Pakistan Taliban TTP: Dr Umme-e-Muhammad joins the polio debate and my response to her concerns


A health worker gives a polio vaccine to a child in Peshawar, Pakistan. Photograph: Mohammad Sajjad/AP

The polio vaccination is a controversial issue in Pakistan particularly since the the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chose to organize a fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden’s family DNA using the services of Dr Shakil Afridi. See Guardian link for full story,

This extraordinarily unethical decision further fueled concerns already arising from the people of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) regarding safety, efficacy of the vaccine and whether there may be sinister foreign plots afoot to poison or sterilize those receiving the vaccination in the region. Since the CIA fiasco a number of polio workers and their security personnel have been shot dead and injured stalling vaccination programmes and leading to the postponement of a Pak-Afghan meeting on polio last week.

Dr Umme-e-Muhammad has entered the debate via a video released by Umar media division of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP). The following is the translation transcript of her talk followed by an examination of the points raised.


Living with polio (DAWN)

“Dr. Umme-e-Muhammad’s shocking revelations regarding polio”

(which I will examine after the post)

“Assalaam Alaikum my fellow countrymen. In our country there has been a constant reign of forceful and brutal martial law. Now these rulers have crossed even the brutalities of the pharaohs. Now the countrymen are not facing the army martial law but medical martial law. If you do not give your innocent infants the poison drops then your daily life will be curtailed. There is no guarantee that in the very near future your infants will be taken from you and given to the Jewish and Christian NGOs. The pharaohs used to kill innocent children openly but these worshipers of money on the promises of giving life are selling poison drops and injections. I am not saying these things in this forum on verbal information but on the basis of my personal experience and research.

In the field of medicine I have Masha’Allah worked for almost 8 years. I did my MBBS from Pakistan and then did my specialization from abroad. Then on the basis of my excellent performance I was offered a position for PhD where I did my research on the heart. During that time I came across some Muslim mothers who were worried about the vaccine and its harmful effects. At that time Alhamdulillah I did research on the vaccine and on the basis of that research I am today sitting in front of you and I want to bring some facts in front of you.

Polio is now being called a Muslim disease (illness). The World Health Organisation is constantly after Pakistan’s infants. The international community is surprisingly showing so much activity. All of a sudden the life of Muslim children has become a major mission for them. Maybe in the tribal areas of Pakistan the mutilated bodies of more than 400 children killed by the bombs from drones and jets has not been witnessed by them. Maybe the burnt bodies of innocent children in hospitals and their decapitated bodies have been unsuccessful in gaining their attention.

In Pakistan every year more than 100,000 children fall prey to death as a result of cholera, typhoid, malaria and similar fatal diseases. Instead of curtailing these other diseases the western Jewish organisations are targeting diseases like polio which is neither even fatal nor that common. Why are they seemingly so much concerned over the eradication of this disease? Without doubt the polio and other vaccine is a dajjali (anti-Christ, deceiver) weapon against humanity. Today by the grace of Allah (S.W.T). I will lift the curtain from this.

When the germs attack the body, then our immune system seems to immediately start taking evasive action against it. Daily not thousands but millions of germs attack our bodies through nose, ear and mouth and skin. It is a blessing of Allah that these immune cells which are called B-cells and T-cells in general terms not only take action against the germ but also develop resilient army cells for future attack by the same germ. The human history spread over a billion years has been prospering by the grace of Allah. On the other hand the concept of vaccine has come about only a 100 year ago.

We see that during this century the rate of death and disease has increased many folds. Is it possible that these very dajjali organisations themselves create the disease and then sell its cure at expensive rates? And when they have to spread their ulterior motives they start spreading their web by giving free medicines. Recently the Ebola virus is an example in this regard. Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia were difficult terrain for the American forces, then by using Red Cross Ebola virus was spread. Then the dajjali lies spreading media spread the word of Ebola across the whole world.

Immediately many big pharmaceutical companies were seen making the ebola vaccine. The speed with which these companies were making these vaccines is evidence that vaccines were already there. Meaning that these enemies of humanity elements, for the sake of their business growth were responsible for spreading the disease and its cure are one and the same. Then America and its allies got an excuse to land their forces in these African countries even if they are in medical uniform. Their real objective was the Muslim jihadi groups present there and the diamond mines. Now we move onto swine flu, swine flu was created way back in 1942.

