Taliban: Adnan Rasheed responds to Defence PK video, criticizes Armed Services for allegedly deviating from Islam


Umar Media (media wing of Tehreek-e-Taliban, TTP) has produced a further video featuring Senior Taliban Commander Adnan Rasheed. Rasheed who was a former junior Air Force technician implicated in an assassination attempt on President Pervez Musharraf. He had been on death row but was freed from Bannu prison in a mass jailbreak organized by the Taliban in 2012.

In the video Rasheed is seen answering questions regarding prisoner Niaz Muhammad, (another former junior Air Force technician) recently executed for his role in the same attack on Musharraf. An organization named Defence.PK (Pakistan) produced a video showing Muhammad allegedly delivering a message to his friend and co-conspirator Rasheed hours before he was due to be hanged, see following link,


Rasheed responded to Defence.PK and also made comment on the role and behaviour of Pakistan’s military. This followed on from an earlier video in December where he encouraged those in the Armed Services to “Repent, Revise and Revolt” which can be seen in the “Links” section following this article.


Adnan Rasheed responds to Defence Pakistan video

(The following transcript is from a 31 minute video by Umar Media and is a translation from Urdu to English)

Umar Media: We welcome you on behalf of Umar media TTP. Brother Adnan Rasheed what is your opinion regarding the video (relating to Shaheed Niaz Muhammad) released by the “Defence.PK”.

Adnan Rasheed: This video is released by Defence.PK, which seem to be run by some agency backed group, and captured through a spy camera. They are claiming that this has been captured 5 hours before his execution (Niaz Muhammad) but in my opinion this claim is wrong as he was hanged at 6.30 AM in Peshawar jail and as per their claim this video was captured at around 1.30 AM that morning, I don’t think that he would have been in a normal state in which he gives such interviews.

UM: Did Niaz Muhammad Belong to TTP or not?

AR: He was arrested on 11 Jan 2004 and TTP was formed in 2007. Therefore, he was not linked with TTP at all.

UM: Was Niaz Muhammad in fact responsible for murdering more than 150 people?

AR: This is an absolute lie. All the record is available and can be studied in the JAG (Office of Advocate General) branch too. The government and media record tells us that Niaz Muhammad was arrested after failed attempt on the life of Musharraf in 2003 on Jhanda Cheechi bridge. Only the bridge was damaged and not a single person got hurt in that attack and not even a single vehicle was damaged.

UM: The claim by Niaz Muhammad that you are now trapped in the ranks of TTP and cannot get out. What is the reality in this claim?

AR: I am not trapped here rather I was trapped in the Bannu Jail. Through the sacrifice and brave action of TTP I got my freedom from the Bannu Jail. And regarding his statement that he and I were going to get freed from the Jail before I was freed by TTP is false. The truth is that there was an agent of ISI who claimed that he could win his (Niaz Muhammad) freedom if he is able to arrange Rs180 million. The agent claimed that he will make arrangement with General Kiyani and ensure his freedom. However, when the amount was arranged and that agent was asked to provide the mechanism in which the freedom would be guaranteed, the agent backed off and became unapproachable. Despite his statements that that he condemns the Peshawar incident and he does not have any links with TTP he was not spared from execution. He was hanged despite the fact that he was not part of any killing and despite the fact that he condemned TTP clearly shows their justice system. This means that they were never sincere in his freedom.

UM: Can you tell us about the Peshawar Mufti story?

AR: This person was famous by the title Mufti. In reality this person did not know about the basics of the religion. This person used the name of TTP and sent a chit to a person asking for money. He then used explosive material to scare off the other person to extract money. In process a lady got hurt and it was an act of oppression. The family persons of that woman came to TTP and laid down their issue in front of our Jirga. Sheikh Khalid Haqqani who was heading the jirga referred the matter immediately to the Shariah Court. Five judges lead the court and that person was apprehended and his association with the TTP was annulled.


Adnan Rasheed (left) and Niaz Muhammad (right)

UM: Niaz Muhammad shaheed said in that video that if a person leaves a group of mujahideen then that person is killed. Is this reality?

