Farkhunda and Lahore killings: Acts of violent sexual perversion by “out of control” men


Horrific assault by a frenzied mob violating the body of a female

Let’s call a spade a spade! The frenzied killing of a woman by a mob in Afghanistan, beating her to death and setting her body alight for allegedly burning a copy of the Quran was NOT an act to defend the honour of Islam. It had the effect of doing the exact opposite in a very public arena. The irony is, those who claim to be protecting their faith, think nothing of violating the principles of its teachings. The men who participated (there were no women visible on film taking part in this appallingly cruel incident) initiated crowd acts of sexual perversion, males clearly “turned on” by their “out of control” brutality in dishonoring the body of a female alleged to have mental health problems.


Perverted pleasure dragging the burnt remains of a man in Lahore following the bombings of 2 churches.

As someone who once worked in forensic psychiatry it is not difficult to recognize a sexual element to the pathological patterns of behaviour though perpetrators often refuse to recognize it in themselves. I also observed this in the crowd violence which led to the beating and burning to death of two men following the Lahore church bombing incidents in Pakistan last week. The males involved were charged up, excited and almost “orgasmic” in their celebrations and put Christianity to shame. In fact some did not even want me to discuss this killing such was the disgrace to their community and fear of violent backlash.


Men turned on by a blood and burning lust, the pornography of violence

The lynching of Naeem and Babar Noman was deeply disturbing to observe on film, watching faces revel in their perversity, see following article,

“TTP JA spokesmen says 2 innocent men lynched have no links to us”.


Farkhunda, (age 27) the victim of the prolonged and bloody assault in Kabul was alleged to have a history of mental illness according to her mother. Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (RFERL) who highlighted the case wrote,

“a security official quoted the family of the victim as telling investigators that she had been suffering from mental illness for many years, 

Footage obtained by RFE/RL shows a large crowd comprised mainly of young men repeatedly kicking and beating the woman. Some throw stones and buckets at her as she struggles to get off the ground.

The assault on the woman then continues as she lies on the ground, clearly unconscious and bleeding profusely.

Some men in the crowd can be heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”).”


Observing site where a woman’s body was burnt, many watched, no one intervened

The men who attacked Farkhunda and their supporters are deluded if they think their actions were in defence of Allah. The sick and mentally ill are vulnerable and must be protected. A society is judged by how it treats the ill and the poor in its midst. Compassion is a very important aspect of Islam, the word appearing many times within the Quran to remind us to uphold this practice.

The reality is, these men and those involved in this incident committed a serious criminal offence of a pathological nature which manifested itself in a form of violent pornography not acceptable in Islam. We must condemn such perverts for that is what they are, men who are so inadequate in their learning they clearly do not have even a basic concept of mental health issues, yet chose to act as judge, jury and executioner. These men along with those who pre-judged two men in Lahore are the sad failures of society, their mothers on learning of their proclivities would no doubt be horrified and ashamed of giving birth to such cruel and calculated individuals.

In Islam, men are taught to respect women, to lower their gaze so as not to be aroused by the female form. These men enjoyed violating a woman’s body, making physical contact with every area of her being and aroused themselves to ecstacy in doing so. Those in Kabul excelled in cruelty, scaling the heights of misogynistic depravity. We must condemn these lovers of violent porn and their despicable actions.

In Christianity, followers are taught to follow the teachings found in the parable of the Good Samaritan who goes to the aid of a stranger in need when others either engaged in violence or walked on by. The crowd in Lahore, beat, kicked, dragged and incinerated two innocent men to satisfy their blood lust. Both incidents showed the voyeuristic nature of individuals that watched, photographed, made their own “snuff” videos but no effort to intervene to stop the killing.

How many women would want to be in the company or feel safe with such sexual predators who get turned on by beating and burning a person to death. These men are the pits of society, the shit on the shoe, men unable or unwilling to control themselves yet so arrogant and self-deceiving they think they have the right to control and judge others! Society must hold them to account!

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad . She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

About Carol Anne Grayson

Blogging for Humanity.... Campaigner/researcher global health/human rights/drones/WOT/insurgency http://www.esrc.ac.uk/ESRCInfoCentre/PO/experts/Health_and_Wellbeing.aspx Exec Producer of Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad, currently filming on drones.
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36 Responses to Farkhunda and Lahore killings: Acts of violent sexual perversion by “out of control” men

  1. salman2979 says:

    Although I agree with a lot of what has been written but I don’t know how the writer is making assumption about sexual element of these incidents. Once working in forensic psychiatry does not make you an expert and give you that amazing ability to comment on thought process by looking at a vedio clip.
    You could say the same for London riots, young people have organisms by looting.
    In reality mob takes over when there is lack of authority.

