus I am not mainstream media nor do I wish to be. If I wanted a mainstream career, money and to be better known could have had it a long time ago lol. What is your personal interest here, police, FBI, anti-Islam group… why don’t you declare your interest which is becoming a bit of an obsession? An inquiry or court will no doubt decide who did what, good and bad.

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  39. Pingback: In Boston, Media Again Trash a Police Shooting Victim by Uncritically “Reporting” Police Accusations - 2 Real News

    • Thanks for link, yes I read Glenn Greenwald’s article shortly after he wrote it and tweeted to him and he has many valid points and I have tried to address some of the same points in my 4 articles and discussions here. Imam Rahim has removed the statement from social media, quote “due to ‘one’ inaccuracy involving the entry-point of the fatal wounds, that’s the only point that was corrected” (I spoke to him after he removed the post). Regarding the alleged phone call, police have now allegedly stated Usaama was on the phone shortly before the actual confrontation took place according to a statement to CNN though we don’t know exact timing or content, it is the timing of the call that appears to be under dispute as on viewing video, community leaders stated he was not on the phone when shot. This is an area that needs further investigation, clarification and whether Usaama realized he was “under surveillance” at the time of making alleged call.

      • 12thman says:

        This is exactly what I mean by saying you are being used to spread this complete lie. The fact that on June 7th someone would write that story… after it has been proven completely false. There are some people who may only read that one article and they will be 100% misinformed.

        The fact that Ibrahim (and you) are now touting this as “one inaccuracy” is laughable for two reasons. First, because the one “inaccuracy”/lie/obvious fabrication (how do you hear someone being shot in the back on the phone??) was key to the statements attempt to create public anger. Second, because it is far from once inaccuracy which can be seen by repeating Ibrahim’s statement and removing “in the back.” I will replace it with redaction marks [** *** ****]:

        “This morning while at the bus stop in Boston, my youngest brother Usaama Rahim was waiting for the bus to go to his job. He was confronted by three Boston Police officers and subsequently shot [** *** ****] three times. He was on his cell phone with my dear father during the confrontation needing a witness. His last words to my father who heard the shots were:

        I can’t breathe!”

        Everyone who has seen the video states he was not on the phone when he _charged_ officers and was shot. This makes even the altered statement a complete fabrication. Of course, this could all be cleared up if the father reported the true nature of the conversation.

      • Let’s see what inquiry states… Police confirmed to media there was an alleged phone call, the question is when? What was time span between convo and shots being fired, was his phone left on for example even if he wasn’t actually talking on the phone? Have you considered that? Surely its possible to check these things? Anyway another way of looking at is, if there were fabrications stated (as opposed to misinformation and confusion after a traumatic event) then documentation will likely be of use? I mention the Mick Philpott case as one example in UK where police had someone on TV saying one thing and evidence later proved another… In fact its been a police tactic in a number of cases where police have allowed interviews to go ahead but may have had concerns as to their accuracy. Also there were a number of media outlets that reported Imam Rahim’s initial FB statement… are you also leaving messages for them… if so kindly give me references so I may follow the debates, otherwise I wonder why only me??? I have written several updates… media obviously must put something to clarify new information.

      • 12thman says:

        And the lie spreads further:

        The comments, indicating he was killed because he was black and/or muslim are especially nice. There are millions of black muslims in American who are not shot by FBI agents. It was Usaama’s actions that got him killed.

        I also love this:
        “وأضاف: لم يشهد أي من أفراد الأسرة أي سلوك من جانب رحيم بأنه كان مسلمًا متطرفًا.”

        How about the nephew? Is he part of the family? Because he has admitted to the plot and the radicalization.

      • I can’t speak for other media what they print. Sadly earlier cases where police behaviour came under question have caused a lot of damage and mistrust in black and Muslim communities, it will take some time to turn that round…

      • We live in challenging times, this man Kevin Moore happened to film Freddie Gray arrest, Baltimore “a 25-year-old black man who suffered a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. Gray died a week after sustaining the injury. Six Baltimore police officers have been charged in connection with his death” and look what is happening to Kevin Moore…he has been arrested himself… though the “terrorism” charge has now been dropped others still stand…certainly an interesting case to follow! It is not surprising if black and Muslim communities are lacking in trust!

