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Malala Yousafzai was shot by Taliban returning from school in Pakistan on 9th October 2012. She addressed the UN on her 16th birthday regarding her terrifying ordeal, education and women’s rights http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/07/12/19432997-malala-yousafzai-being-shot-by-taliban-made-me-stronger?lite The following letter was sent to Malala by TTP militant Adnan Rasheed, received and shared with me by Tribal Area journalist (with thanks). I strongly condemn ALL violence.

From Adnan Rasheed to Malala Yousafzai
Peace to those who follow the guidance

Miss Malala Yousafzai

I am writing to you in my personal capacity this may not be the opinion or policy of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan or other jihadi faction or group. I heard about you through BBC Urdu service for the first time, when I was in bannu prison, at that time I wanted to write to you, to advise you to refrain from anti-Taliban activities you were involved in. but I could not find your address and I was thinking how to approach you with real or pseudo name, my all emotions were brotherly for you because we belong to same Yousafzai tribe.

Meanwhile the prison brake happened and I was supposed to be in hiding. when you were
attacked it was shocking for me I wished it would never happened and I had advised you before.Taliban attacked you, was it islamically correct or wrong, or you were deserved to be killed or not, I will not go in this argument now, let’s we leave it to Allah All mighty, He is the best judge. Here I want to advise you as I am already late, I wish I would have advised u in my prison time and this accident would never happened.

First of all please mind that Taliban never attacked you because of going to school or you were education lover, also please mind that Taliban or Mujahideen are not against the education of any men or women or girl. Taliban believe that you were intentionally writing against them and running a smearing campaign to malign their efforts to establish Islamic system in swat and your writings were provocative.

You have said in your speech yesterday that pen is mightier than sword, so they attacked you for your sword not for your books or school. There were thousands of girls who were going to school and college before and after the Taliban insurgency in swat, would you explain why were only you on their hit list???

Now to explain you the second point, why Taliban are blowing up schools? The answer to this questions in that not only Taliban in KPK or FATA are blowing up the schools but Pakistan Army and Frontier Constabulary is equally involved in this issue. The reason for this action is common between them that is turning of schools into hide outs and transit camps once it comes under control of either party Pakistan Army or Taliban.

In 2004 I was in Swat, I was researching on the causes of failure of the first revolution attempt by Sufi Muhammad. I came to know that FC was stationed in the schools of swat in tehsil Matta and FC was using schools as their transit camps and hid outs. Now tell me who to blame??? Dozens of schools and colleges are being used by Pakistan Army and FC as their barracks in FATA, you can find out easily if you like. So when something sacred is turned lethal it needs to be eliminated this is the policy of Taliban. Blowing up schools when they are not using strategically is not the Taliban job, some black sheep of local administration may be involved to extract more and more funds in the name of schools to fill their bank accounts.

Now I come to the main point that is EDUCATION, it is amazing that you are Shouting for
education, you and the UNO is pretending that as you were shot due to education, although this is not the reason, be honest, not the education but your propaganda was the issue and what you are doing now, you are using your tongue on the behest of the others and you must know that if the pen is mightier than the sword then tongue is sharper and the injury of sword can be hailed but the injury of the tongue never hails and in the wars tongue is more destructive than any weapon.

I would like to share with you that Indian sub-continent was highly educated and almost every citizen was able to read or write before British invasion. Locals used to teach British officers Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Persian. Almost every mosque was acting as school too and Muslim emperors used to spend a huge sum of money on education. Muslim India was rich in farming, silk, and jute and from textile industry to ship building. No poverty, no crises and no clashes of civilization or religion. Because the education system was based on noble thoughts and noble curriculum.

I want to draw your attention to an extract from the minute written by Sir T.B Macaulay to British parliament dated 2nd February 1835 about what type of education system is required in Indian sub-continent to replace the Muslim education system.
He stated “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, –a class of persons Indian in blood and color, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect”

This was and this is the plan and mission of this so called education system for which you are ready to die, for which UNO takes you to their office to produce more and more Asians in blood but English in taste, to produce more and more Africans in color but English in opinion, to produce more and more non English people but English in morale. This so called education made Obama, the mass murder, your ideal. isn’t it?