AR: There is no reality in this claim. Taliban have very few groups, less than 100 and also less than 50. They can be counted. If one wants to leave a group due to some shariah based reason, then no one will kill you or imprison you. When I was released from the jail it was due to an operation by Wali ur Rehman Mehsud group. The commander of that group was Sajna. I kept on working with them in different departments until the martyrdom of Maulana Wali ur Rehman. After the martyrdom I took permission from commander Sajna and left the group and joined my original ameer, Maulana Fazlullah. Sajna did not object to this and allowed me to do so.

UM: Why is it so that the army is continuously spreading lies against you and TTP?

AR: This is just like when a “lota” (which has 2 holes) is criticized by “Kooza” (which has multiple holes) that the former has two holes in it. Army before criticizing and spreading lies forgets about its own atrocities. Have they forgotten the Kharotabad, Quetta incident when their Colonel Killed the foreigner pregnant woman despite her repeated attempts to convey to them that she is muslim. Have they forgotten the Bajaur Madrassah bombing where small children were killed. They aged from 8 to 13. They were teenagers and were non-adults as per their own law. Have they forgotten about the Swat killings, on which the military also started an inquiry which is still going on with no results made public, where it is clearly evident in a video that Army personnel are killing young boys. One captain comes and asks the boys to recite kalimah and then orders to shoot them by using G 3 rifles. It is clearly evident that this act was committed by Pakistani soldiers. They have forgotten Lal Masjid massacre, then the bombings in tirah and other tribal belt valleys. And these drones, all the intelligence is provided by the Pakistani army. We have captured their agents with SIMs that help the drones. Almost 350 children have been killed in bombings by drones, so are not they responsible for all this.

1520637_679931148703839_1805857644_n   1486880_622428157794980_1668366245_n


Photos showing bombing in Tribal Areas by military and civilian casualties

UM: In recent days your home in Miramshah was also bombed, can you tell our listeners about that incident?

AR: Last year on the night of 19 and 20th January a jet bombed our home but Alhamdulillah I remained well except for my wife who sustained some injuries from falling bricks. We were living in a compound in which a Mahsud ansar family was residing in the adjoining structure. The first bombs fell on their place and the inhabitants were martyred. Then we pulled out their bodies from the rubble and found that the killed included a 4 years girl named Mariam, she used to play with my daughter in our home. And there was her mother Ayesha aged 24 and then there was their grand mother which was our grand mother too, she used to come to our house and we would help her a lot, she also got martyred. Then there was a boy who was a teenager as per their international law, his age was 17, he also got martyred. Then there was a little boy named shahzeb and his sister who got injured. One lost a leg and the other one the chest bones.

The media propagated that the army has killed Adnan Rasheed along with his wife and daughter. No one raised any hue and cry that why has the family of Adnan Rasheed been targeted. All these political analyst remained silent on this issue. Which shariah they followed by killing all the aforementioned children and women including the old woman. The young children who have become crippled for the rest of their lives, who is responsible for that. Which shariah allows this. No one asked this. No one cares for these people.

And the other incident in Mir Ali happened in the night of 23 or 24 December. Curfew was imposed in Mir Ali. A hotel named as Shireen Hotel was situated besides the army camp. A few foreigners were travelling from foreign and intended to go to Afghanistan but were trapped in the Curfew. They took shelter in that hotel and waited for the Curfew to be lifted. A few truck drivers also took shelter besides those foreigners. The Curfew was not lifted for quite some time and finally the army raided the area and took all the customers of the hotel as prisoners. Blind folded them and then shot them in the heads. The prisoners pleaded a lot but all in vein. And later the hotel was burnt by the army to ashes. The next day the army continuously bombed Mir Ali for the whole day. They targeted the market of Mir Ali specifically and turned it into ashes and rubble. The fruit and vegetable market was hit and all food items were reduced to ashes. Then they specifically targeted the mosque of Bazaar and destroyed it completely. Mir Ali was completely destroyed and met same treatment that Dhaka received in 1971.

What sort of shariah is this??