    • Thanks for your comment. I had 5 years of training and a decade of practice observing behaviour, assessing and treating individuals running a regional clinic. I have also watched thousands of “video clips” (not one) showing violent behaviour over the years as a human rights activist as well as a former practitioner in mental health and yes I have observed similar in other countries and written about this too. Extreme violence and sexual arousal can be very closely linked, the pornography of violence, the control over the life of another human being, jumping up and down on a woman’s breasts, touching a stranger, a woman in the most intimate of places where this is forbidden. Arousal reported during conflict, example the soldier getting an erection on the battlefield a mixture of excitement and fear. Yes there being no authority is another issue but its more than that.

      • Miriam says:

        I agree. I think there is strong evidence to show how there is often a link between extreme violence and sexual arousal.

      • Thanks… yes its important to address, hypocrites that claim to be defending Islam while exciting themselves leaping up and down on a dying woman’s breasts! They must be strongly condemned!

    • Alex says:

      Sorry you sound hostile ? She is right . I forget which one but a nazi woman they called her the laughing haena she got sexual arousal from torturing the prison women . The people in the Middle East can be different and they don’t respond to anguish . How can you say your ” one ” reason is the correct answer and Grayson’s is not ? I mean maybe you just don’t want her to speak it becaude it’s the truth .

  2. Kon Dimo says:

    Carol Anne your post says a lot about you and you apparently dedicated your life to make a change … a difference. You are an invaluable inspiration and resource. You inspire some of us to have hope in an otherwise seemingly hopeless World taken over by greed, fear and uncontrolled violence. God bless you if He is really there. But you need to do more. The acts of violence ostensibly inspired by Islamic teachings and examples of the prophet of Islam in Hadith books (to me) breed aversion, are obnoxious and totally unacceptable. To my surprise, these examples of the prophet pbuh survived the test of time for more than 14 centuries. That is a puzzle. Look at what the ISIS did to the Izeedi women in Iraq. How could we condemn ISIS and spare the prophet pbuh when he also did the same to the Banu Guraiza and to the Jews of Khayberin Arabic peninsula a few centuries agao? If you are honest in your words that spade must be called a spade then the primary culprit is prophet Muhammad. I have been a victim of violence myself throughout my life of more than 50 years and I would never advocate for violence against any body. Muslims are just victims (of Islam) and they needs to be helped and – by proxy help their neighbors. But we will never do that if we choose not to call a spade a spade. If Muhammad was a prophet then he was definitely a funny prophet that needs to be exposed even if it means risking our lives in the process. How many people we are waiting for to be lynched by such a savage mob before we call a spade a spade. There is a saying that “what goes around comes around”. Today it is Farkhunda, tomorrow it might be you, or me or your sister or friend. If we mean to call a spade a spade then please let us do so, in unison.

    • Thank-you for your response. I have always tried to highlight and uphold the rights of others. Violence is related to the behaviour of people, human beings and sadly both good and bad examples of behaviour can be found in those that follow different religions and in those that are atheists and agnostics also. I am sorry that you have experienced violence as have my family, unlawfully killed. This can be experienced in as many different settings as there are people. I have stood up for Farkhunda through several articles and others where cases come to my attention and will continue to do so…

  3. Kon Dimo says:

    Thanks sister Carol for your response. You said “… … sadly both good and bad examples of behavior can be found in those that follow different religions and in those that are atheists and … …”.

    My dear sister, whom I respect a lot – if for example Jesus did something so bad and it made millions of people follow his bad example, then what is so wrong in simply pointing out that the x, y, z that Jesus did were so bad and should not be followed? Instead, despite your efforts to uphold rights of others, you and many others, avoid as much as possible mentioning that the prophet of Islam was the problem (and now Islam is the problem). Not Kabul’s men. What about Boko haram in Nigeria? and al shabab in Somalia? It is like we are saying since other religions had also indiscriminately killed people in the past, it is ok for Muslims to kill everybody now and we do not need to condemn prophet Muhammad whom the killers proudly emulate. Are we justifying the actions of the Muslims because other religions also did the same? That is what the West seems to be saying. Or because Muhammad was so holy and too holy to be condemned. That is what human right activists in the Middle East seem to be saying. Dear sister, I heartfuly appreciate your efforts and dedication. It means a lot to the voiceless. We actually need more people like you, who are able to sincerely stand up for the rights of others. But I think there is a conspicuously missing bit. Calling a spade a spade is missing.