Why they want to make all human beings English? because Englishmen are the staunch
supporters and slaves of Jews. Do you know Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder and symbol of English education in India was a freemasons. You say a teacher, a pen and a book can change the world, yes I agree with, but which teacher which pen and which book? It is to be specified, Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said I am sent as a teacher, and the book He sent to teach is Quran. So a noble and pious teacher with prophetic curriculum can change the world not with satanic or secular curriculum.

You have given the example that once a journalist asked a student that why a talib afraid of this education he replied a talib didn’t know what was in this book. The same I say to you and through you to whole world that why they afraid from the book of Allah because they don’t know what is in it.

Taliban want to implement what is in the book of ALLAH and UNO want to implement what they have in man-made books. We want to connect the world to their creator through the book of Allah and UNO want to enslave the world to few evil creatures.

You have talk about justice and equality from the stage of and unjust institution, the place where you were standing uttering for justice and equality, all the nations are not equal there, only five wicked states have the veto power and rest of them are powerless, dozens of time when all the world untied against the Israel only one veto was enough to press the throat of justice.

The place you were speaking to the world is heading towards new world order, I want to know what is wrong the old world order? They want to establish global education, global economy, global army, global trade, global government and finally global religion. I want to know is there any space for the prophetic guidance in all above global plans? Is there any space for Islamic sharia or Islamic law to which UN call inhumane and barbaric?

You have talk about attack on polio team, would you explain why the then American foreign secretary of state Henry Kissinger, a Jew, said in 1973 to reduce the third world population by 80%.Why the sterilization and eugenics programs are running in different countries in one way or another under the umbrella of UNO. More than 1 million Muslim women have been sterilized in Uzbekistan forcibly without their consent.

Bertrand Russell writes in his book the impact of science on society, “diet, injections and
injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and sort of
beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of power that be will become psychologically impossible”. This is why we have the reservation on so called polio vaccination program.

You say Malala day is not your day it is the day of every person who has raised voice for their rights, I ask you why such a day in not assigned to Rachel Corrie, only because the bulldozer was Israeli? Why such a day in not assigned to Affia Siddique because the buyers are Americans? Why such day is not assigned to Faizan and Faheem because the killer was Raymond Davis? Why such a day in not assigned to those16 innocent afghan women and children who were shot dead by an American Robert Belas because he was not a talib.

I ask you and be honest in reply, if you were shot but Americans in a drone attack, would world have ever heard updates on your medical status? Would you be called ‘daughter of the nation? Would the media make a fuss about you? Would General Kiyani have come to visit you and would the world media be constantly reporting on you? Would you were called to UN? Would a Malala day be announced?

More than 300 innocent women and children have been killed in drones attacks but who cares because attackers are highly educated, non-violent, peaceful Americans. I wish, the compassion you learnt from Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him should be learnt by Pakistan Army so they could stop shedding of Muslim blood in FATA and Baluchistan.

I wish, the compassion you learnt from Prophet Jesus should be learnt by USA and NATO so they should stop shedding blood of innocent Muslims across the world and I wish the same for followers of Buddha to stop killing of innocent unarmed Muslims in Burma, and Sri Lanka and wish the same for Indian army to follow Gandhi jee and stop genocide in Kashmir, And yes, The followers of bacha khan, the ANP has an example of non-violence in their five years regime in KPK province, for example Swat, where a single shot was not fired and we witnessed the followers of bacha khan implemented the philosophy of nonviolence in its true soul, with support of jets, tanks and gunships.

At the end I advise you to come back home, adopt the Islamic and pushtoon culture, join any female Islamic madrassa near your home town, study and learn the book of Allah, use your pen for Islam and plight of Muslim ummah and reveal the conspiracy of tiny elite who want to enslave the whole humanity for their evil agendas in the name of new world order.
All praises to Allah the creator of the Universe.

15 July 2013

The following two comments were posted in discussion of the letter. I will refer to the persons as Mr A and Mr B.