UM: The soldiers who are working in army and are trapped there, what is your message for them. Can they be fruitful and unite with your ranks?

AR: First of all my message would be that no one should go in this army. Don’t make this mistake. Because this army will extract every bit of Islam from you if you have any. They will mislead you from the true path and will lead you towards the path of hell. Let us come towards the truth of this Army, who actually made it? If you watch documentaries prepared by the Pakistani army you will realize that this is not the Pakistani army, only its name is Pakistan Army. In fact back in 1750 the East India Company formed these armies in the Sub-Continent. Today’s army is the extension of that army. This army was in fact made to fight against the Muslims. Its first action was against Nawab Siraj ud Dawlah and as a result he was martyred. Then they operated against Tipu Sultan Shaheed Rehmatullah. Then they captured the capital of Mughal Empire which was an Islamic government, Dehli. After that in 1857 they massacred muslims, raped women and looted the wealth of many and many Ulema were hanged by this very army. After that this army fought the Afghan wars against Muslims and also fought against Syed Ahmed Shaheed Rehmatullah and his fellow mujahideen in the region of Buner, Malakand Chamarkand. Then the first world War started and this army participated in the war against the Usmani Caliphate.

They fought against the Caliphate in Iraq, in Palestine, in Syria, in Jordan and captured all these lands for Non-Muslims. The modern day Saudi Arabia was formed because of them and they handed over Mecca and Madina to Non-Muslims. Then they handed over Palestine to British which was later handed over by British to Jews which later formed their own state there. We can say that the biggest collaborator in the formation of Israel is this Pakistani Army. Then after the first world war was over, this army started operations in Bajaur, Mohmand, Swat, Dir and other tribal areas against the tribal uprising in favor of the Usmani Caliphate. They killed thousands of Muslims in this process. As for evidence of all this, I tell you, the medals they display on their chests or in their various army units such as the Punjab regiment, Baloch Regiment, Frontier Force Regiment, represent various achievement of theirs.

A medal can be found for fighting against Tipu Sultan, another for fighting against Siraj ud Dawlah, and another for conquering Delhi. Another medal for fighting during 1857 for the British, another for fighting against Afghans and then another for fighting against the Caliphate. One for conquering Palestine and one for bombing Tribals after 1st world war. The sad part is that they still are proud of all these above achievements. They declare these as their achievements. I ask that what our Army has done for formation of Pakistan. Now everyone thinks of it as a very sacred cow. This army was involved in imprisoning and beating Muslims of sub-continent who demanded the establishment of an Islamic state under the slogan of La Ilaha Illallah. Then after Pakistan was formed on 14th August, this army became the sacred cow on 15th of August 1947.


First governor general of independent Pakistan Mohammed Ali Jinnah sitting in front of Pakistani flag. Date taken: 1947 Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White

AR: In 1953 this army imposed martial law to crush the uprising in favour of legislation for “Khatm e Nabuwwat”(blasphemy law). At that time 1935 act was enforced, and there was no blasphemy law enforced in the country. The Qadianis used to abuse the Prophet but there was no law to address that issue. Instead of drafting a law, imposing an ordinance or any act, this army started to kill Pakistani Muslims. Red Cross claims that they picked up more than 300 dead bodies in Lahore on that day. In a single day more than 300 bodies were collected by only Red Cross. Earlier, the people of Waziristan lead by Faqir Ippi, on whose name there is a road in Islamabad, I don’t understand their logic, were bombed for demanded shariah law in Pakistan. The bombings for more than 2 months were ordered by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He ordered this for crushing the voice demanding shariah and he rejected the demand to implement shariah. The Tribal land that is under fire now was in fact ignited since that time onwards. This fire was started by these people, and this very army. After that Muslims gathered in Charsadda on 12th August 1948 demanding the implementation of Shariah law in Pakistan. Their call was answered by the army through firing towards them and massacring more than 600 Muslims there.