    • Questions would be, when did the police regard the actual confrontation took place? Would that be from the time they first spoke/approached him? What was time span from Usaama leaving home to the point where he was confronted and was he aware during that period before approach that he was being observed? Did a call take place during that period?

      • 12thman says:

        Who cares? No one, except people desperate to maintain some justification for Ibrahim charging officers with a military knife.

        What difference do any of those questions make to the truthfulness of Ibrahim’s statement? None, whatsoever. Even if you agree that the confrontation with officers began at the moment of Usaama’s birth as a black Muslim, and thus include every phone call he ever had with his father, it does not change the fallacy of the [paraphrased] statement “he was on the phone with his dad while shot in the back and yelling ‘I can’t breathe!'”

        The more you fish, the more you reveal your blindness.

      • What is important is that all the facts come out, WHATEVER THEY ARE… how many police cases do you know that had all the information they needed in one day…? Its an information and evidence gathering exercise that is an ongoing investigation with hopefully a full inquiry. As for fishing, I learnt to be that way investigating personal tragedies and so glad I did because what families were initially told and what actually transpired were miles apart…

      • You said… “who cares”? The Guardian newspaper seems to care (a reputable media organization) regarding questions still need to be asked about Usaama Rahim case… it seems I am not alone after all. The Guardian of course unearthed a lot regarding the cover -up surrounding the Stephen Lawrence case. The Guardian also helped me expose govt wrongdoing related to unlawful killing of 2 of my family members and thousands of others when other media turned a blind eye. Nothing wrong in asking a few questions… often helps to clarify a situation. As I said before the main thing is, that the truth comes out, whatever it may be…

  40. 177 comments yet not a one of them says “Good job Carol” or something like that. 177 comments and other than the ones from “Carol Anne Grayson” they all seem to have the same underlying message…you are horrible!!! Hopefully this will make you a better blogger going forward though, maybe next time you will get the facts before you start throwing up “allegedly” with lies…

    • How fickle to think I am motivated by praise, on the contrary, those who have commented here reinforce why it is important to use word “alleged” which is common practice and indeed encouraged by lawyers employed at media outlets particularly during ONGOING investigations! All these comments for one blogger, anyone would think it was an organized campaign to shut me up. Its important to question …like yesterday for example the Mckinley cop case, where the officer roughly forced a young black girl to the ground. It seemed more like a “50 Shades of Grey” moment” than community policing. Her father was certainly not happy. Reinforces the need for cameras on police uniforms as I said in earlier article. Don’t worry about insulting me, it only inspires me to continue, thank-you for that.

    • What is going on with US police??? Look at this Walter L Scott case…former South Carolina indicted in death of this man!

  41. Concerned Citizen says:

    Several BPD officers becomes 4 G-Men and 1 BPD plainclothes officer…1……Was only surveilling him recently….2….media lies lies lies…whole thing smells

    • Let’s hope an inquiry will iron out any discrepancies. I watched the video now made public unfortunately its not very clear but there may be enhancement techniques to show footage more clearly!

  42. Pingback: Civil Freedoms – In Boston, media again trash a polices shooting victim by uncritically “reporting” police accusations

    • Glenn Greenwald report… “Virtually none of those questions were examined by media discussions yesterday. Most (including the NBC report) did note that Rahim’s brother, a former Boston-area imam whom the Boston Globe said “is known as a voice of moderation and compassion,” claimed Rahim was on the phone with his father when killed by three bullets to the back, though quickly stated that police insist he was killed by two bullets to the abdomen and chest. What actually happened is unclear, and will presumably be clarified by video which police say exists.”

      Video was not very clear though appeared to confirm point he was shot in front if little else…

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