Mr A…

Adnan sb beautifully written, i am really impressed that u have been following all the events – both nationally and internationally. Our request will be; you also please discourage the killing of innocent Pakhtuns in mosques, markets by advising your colleagues against the practice. You better knew that We Pakhtuns have been stuck between a rock and deep blue sea: Americans are killings us for being fundamentalists (drones and airpower); and Taliban are killing us for supporting Americans (suicides and bomb blasts). we are the lone loser in the game…….as a poet says (Lines of poet) “May kuch kuch farzana bhe hun…may kuch kuch dewaana bhe hun …………. Muj p dono tang howay hain basti be weerana bhi” . Lets fight this war through struggle taking all the people along….

Mr B…

I do not like taliban, for their actions against innocent humans, but being a resident of swat and a close eye on the events happening their , I am against of malala conspiracy that swatis girls are uneducated and living in miseries, swat have a prestige that girls can easily go to schools colleges and universities, even in days of taliban occupation, they didnt banned girls eduction, but only imposed to wear veils. Swatis girls can be seen in every walk of life, medical, engineering, civil services etc.

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”.

About Carol Anne Grayson

Blogging for Humanity.... Campaigner/researcher global health/human rights/drones/WOT/insurgency http://www.esrc.ac.uk/ESRCInfoCentre/PO/experts/Health_and_Wellbeing.aspx Exec Producer of Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad, currently filming on drones.
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  1. ali says:

    nice work Carol Anne Grayson, keep up the good work

  2. Sheeba says:

    Malala Celebrations are the most humiliating act by the masters of Drone!

  3. Usman Durez says:

    Loved It! Great Words Brother Adnan

  4. sa says:

    100% agree wd ur thoughts MR Adnan Rasheed.. we muslims r wd u..

  5. fatima says:

    i am totally falling for ur justifications adnan sahab ,however all my believes shed off when i look bck and see how talibans hav had been killing my people and all these justifications only suit u when u people actually look before attackng any innocent .i personally belive tht malala is a full pledge conspiracy of negativity against muslims n paksiatnis by these americans aroudn the world but we cannot neglect the misser of our people given by ur league adnan !n no ones favoring malala half of the paksiatn truly belive its all drama to prove us brutal infront of world coz when it come to pakisatn than the entire pakistan gets rolled up in it n our reputation falls to nil in the world,try to understnd our standing we r living in world a globe to follow to maintain ourselves economically n physically as well! globalization is necesary for this age adnan tht requires not to act aggressive against some jews n modern people .that is collectively weakening us

    • Abu Hassan says:

      They are not Taliban who are bombing the Masajids…. they are the agencies including some Pakistani agencies who are doing these jobs to blame Taliban to justify the reason of operation against them…….. Many times it is reported wrongly on their name……… I read one of the column saying why Taliban don’t bomb Cinemas, prostitution institutes and other similar anti-Islamic authorities and why their bombing is always in Masajids…….. this itself is a clear indication that these blasts are not carried out by them usually but are done by anti-Islamist agencies who are afraid from Islamic revolution and want to put hatred for Taliban from both outside and inside (like Malala & co.)…….

  6. umair says:

    what rubbish………when they are bombing in mosques, and killing innocent people,,,,who are they to talk about Islam?

    • Riaz Baig Khan says:

      ohhhhh Baywaqoof Tera Aqaal Hi itna hai Musalman Masjid main dhamakay nahi kerwata yay sub teray wo hukmaran hain jo intelligence idaroo k liyay pakistan ka bayra ghaaark ker rahai hain budhuuu insaaan

  7. Abu Hassan says:

    They are not Taliban who are bombing the Masajids…. they are the agencies including some Pakistani agencies who are doing these jobs to blame Taliban to justify the reason of operation against them…….. Many times it is reported wrongly on their name……… I read one of the column saying why Taliban don’t bomb Cinemas, prostitution institutes and other similar areas and why their bomb is always in Masajids…….. this itself is a clear indication that these blasts are not carried out by them but are done by anti-Islamist agencies who are afraid from Islamic revolution and want to put hatred for Taliban or similar Islamic mindset in people’s mind & hearts……. and must know that these agents are from both outside and inside (like Malala & co.)…….