In 1942 the Rockerfeller Institute published a report that when swine flu virus and hemaphelaus were combined, it would create a very fatal lung disease. Then we see in 2009, swine flu spread in Mexico. This swine flu influenza virus and hemaphelaus is the disease that affects the lungs. And surprisingly that three months before the spread of this disease, one American hospital requested for the development of vaccine. Is this a mere coincidence? Listen ahead. In 1972, the world health organisation published a report that one virus that destroys the T-cells in our immune system be spread in vaccine on experimental basis so that its results could be studied. Now let us see another coincidence.

That in central Africa, there was widespread use of small pox vaccine. Then very soon after, AIDS started to show in Africa, America and other parts of the world. Now AIDS is that disease that destroys the T-cells in our immune system. This was used to destroy the African race. And billions of rupees went into the pharmaceutical companies and banks of research institutes so that its cure could be developed.

Now let us move towards polio. The World Health Organisation claimed that in Nigeria the spread of polio is not the vaccine but the non availability of vaccine in poor communities. Despite this they have admitted that those children who have been given the live virus of polio in the form of vaccine they will continue to spread this for weeks. Meaning they will become the cause for the spread of this virus. In Mbarara hospital in 1977 in just one month, more than 600 children died due to polio vaccine. And surprisingly, the world health organisation did not bring this report to light. Thus the world health organisation became a world death organisation.

Bill Gates feels quite disturbed when he sees children suffering from polio in wheel chairs. But due to polio vaccine the brain diseases, brain cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer and diseases like paralysis do not disturb Bill Gates or the World Health Organisation. Polio vaccine was used to control African birth rates. Many Africans in their 20s and 30s were affected by brain cancer. Other than this due to the use of this vaccine children also developed hair loss. One large pharmaceutical company, Glaxo Smith Klein, who is in the forefront of this vaccine admitted itself that polio vaccine contains heavy metal like aluminium its content can range from 2 – 400microgram. Aluminium enters the body of the infant and lodges itself in the brain cells. Which in future lead to and becomes a cause for cancer, autism, epilepsy, Parkinson and other brain diseases. Aluminium and mercury type of fatal elements are added to this vaccine. These elements destroy our immune B-cells and T-cells. Our body that develops an immune system against germs, this vaccine stunts the growth of this system from infancy. Other than this, this vaccine also weakens the tiny heart of our infants.

We see that gastro diseases are increasing in the world. MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubela) which is given to all children in Pakistan is the cause for gastro ailments. Now let us move toward another devil plan the name of which is eugenics program. John Holdrin who is killer Obamas’s Assistant for Science and Technology, in 1977 wrote a book where he floated the evil idea that because the world population is increasing fast, so govt should include birth control medicines in drinking water and foods. Children should be taken from their mothers, because our land cannot afford to support so much population. Maybe John Holdrin was trying to say that the followers of dajjal who are only 5 to 10 percent in order to control 100 percent of the world resources should try to destroy 95 percent of the world population.

According to one report due to technoflexing in 1990 many women suffered from being unable to bear children. As a result of swine flu vaccine and cervical cancer immunisation many women had miscarriage in recent times. In the near future the enemies of Muslims are developing such viruses which will be sprayed onto Muslim population so that whole of the inhabitants will become numb. Polio vaccine and similar vaccines are a part of the same chain. Allah has warned us about the nefarious designs of the Zionists and Christians. In Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan the murderers of millions of children are suddenly becoming protectors and saviours of Pakistani children.

Polio and other vaccine is a dajjali conspiracy so that our children are unable to join the forces of Imam Mehdi against the forces of dajjal. I appeal to the doctors, nurses and health workers that do not become a cause for the race elimination and destruction of Muslims. Do not spoil your afterlife for a few rupees. O my Muslims mothers how can you expose your loved ones to the poisoned drops and injections. Now the reality is that to get gas and electricity facilities you have to make your children mentally and physically disabled.

Pakistan’s murtad (apostasy), soul selling leaders and generals have sold their souls for the sake of dollars. I have no hope of salvation from them but I am sure the people will rise up against this injustice and tyranny. I give the Pakistanis this good news that the mujahideen or the land of Khorasan will not let the future of the land of Islam be destroyed. I warn the companies making vaccines and companies selling vaccines and medical mafia that they refrain from spreading this poison. Otherwise that time is near when the wrath of Allah will descend upon them. O Muslims we should purify our soul by paying heed to Allah’s commands and the physical by healthy surroundings and eating pure natural food. The prophet (PBUH) medicine authentic books are available in abundance which we need to make part of in our daily lives. To protect ourselves from infectious diseases the prophet (PBUH) said in his golden principles that when there is an infectious disease no one should leave that area and nobody from outside should come into that area. This is an easy, helpful and doable suggestion. Which in the modern times is named quarantine.