    One last point, I really doubt if there will be one day true peace and stability in the Middle East if spade is not called a spade and Muhammad the prophet of Islam condemned and exposed. The implication is, we will continue seeing that kind of experience Farkhunda went through for a long long long time to come. Even countries that were considered to have moderate Islam such as Malaysia are now reverting back to true Islam, as practiced by prophet Muhammad the founder. I am not optimistic, unfortunately.

    The hope for us in non-Islamic Africa for example, is that, despite the tyranny, greed and brutality of some African non-Islamic governments and groups, these are not backed by divine text and untouchable holy men. We do criticize everybody including Jesus and the spirits of our ancestors .

    • Farkhunda’s case was related to the fact that she requested that a local man not sell amulets (considered un Islamic) to women who could not conceive giving them false hope and was murdered for doing so. Many condemned this brutal act including the Taliban who backed me when I approached them for a comment. If you want a response in relation to teachings of Islam, I suggest you seek that of an Islamic scholar who specializes in this area. I would never claim to be so…

  4. Kon Dimo says:

    Noted. Thanks, sister

  5. Steve William says:

    Afghani are animal. I am from Iran, and we do not let them there AT ALL, beuase of these.Moslems are already animals who such pigs live in dirt. Who care, they kill each other, better, let them do it. Let them clear these world from more moslem, this poor girl was not fortunate, because she born moslem, other than that she had a very good life. Death to all moslem in the world. All should be killed soon from another Hitler hopefully !

    • Thanks for your comment… Steve William is a very un Iranian name? Yes I see there is much alleged torture of Muslims detained as political prisoners in Iran!

      • Kon Dimo says:

        Steve William could be using a fake name. Many Iranian and Afghani Muslims do that for fear of reprisals from even the closest family members! … He does not need to invite an unnecessarily brutal honor killing upon himself.

  6. Kon Dimo says:

    In Iran members of other religious groups and faiths different from Islam only operate under ground. There are for examples under ground churches, just like in Somalia. Iranian I do not think are any different from Afghanis with regards to Islamic inspired atrocities and brutalities.

  7. Kon Dimo says:

    My personal opinion is that, Muslims are just pathetic victims of a major deception of the prophet Muhammad pbuh – a man who most successful designed a ploy and used it to attain and maintain massive personal powers and unlimited sex during his life time. The ordeal of Farkhunda is just but a small example of how people suffered – for 14 centuries – as a consequence of deception of one whimsical … … not very clever man called Muhammad, accepted as a prophet of an imaginary monster “god” called allah. Allah is in actual fact ‘any Muslim male or shekh’ with all his sadistic beastly sexual fantasies and primitive sexual desires. Period.

    • Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Muslims of course) were among the first to condemn strongly the killing of Farkhunda which was incited by a man who was asked not to sell trinkets to women who could not get pregnant as it would raise false hopes. Those who carried out the killing were nothing but thugs. These people exist in all societies and are of all religions. As for unlimited sex, in the west it is often outside marriage which affords a woman little protection!

      • Kon Dimo says:

        Of course I know that you know that I am not from the west, but even in Africa there is also now a days a lot of sex outside marriages. But in non Islamic Africa and in the west, such individuals do not claim to be prophets of a god. Others who do it in the realm of a religion like some Catholic priests, rapist and child abusers are exposed and prosecuted by the law. Condemning the killing of Furkhunda by the Islamic emirate is not enough at all. NOT AT ALL. There will be another Furkhunda killed tomorrow and next tomorrow and many were killed yesterday and today by such “criminals” as you call them, in the name of Islam, not in the name of ‘out of marriage western sex’. It is Muhammad the false prophet that needs to be exposed and accepted as false prophet and condemned and his deadly so called religion and its “holy” book the quraan banned. That is if we really need to stop this madness as the killing of Farkhunda. Yes I totally agree with you, these people now a days are almost every where. They exist in Africa too – Boko Haram in Nigeria and al Shabab in Somalia – only adding to our own inherent African problems and tendencies of despotic greedy leaders, misrule and bad governance. Inhumanity is inhumanity. Inhumanity anywhere is inhumanity everywhere. Its root causes need to be sincerely elucidated without fear or favor. I totally understand if you fear for your life and can not openly state truth about Islam. Having said the above, other religions doing whatever bad things will never make right or make good whatever bad things done in Islam and in the name of Islam. All bad and inhuman things must be fully condemned – not half heartidly or half way like some of you writers in the Islamic World would wish to do. Otherwise it may look like fallacy and flattery. It is in a way annoying. It is completely heart breaking beyond expression to flatter around with situations like that of Farkhunda which are actually too many in today’s world.