  8. optional says:

    If the Taliban have so much to fear from the pens of little girls that they must rely on guns and murder to quiet them, perhaps they should take a good long look at why this is so. There is much evil in this world. Pointing some of it out does not absolve you of your sins.

  9. To reiterate I condemn ALL violence whether Taliban or Western states… I am certainly aware that we should always question regarding who is attacking who as several times one group or another has been immediately blamed only for that to be proven incorrect. Also some generally claim their attacks (Taliban) whilst others commit acts of violence more covertly, (US drone attacks).. Lets hope every effort will be made to work towards peace and that must include dialogue and honesty and Western govts keep out of interfering in other countries…

    My next article is on how the West is already utilizing Malala for their own aims, with some links you might care to read… once again, all is not as it seems. I speak as a researcher that has previously exposed the wrongdoing of my own government, taken cases to court as opposed to a conspiracy theorist!

  10. Shawana says:

    I fully agree with studying the Quran, but Allah also says we must strive to gain as much knowledge as possible. This is not directed at only male muslims, it is for all muslims. So that means further education is a must. There is absolutely no justification for killing innocence people, it is against the teachings of Islam.

  11. waqas khan says:

    first of all it is never allowed to wage jihad without the consent of state and even if because of leadership talibaan kis doing so they are doing it all for americans and israeli,s because the only thinG left behind in PAKISTAN to stop these anti ISLAM elements is PAK ARMY and that task is bein taken by TEHREEK E TALIBAN PAKISTAN we may call it the direct supporter of jews EVERYONE TO THINK IT BY HIMSELF THAT AFTER WEAKENING OUR ORGANIZATIONS AND DEPARTMENTS LIKE PIA ,WAPDA ,RAILWAY AND MABNY OTHER DEPARTMENTS SPECIALLY OUR LEADERSHIP ONLY ONE THING IS LEFT WHICH CAN STOP THEM THAT IS PAKISTAN ARMY .JEWS ARE USING THIS TEHREEK E TALIBAAN PAKISTAN AS THEIR WEAPON AGAIST PAK ARMY

  12. khan says:


  13. Jurjit Wahengbam says:

    I miss Gandhi and Mother teresa…..taliban is called terrorist because there is no one to act like Agnes among them and if someone do so then there might be followers who are english in blood and color but Islamic in taste,opinions etc….. ……and US has been killing innocent out of fear or pride or revenge and lacks the spiritual peaceful chistians in their rulers……its d gun we hold which make us terrorist a mere scientific product which is misused again and again….I say If you cry for your dead son just dont kill others’ son also……

  14. asif shah says:

    Realy impressing, its enough to turns ones mind.
    Iam realy impressed to after reading this letter, but dear adnan your excuse for blasting schools is far from reality and its like a joke,, you have spent time in pak armed forces and you know that they can stay wherever they want… Now im afraid because you people can start blasting houses of Swati people cause this time army has stationed in the houses of local people.
    You said drones killed 300 children but you didnt mention that taliban have killed 40,000 innocent people, if the MUJAHIDEEN of ALLAH are killing innocent people then how you expect justice from the non-muslims.

  15. D.B. says:

    That guy is a loser hiding behind religion and claiming the Taliban shot her “for speaking out against them” and not because she loved education. What a crock of garbage. Speaking out is the right thing to and the courageous thing to do against oppressors. For the Taliban to shoot a little girl for merely speaking out against them is not justifiable at all, so his reasonings behind what they did are completely lost. Furthermore, it was weak and outright cowardly, using fear and violence as a means to suppress speech. This is why I am SO glad was was not born in that country because I know those cowards would’ve tried to attack me as well like the cowards they are..

    • Its wrong to kill young girls whether by Taliban or Israeli gun, US drone, Syrian regime bomb whatever. There are no excuses however its important to look at why such acts happen to try to prevent in future.

      Rasheed was in prison when it happened and not an active part of Taliban at that stage.

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