Prophet SAW said that there is a lump of flesh in our body if this is OK then the whole body will be OK and this is the heart. Enlighten your heart with the true teaching and obedience of Allah. Reject the following of taghoot (overstepping the boundaries) and come out into the mountains where the atmosphere is pure from the dajjali influence. The Prophet (PBUH) said that those people in this time will be able to save themselves from dajjal who will make mountains their abode. Wa ma ilayna illlal blah”



(Special thanks to RA for translating)



Pakistan and Afghanistan are inseparable, and the campaign against the poliovirus has to be jointly carried out in territories under the jurisdiction of either country for it to have an effect. — AFP/file (Via Dawn) 

Response to Dr. Umme-e-Muhammad

“Evidence of sporadic epidemics of polio predate recorded history, in 1789, British physician Michael Underwood provides first clinical description of the disease”

As Dr Umme-e-Muhammad correctly points out there is now a crackdown on parents in Pakistan in a push to get all children vaccinated. Back in the March 2015, the Guardian reported,

“hundreds of parents in north-west Pakistan have been arrested and jailed after refusing to give their children polio vaccinations, according to officials.

Feroz Shah, a spokesman for the district administration in Peshawar, said 471 people had been imprisoned in the city and surrounding villages under government orders on charges of endangering public security.”

Authorities might have helped to reassure parents if instead of penalizing them, the courts had taken action against the CIA team that used a vaccination programme for unethical means thus leading to the endangerment of life. This did not happen, giving out a message that the state did not care about foreign interference in its health care programmes and sparking all kinds of concerns both true and false. Read following link which I published in December 2014 by Mohammad Zubair Khan,

“Behind the CIA fake vaccination story: Guest blog from journalist who was at bin Laden compound”

The historical development of the polio vaccine was not without its terrible tragedies as detailed on the following link, in the way that the history of aviation has not been without its plane crashes and there are still occasional safety incidents today,

As Dr Umme-e-Muhammad points out the body has an astonishing capacity to respond and fight off disease and infection… and the question is in what circumstances can this be aided by medical advances and what are the consequences?

As with the administration of any drugs, medical procedures, vaccines are not without risk and health education is key so that parents can make “informed choices” and weigh up the pros and cons of vaccinating their children to see whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Information can be found on a number of health websites nationally and internationally, see

World Health Organization,

End Polio Pakistan

An alternative viewpoint on polio

Click to access Polio.pdf

For those linked to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Islamic Emirate (Afghan Taliban) were helpful in providing me with the following statement on 13TH May 2013 in general support of the polio vaccine,


Mullah Omar spiritual leader of  Islamic Emirate (Afghan Taliban) which issued a declaration supporting polio vaccine

Declaration of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding the Polio Vaccination

According to the latest international medicine science, the polio disease can only be cured by preventive measures i.e. the anti-polio drops and the vaccination of children against this disease.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan supports and lends a hand to all those programs which works for the health care of the helpless people of our country. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan advises in the existing war situation of the country to the campaigning organizations i.e. WHO and UNICEF to employ unbiased people in the region. The foreign employees should refrain from going to the region and similarly the campaign should be harmonized with the regional conditions, Islamic values and local cultural traditions. In case of compliance with these rudiments, all the associated workers (Mujahidin) of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are directed, not to create any kind of trouble for them, rather they should be provided with all necessary support.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


See link

Taliban support polio vaccine whilst US support killing children by drone”

The Daily Times reported that “the Darul Afta (fatwa council) of Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) has issued a fatwa, saying that the administration of polio drops to children is not forbidden in Islam. It says prominent scholars and experts of the Muslim world are convinced that polio drops do not contain anything that is harmful to health or against sharia.”


Correct storage of vaccines important

What is an ongoing concern with vaccination programmes in developing countries is the worry that children will not be treated with the same level of safety standards as the west…. the issue of inequality in healthcare. The following issues are important to be considered in discussion and practice,

1) type of polio vaccination… some countries now use polio jabs but Pakistan uses drops

2) out of date vaccinations have been known to be used or wastage through not checking dates

3) poor storage facilities so vaccine efficacy is affected, wrong temperature etc

4) vaccine not given following correct procedures

5) accessibility of health care programmes, children are missed

6) pricing of vaccines

7) It is also essential to ensure there are no other toxins or disease inducing agents in the preparation of vaccines.