When I joined the army, I was very much enthusiastic. I thought that this army is very Islamic. But the first order that they gave to us was to shave our beards. We were not very religious at that time, however, amongst us were some Hafiz e Quran (Who have memorized whole of Quran) who resisted this order. They were told that they would be immediately terminated if they did not act as per the given order. Therefore, their beards were shaved off finally. Despite knowing, that the keeping of a beard is a Sunnah act, this army gives financial allowance to shave it off on daily basis. They ask the soldiers to shave it off and throw it in the gutters everyday. And if you have moustache, then this army gives you moustache allowance. Now as per the shariah law, our Prophet (sallallah u alaihe wassalam) stated that, grow the beards and trim the moustaches. In army it is the opposite, grow the moustache and shave the beards.

When I went to army, in its airforce, I was very spirited and joined it with a mindset of a Mujahid. I also noticed that it was written in every unit of army that basic motto is Iman (Faith), Taqwa (fear of God) and Jihad Fi Sabeelillah (fight for the Cause of Allah). However, as time passed, I found out that neither there was Iman in them, nor any Taqwa or spirit of Jihad Fi Sabeelillah. The state of their Iman was that every one of them wanted to avail more financial benefits and more holidays and promotions. Their talk was always absurd and obscene. Their topics were always related to stomach and pudendum. They used to talk how they will spend their salaries, which thing they will buy and where will they go. They don’t have any thinking except this. As far as spirit for fighting is concerned. They are devoid of that.

AR: Whenever there is a get together in the army and the soldiers are asked about problems if any that they are facing, their problems are limited to food in army mess. They whine about quality of food served in the army mess. Their second issue would be to discuss about their stuck up payments. Or they would complain about non-sanctioning of leaves. Forth issue that they would discuss most would be about non-availability of residential quarters or any other perquisite. Their thinking is limited to these issues. When I was in Pakistan Air Force (PAF) I saw that large pictures of various martyrs of 1971 and 1965 related to PAF were hanged in the PAF mess. One picture that I saw was of Wing Commander Mervin Middlecourt. Mr. Middlecourt belonged to Christianity. However, he was declared as “martyr”. There was another Squadron Leader Peter Christine. This man was “martyred” in 1971 war. The word martyr should be in inverted commas. (Followed with a sarcastic smile).

Similarly there was a major of Pakistani army and was in Bajaur. His name was Afzal. He belonged to Qadiani community. We know that Pakistani Constitution also declares qadianis as non-muslims. This army declared him as a martyr when he was killed. They officially gave him the burial ceremony redered to muslims. Still the core commanders lays flowers on his grave and consider him as “martyr”. Now, Ulema and public is silent on this issue. The khatam-e-nabuwwat jamaat is also silent on this issue. If TTP releases a video in which some members of TTP say prayers for a qadiani or similarly give the qadiani a muslims burial then what would be the reaction of this Pakistani public, what would be the reaction of these ulema. Then what would be the reaction of the Khatm-e-nabuwwat elders. Then there would be a storm of fatawas against TTP, they would say that TTP does not hold Islamic aqeedah. They call TTP currently as Khwarij then they would start to give additional names.


Pakistan army, Martyrs Day (image NewsTribe.com)

On the other side army is continuously involved in this act, every year they commit it, on the Martyrs Day, on 23 March, on 14 August they go to the graves of Christians and Qadianis and lay flowers there and say prayers. Everyone’s tongue is silent on this issue and still they are muslims. And they do not get tired calling us Khwarij. There is another example, in 2002 when I was in Quetta in Samungli Airbase, I came to my Squadron office through the flight lane, and as soon as I reached there I noticed that a man was sitting over there, probably he was a Corporal technician named Aslam or Amjad, Allah knows best, I have forgotten his name. He was probably a driver. He had an application in his hand on which it was written that he had changed his religion from Islam to Christianity and please amend his religion in the documents. I was surprised to read that and I asked him that what is this? He said, “I have changed my religion, I studied the Bible and found Christianity better than Islam. So in converted.” I said ahan with surprise. I forwarded this application to an NCO, the Chief Technician, and said to him that what is this guy saying. The NCO responded by saying that what is the problem in this. Religion is his personal matter, he can do anything with it. This is their shariah. Anyone who leaves Islam will keep on enjoying the same status of muslims. The same salary the same perks. Tomorrow he will be promoted to Chief Technician post and he will lead Muslims. This guy who infact has to be killed as per real shariah, who should be beheaded, will be promoted to higher ranks and will finally become Junior Commissioned Officer and lead many Muslim soldiers. Muslims will salute him.