      • Thank-you for your comment. There are countless examples of hideous brutalities outside of Islam, look at colonialism and how Christianity was spread. Its down to individuals not religions…

      • Kon Dimo says:

        Religions such as Islam provide adequate justification for commuting atrocities – and the individual will not feel remorseful at all – AT ALL. Instead he would expect some ridiculous rewards in a paradise that sound more of a brothel, as described by prophet Muhammad and by Allah in the quraan and Hadith.

        I am not aware of any forceful or inhuman spread of Christianity. The Italian and Spanish inquisitions were more of inter denominational struggle. The Churches that committed such atrocities repented and apologized. More so no strong calls for violence can be directly quoted from the Bible to support such brutality – except a few verses (narrations / stories) in the old testament. Unlike the quraan, such verses do not directly call for or inspire violence.

        When you critically look at the violent history of crusaders wars you will realize that they were a direct response to violent offensive coming from the Islamic state of that time, led by the 2nd khalifa Omer ibn al Khatab. I am aware, you told me earlier that you are not an Islamic religion experts and do not wish to indulge in such arguments. But it would not do any harm to check a few of Islamic history references and read for yourself. It may help you be more effective in your efforts to speak for those who can not for themselves in the Islamic world.

      • I do not claim to be a religious scholar. I am however a Muslim and I do read history…

  8. Kon Dimo says:

    You are by far in a unique position to help Muslims since you are still a Muslim. I once was one in my childhood. But I think I was lucky enough, exited fast enough, peacefully enough. In South Sudan, a lot of non-Muslims who were coerced into Islam left it in their numbers. But I think it may be a good idea to stay around in it and peacefully influence things from within.

  9. Peter says:

    Liberal secularism is the only ideology that genuinely supports tolerance for all based on the instinctual value that all people are equal irrespective of race, creed or the ideas they hold to be true and right for them. Conservative Christians preach tolerance, but only when it’s a minority and receives a benefit from this tolerance. Islam I feel is the same. Tolerance is for other Muslims, as long as they adhere to Islamic teachings. The great self delusion of the modern age is religion in all its forms. Only when mankind comes of age and determines itself outside of the external locus of control that religious ideology provides will the human race have hope. When we respect someone based on the fact that they are human, rather than because they agree with our ideas, we will begin to edge forward. Ironically, the very environment of tolerance that secularism promotes will be its downfall. Tolerance always falls victim to fundamentalist ideology Pretending to be tolerant until it decides not to be. Enjoy the relative peace of the secular world while you can because soon, and tragically, the religious are set to inherit the earth.

  10. Grauwin says:

    This exist but no pictures on Facebook please. Not correct. Leave off this.

  11. Now, who told you that “in islam, men are taught to respect women”? This is a myth, nothing like that in Islam, Im a muslim man, and i had been teached during my last 30 years that women are inferior, and those who will allow to a woman to lead them would be failed for ever, and beating my wife is an acceptable way of dealing with her, and is a good solution for some problems!! Women are an obvious source of sins, thats why men should not look at them to avoid being turned on by their satanic bodies!! Its annoying how you all seem to know NOTHING about the real Islam!!

  12. serge golifman says:

    It is horrifical! In my best demand , i hope that all the women in your country make a revolution against all these stupid islamists with Q.I of zero!!

  13. Nina says:

    Pakistan and Afghanistan are countries in which feminicide is very high, female embryos are aborted, girls are given less food than boys and are treated less well in cases of disease etc. That has for effect that men are in the majority. This in turn means that masculinity at work in Pakistan is a highly toxic type of masculinity – as this article shows. A good book about the effects of having a society with a surplus of men is “Bare Branches, the security implications of Asia’s surplus male population”, by Hudson and den Boer, Harvard University Press

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