Dr Umme-e-Muhammad makes very valid points referring to what I term must be a “holistic” approach to health care which includes good nutrition, access to clean water, monitoring physical and mental health and wellbeing and disease prevention in the wider sense, covering other childhood illnesses. The “medical mafia” must be held accountable for any digressions regarding safety and we must be aware and challenge monopolies trying to control health and pharmaceutical industries fixing prices for example. As she highlights, there is a great deal of hypocrisy focusing on polio and ignoring “the mutilated bodies of more than 400 children killed by the bombs from drones and jets”, a point mentioned by myself many times and by the Pakistan Taliban in previous interviews. Polio and the cessation of drone strikes were on the agenda of so called “peace talks” in Pakistan but unfortunately alleged target killing by the state did not stop during this period so the talks were not given serious consideration and fighting restarted.


Current spokesperson for Taliban (TTP JA) Ehsanullah Ehsan with deceased Emir of Pakistan Taliban killed in drone strike

In an interview with the Pakistan Taliban back in October 2013, I asked them…

What are your thoughts on polio programme? (The following is their reply)

“Sister, we are not opposed to healthcare per se but have to take certain measures to curtail spy operations carried out undercover. We simply cannot ignore spy operations under their cover. Our enemies want to vaccinate our children before droning them.

There have been cases similar to that of Dr Shakil Afridi.

For Allah and His Nabi (PBUH) sake we are willing to sacrifice our lives, vaccination is petty. Drones and Pakistan army killing our children. The ground intelligence is provided to the US by ISI, we have attacked Camp Chapman, others.

Why don’t you get military establishment to end their treachery for Allah & Nabi’s (PBUH) sake? Please visit our areas and check the stats. Our children are not dying of polio but other factors.

The present world order that kills 30,000 children every day wants to vaccinate children – children they will kill later on anyway.

There are many Shakil Afridis and collaborating NGOs on the ground.

Brothers, sisters, we appreciate your naseeha (meaning advice). Barak Allahu fiek (may Allah bless you… Arabic).  We understand the challenges on the ground better. Things will change. Over 30,000 children die everyday around the world owing to the policies of the secular world order.

When your house is raided, you fight. Vaccinations and green tea afterwards.”

Full interview can be read here,

“Conversation with Taliban on polio, education, non-harbis and a dominant narrative”

Diseases mutate, new diseases arise, it is not a case of if but when a new disease comes along as with Ebola on 1976 and Aids in the late 1970s (though there are isolated cases suggested much earlier). I certainly agree with Dr Umme-e-Muhammad that pharmaceutical companies are known to push and sometimes go beyond the boundaries of morality… I have lost family members haemophiliacs that were given contaminated blood “treatment” from American pharmaceutical companies selling contaminated plasma products sourced from prisoners to the UK. I have also taken four pharmas to court so very well aware of their unethical behaviour at times. Their greed can put profit before safety and it is useful to have organizations such as CorpWatch to keep an eye on their activities. There is well documented evidence of pharma companies and doctors in institutions performing unethical experimentation usually on the most vulnerable in society, those in care homes, prisons and in developing countries. Some examples are as follows,

Experiments with viruses


American scientists deliberately infected prisoners and patients in a mental hospital in Guatemala

Tuskegee syphilis experiment (1940s)

“These researchers had deliberately withheld treatment for this group of poor, uneducated, black sharecroppers in order to document what eventually might happen to them. I became incensed. How could physicians, who were trained first and foremost to do no harm, deliberately withhold curative treatment so they could understand the natural history of syphilis?” Irwan Shatz


“Mentally retarded children” housed at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York, were intentionally given hepatitis in an attempt to track the development of the viral infection. The study began in 1956 and lasted for 14 years.


Prisoners at Arkansas Penitentiary were deliberately injected with HIV, hepatitis viruses to monitor progression of disease for reduction of their prison sentence, their blood was then sold to pharmaceutical companies to be used by the National Health Service on haemophiliacs in the UK.