I ask Pakistani Ulema that do they know that the King of England George who remained the king till 1952, was also the king of Pakistan. Then his daughter Queen Elizabeth was also the queen of Pakistan till 1956. They were the head of Pakistan, however, the governor general that governed Pakistan were the people that we know. Similarly the first Chief of Army of Pakistani army was a non-muslim. Is it allowed in shariah that a non-muslim leads a muslim army. And that general Gracy and Frank Masavy, Frank Masavy was the first one, then Douglas Gracy, these were the fisrt leaders of Pakistani army. Genreal Douglas Gracy was that chief of army who refused to send army in Kashmir when Muhammad Ali Jinnah asked him to do so. He replied that “I cannot obey this order because I and you both are servants of the King. You cannot order me.”

The first naval chief, admiral, was James Jefforrd. First Air Marshal Perry Keene was a non muslim and thereafter 4 to 5 Non-Muslims followed him. Now the point is that this is pro-claimed fortress of Islam, what sort of fortress of Islam is this whose first ruler was non-muslim king, whose all three chiefs of armed force, airforce and navy were non muslims. The commander of FC was a Non-Muslim. And the police chief a Non-Muslim. The nation that was formed under the slogan of “La ilaha Illallah (There is no deity except Allah)” and was supposed to have shariah law enforced, was given its first law minister as non-muslim hindu. They made Jugendra Nath Mendal a Hindu their law minister. The foreign ministry which had to deal with such an important policy making was given to a Non-Muslim zindeeq (worst of all) Qadiani Zafar ullah Khan.

Similarly regarding the economic structure of the country, which had to be in accordance with Quran and free from usury based model, was handed over to a Non-Muslim Christian. His name was probably Victor Turner or Taylor, don’t know exactly. He became the advisor to Finance Minister. Similarly they formed ISI in the very next year of freedom. The main designer of that agency was a Non-Muslim Australian. His name was Gen Cay Thome. He formed not only ISI but also MI and IB, and then remained the DG for almost 10 years after that. Then the first governor of Punjab was also non-muslim. His name was Francis Modie. The name of Sinfh Governor was Castantine. The name of Sarhad governor was George Canningam. Then the first speaker of the assembly was C. E. Gabbin. Moreover, till 1953 Pakistan remained the province of Britain because the Governor Generals took oath from the British King. In Islam this is called Baih of allegiance.

Now this question should be asked from the Ulema, what if a Muslim gives baih (oath of allegiance) to a Non-Muslim then what is the ruling for him. There is another issue that should we give baih to Abu- Bakar al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS or DAESH, Dawlah tul Islamiah, may Allah protect him, or give baih to Mullah Umar. (This issue was not addressed later in the video. AR missed it or the video is incomplete). Here another thing has come to my mind regarding Niaz Muhammad Shaheed that it is written in the book of Musharraf, in the line of fire, that Niaz Muhammad along with 200 others gave oath of allegiance to Mullah Umar. This is absolutely true that we did give the oath of allegiance to him in his absence in the presence of Quran and our hands over it. We committed and reaffirmed that we are not the soldiers of Musharraf rather we are the soldiers of Mullah Umar. On the other hand what did they (the Pakistani governor generals) do, they gave oath of allegiance to British King. Now you can compare, that for us, who have given oath of allegiance to Mullah Umar, may Allah protect him, the punishment is death by hanging, whereas for those who have given oath of allegiance to Non-Muslim are still respectable and praise worthy. They still celebrate different days in their remembrance.



“Pakistan’s new most wanted: A short sketch of Adnan Rasheed”


“Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed advises Pakistan’s Armed Forces to “Repent, Revise and Revolt”


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad. She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.

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