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Shaker Aamer at Guantanamo: Tortured and despairing, needs to come home!

“the worse scars are in the mind” (Professor Sten Jacobssen, Swedish expert on torture) On the day that the world waits to learn the details of the CIA Torture Report, we must remember that for detainees still held at Guantanamo, … Continue reading

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Living the streets: A Muslim brother discovers what its like to be homeless

The challenge of life on the streets with brother Abdul Hamid Faruki “If we fail to help those who are in need, then know that we have failed society and humanity.” As I child growing up, I always wanted to … Continue reading

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Chemical weapons: Islamic Emirate (Taliban) latest alleged victims of attack?

Taliban in preparation prior to assault on Shorab (Camp Bastion) airbase The long war in Afghanistan rages on with violence escalating in recent days against NATO troops and the Afghan Nation Army. Many in the west continue to blindly support … Continue reading

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“Canada is not safe”: New video message from Canadian “jihadist” with Islamic State

Abu Anwar A Canadi with a video message to Canada Islamic State (IS) have today released a new video of Abu Anwar Al-Canadi, (also known as John Maguire) a young Canadian from Ottowa who went to fight in Syria. He addresses his … Continue reading

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Behind the CIA fake vaccination story (guest blog from journalist who was at Bin Laden compound)

Osama Bin Laden Compound on 11th May 2011 On 2 ND  May 2011 American leadership proudly announced the hunt for OSAMA BIN LADEN, the world’s most wanted person of the decade. Details about the operation known as  “Operation Neptune Spear “  by US NAVY SEALS were published … Continue reading

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Terrorism: Radicalized soldiers, what are the dangers at home and abroad?

Ryan McGee owned terrorist literature, made a bomb in his bedroom On Wednesday November 27th the publication of The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill was launched which outlines measures to tackle “extremists” would-be bombers and place restrictions on British “jihadists” travelling to and … Continue reading

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Israel gives Gerry Adams the “no entry” sign for Gaza bringing further international condemnation

Gerry Adams campaigning to improve the lives of the long suffering Palestinians On Friday 5th December Gerry Adams president of the Catholic Sinn Fein party, tweeted his plans for a three day visit to the Middle East, including Palestine and Israel. … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s hypocrisy: New call to protect Karachi from drones while Tribal Areas are blitzed

What is this were Karachi (and not Waziristan) hit day after day by drone?  (image Abdul Rehman Dawar) The double standards within Pakistan regarding drones gets worse by the day. Once again the Tribal Areas are hit by drone strikes … Continue reading

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Elbit gets the elbow from Brazil, pro- Palestinian BDS protesters claim another success

Protesters call for action against Elbit Systems from the rooftop of their factory in Port Melbourne (image Angela Wylie) Today, Rafeef Ziadah, Palestinian performance poet and activist tweeted to the world, “lets start the day with some good news: Major … Continue reading

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