Again haemophiliac children and newly diagnosed haemophiliacs were deliberately infected with HIV, hepatitis viruses without parents knowledge and studied for years, when finally tested, the positive test results were also withheld.Minutes of meetings said they were cheaper to use than chimpanzees.

Experiment with drugs

French bread experiment spiked with LSD by CIA, see link


Mbarara Polio 

I can only find one reference to the Mbarara hospital outbreak where “in 1977 in just one month, more than 600 children died due to polio vaccine” according to Dr Ummw-e-Muhammad but it appears a vaccine that was discontinued in America may have been used. According to the following article, “many live oral polio vaccinations were used rather than giving them the safer “killed” polio vaccine used in the U.S. and Canada.” It is essential that the safest and most appropriate vaccine is used in all cases.

Dr Umme-e-Muhammad mentions “eugenics” the belief that one race is superior to another and must be preserved whilst traits, genetic elements or even persons have been annihilated in pursuit of the “ideal” such as happened during the second world war with the Nazis and their unethical experimentation. Trials of the Nazis led to the formation of the Nuremberg Code of ethical practice to try to prevent this happening again.


Conflict and devastation continues in Pakistan, Afghanistan supported by US

The point it is, it is not surprising that such fears arise in people within the Tribal Areas of Pakistan when vaccinations may come from the US that through CIA chief John Brennan helped initiate military operation Zarb-e-Asb with the Pakistan Armed Forces. The US has also facilitated a drone programme which is like Eugenics, I named this “Eudronics” as drones predominately target and exterminate non-white Sunni Muslims. As long as Pakistan is targeting its own people aided by US dollars it will be very difficult to eradicate fears regarding safety of US supported vaccines.

If Dr Umme-e-Muhammad wishes to study and learn more regarding the origins and spread of HIV and Ebola I recommend she contact Dr Don Francis, one of the most ethical men I know who made great personal sacrifices in his career to expose immoral and indeed criminal behaviour of pharmaceutical companies, FDA and Red Cross in failing to follow appropriate safety precautions and spreading AIDS round the world. This was often through the commodification of blood on which I wrote my award winning dissertation. Francis also helped to contain the first outbreak of Ebola back in 1976, (the latest outbreak may be linked to eating of bushmeat) and was there in the very early days of AIDS, we both received awards on the same event for “upholding truth and justice” in the field of global health. Here is a link to one of his interviews,

Back to polio, I had the pleasure of knowing Dr Spence Galbraith who “played the leading role in modernising the methods and arrangements for the surveillance and prevention of communicable disease in England and Wales” and his research included the epidemiology of food poisoning, poliomyelitis surveillance and field studies of vaccines. He did an amazing job researching the safety and importance of the polio vaccine which has been used successfully for decades around the world if as mentioned above the highest safety standards and procedures are followed and applied. Galbraith also studied the BCG vaccination and wrote a definitive account of John Snow’s life where through exhaustive research he linked a cholera epidemic in London’s Soho in 1854 to a communal water pump…. the “Broad Street Pump”.

I agree with Dr Umme-e-Muhammad a good healthy natural lifestyle as detailed in the Qur’an is very important. She has indeed raised key factors and questions and reminded us that all care and safety must come before financial profit. The use of quarantine if required is also important and if children and adults are not up to date with vaccines it will limit movement as procedures to stop the spread of disease kick into place. I would be very interested to read any journal articles she has published on the polio vaccine as education never ceases.

Personally, as a Muslim, I had no qualms about getting a recent top-up polio jab in the UK, my first polio vaccine was as a child (on a sugar lump) and the children in my family are all vaccinated with no ill effects.

We must also remember that some of the most significant scientific inventions and breakthroughs have come from the Muslim community and are greatly valued so the Islamic community is progressive with new discoveries. No disease should be used simply as a political or point scoring exercise, life is too precious. Along with the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan Taliban, I don’t see the polio vaccine as the problem per se and it can come within the halal requirements, rather that is must be seen in a wider health and environmental context and all precautions taken to ensure correct procedures are followed and vaccines are of the highest possible standards. This combined with a natural existence will give our children the best possible chance of not only surviving but maturing in good health. We must have a heart as Dr Umme-e-Muhammad states to ensure we provide this for our children and our communities.


“Drones: Pakistan’s polio problem cannot be addressed unless drone strikes stop”

“Pakistan: Imran vaccinates baby: Polio does not discriminate it can attack any child”

“Doctors and Drones 2014: Interview with Tomasz Pierscionek on the updated Medact report”


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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