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Taliban: TTP claim responsibility for death of peace committee leader

TTP central Fazlullah group claim their deadly attacks Social media spokesperson for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban, TTP (central, Maulana Fazlullah group) contacted journalists to claim responsibility for the killing of peace committee leader Ashraf Ali Khan, Swat Tehsil, Matta Bamakhella region. He … Continue reading

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Pakistan Taliban: Omar Khalid Khorasani releases video urging the Mujahideen of IS and JN to unite

Omar Khalid Khorasani, a key figure in TTP JA At the time of Eid al-Adha celebrated by the Muslim community, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban Jammat -ul-Ahrar senior leader, Omar Khalid Khorasani has released a new video (October 3rd, 2014) calling for a united … Continue reading

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Pakistan: TTP accept responsibility for attack on Special Forces officer and Peshawar Kohat Road blast

Maulana Fazlullah leader TTP photographed recently in funeral prayers Tehreek- e- Taliban TTP (central, Maulana Fazlullah group) claim responsibility for an attack on the night of 2nd/ 3rd Oct around midnight where TTP members beheaded Special Forces officer Muhibbullah son of … Continue reading

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Judge rejects Government attempt to hold Guantanamo force-feeding trial in secret (Reprieve statement)

Reprieve Statement: Fri Oct 3, 2014 A federal judge has refused to hold the first-ever trial of prisoner abuse at Guantánamo Bay behind closed doors, issuing a sharply-worded order rejecting the Obama Administration’s request for secrecy. Judge Kessler found the … Continue reading

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Yemen:Drone strikes in striking images

 Dedicated to the National Organization for Drone Victims Yemen (with thanks for images) Message from Yemen “Thank you for your sincere co-humanity and I hope to convey the suffering of these children and all drone victims in Yemen to the … Continue reading

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Free: Moazzam Begg cleared of all charges as Tory proposals instill fear for the future of freedom of speech

Free… leaving Belmarsh Prison (Photo from “Free Moazzam” Campaign) It is with great delight that I heard some good news today… human rights campaigner, Moazzam Begg has been cleared of ALL 7 charges against him related to the conflict in … Continue reading

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